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Experiences by Devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba


Swami answers all our prayers

Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

This happened with a Dear Friend of mine, Lokesh Sriram who studied in Prasanthi Nilayam from his school days to his College days in Swami's Institute. After finishing his schooling in the High School, He wrote the entrance exams for the Institute, after that he went home confident of the letter of admission which never came.

When he came to know that he was not selected He was devastated, he cried for days together. Why did Swami do this to him? What wrong had he committed in all the years in Prasanthi Nilayam? He sat for Hours disillusioned with Life. Once while going out he went to the Pooja room and while praying saw the Rose on Swami's Photo fall. He kept it thrice and still it feel, he managed to put it on the photo, just when he was leaving he got a telegram saying that he was selected for the Institute. His joy knew no bounds. But how? His name was never there.

When he joined the Institute, Swami spoke to him in the Mandir Portico saying that "He was with him during every prayer that he done in his house" and that Swami had wanted him to understand the "Value of Studying in Swami's Institute" as he was taking things for granted about the admission.

This goes to show that wherever we are, Swami is always with us in our prayers, when one prays Swami is always with us, always.

Om Sai Ram

PS: In God's creation, there is nothing like sorrow. Whatever God does is for the welfare of humanity. Some people feel depressed and wail as to why God gave those troubles and sorrows. But, sorrows and difficulties are our own making. God does not differentiate or cause trouble to anyone. Sorrows and difficulties are only your feelings. Everything in God's creation is meant to provide happiness and convenience to the living beings. That is what I have been repeatedly emphasizing. Whether you are in sorrow or enjoying happiness, always think that everything is for your own good. One has to develop a firm conviction that whatever God does is for one's own good and not for putting one to trouble.

Food when left unconsumed for long becomes stale and emits foul smell. So too, when our faults are not corrected, they will have a negative impact on our own lives. We must persist in the internal cleansing process, either by our own efforts or by heeding to the advice of those sympathetic souls who have succeeded in cleansing themselves. If we do not do it, like the plate of cooked food left aside too long, our life will begin to degenerate.

"The Lord does not test a man just for fun; He does not pile calamity because He enjoys it. Examinations are held, to measure achievement and award marks and honors. You must ask to be examined, so that your progress may be recorded".

Source: http://sathyasaibabaspeaks.blogspot.com/2010/03/from-puttaparthigetting-admission.htm

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