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Experiences by Devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba



Dr. Upadhaya's speech June 20th 1998

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Today I would like to share with you a small experience I had 6 months ago. It's called: Transformation. It's quite wonderful how Swami changes the nature of His devotees. One by one. The time has come for the West to change. He is bringing to Himself the most difficult people to change: like David (Bailey) - he was a very difficult man and Swami has changed him. And now we see how wonderful it is that his music, his love is influencing people. There is another very difficult person in this country - Eric Arnott. I've been working with him for the last 22 years - he was my professor. He is a top professor in ophthalmology - the number one man in the world as far as the eyes are concerned.

Every time during the last 2-3 years when he would say, "Oh, I'm going to India, when can I see Sing Baba?" He could not even pronounce Sai Baba. I would answer, "Time has not yet come for you." But I really wanted him to meet Sathya Sai Baba one day, because I owe something to him: he is my teacher and he's taught me this wonderful eye surgery technique and with Swami's grace I've taken this wonderful technology to the very, very poor countries. I've been to the Himalayas, to the desert and to very cold climates where the temperature drops to minus 28 - 30 degrees centigrade. And it's wonderful when you give sight to people there, when they open their eyes and they can see the wonderful gift of God, given by Nature, of which they were deprived. They totally believe that God exists when for the first time after the operation you take the bandage off.

So, I had this deep desire in me that one day the professor should meet Sai Baba. But this fellow had a very great idea about Sai Baba's Ashram. He thought it was like the Vatican: when he goes there, he would have an interview and would sit down with the Pope and talk. He has operated on many priests and big people in the world, and so wherever he goes there is a red carpet for him and he is looked after with great respect. And that's how he expected to meet Sai Baba. So it was very difficult for me to tell him that no, this is not the way, it's a very different way.

Last year with the Help of 'Care and Share International Research Foundation' we acquired a wonderful machine which gives spontaneous vision and Swami very kindly accepted it. It is very beneficial for the poor people. It was invented in the West for the people to go and have their cataract operation and drive back by their car to work on the same day so they don't lose any wage. But Swami had a very different idea: he wanted to bring that machine for the poor people. His idea was that usually after a cataract operation a poor person has to stay in hospital for 3 or 4 days and is not allowed to do hard work for a week or ten days. It means that his family is out of bread and butter.

This was His idea for this wonderful machine. It is called "Legacy 2000". And Swami's drama was that this machine was supposed to reach Prashanthi Nilayam in the month of July, but there was some problem and it did not reach there on time. So our team which went to Puttaparthi to receive and operate it had to go back because Swami said,

"No, this machine is not coming here. You go back and return in November."

I said, "Swami, the machine is on the way. It's definitely coming."

Swami said, "I know better. It's not coming, definitely."

I waited one day, two days, three days, four days ... but nothing happened. And then we all had to go back. Swami knew best.

When we came back, we realised that the machine from America came to England and from England went to Belgium and got stuck in Belgium and when it finally reached India, it was October. And by that time Swami had listened to Eric Arnott's prayer and when we asked Swami who should come, Swami agreed that I should bring him to Prasanthi Nilayam. When I broke the news to him he was very excited.

He said, "Make sure that I have the best 5-star hotel there with a swimming pool."

So I told him, "Eric, there is no five star hotel there. It's a beautiful divine Ashram. And there is only one swimming pool - it is a pool of Love."

He said, "No, no, I am sure there must be a big town nearby."

I told him that the nearest big town is Bangalore.

"How far is it?"

"Hundred miles."

"No problem, I drive every day to Harley Street from Camberley. I'll stay in Bangalore and drive every morning to the Hospital in Puttaparthi."

I told him about the roads: it's not a Camberley to London drive, it is something more than that. It takes about 4 hours from Bangalore. He was not very sure he would like to stay in Prasanthi Nilayam. I was worried. I was so excited when Swami told me to bring him, but as the time was coming nearer, I was getting very, very nervous.

"Swami, I am bringing this man, I don't know whether he will fit into your discipline or not."

Then I started praying the other way round, "Swami, cancel this trip."

Swami knows best. When the day of our departure was approaching we were preparing the accessories needed for this particular machine. We were supposed to travel on Wednesday the 4th of November and when I rang Eric on Saturday, I found out that he had gone to Gibraltar. I thought, "Why has he gone to Gibraltar?" He didn't come back till Tuesday morning. On Tuesday he came to the surgery and I asked him,

"Is your visa and everything ready?"

He said, "No. You are arranging the visa."

I say, "How can I arrange the visa without your passport?"

He says, "Tomorrow 6 p.m. is the flight and I haven't got a visa."

I was very happy: I had an excuse that cancelled the whole thing. However, I realised I could get his passport and send somebody to the High Commission. Probably they would give a visa at two o'clock as a special one, but suddenly he dropped a bombshell.

"My wife also wants to come with me."

I thought I could arrange for one person to stay in a nice place in Puttaparthi but ladies and gents is always a problem in India and she has never been to a Sai meeting. So I was a bit worried. I said,

"How about her passport?"

He said, "Her passport is in Camberly. She can do one thing. She can send you a fax with all the data."

I said, "No, the High Commission is very strict. They can't issue a visa on a fax passport."

He said, "No, Swami is calling me; I must go."

I said, "Swami has to do a miracle."

This is when two things happened. Jean (Rally) came to see me that day and I was very very nervous. I told her,

"When you go back, can you ask Lucas to pray for me? I don't know what to do."

She went away. And then, just about fifteen minutes later I had a knock on my surgery door and I found His Excellency, the High Commissioner of India standing there. So I asked him,

"Sir, what are you doing here?"

He said, "I heard that you are going to India, I have some problem with my eye, I thought I better come and see you about it before you disappear."

So I told him that I normally go away for 5-6 days.

He said, "Something told me to come today."

I said, "I'll see you later. I've got a problem."

He said, "What is the problem?"

I said, "I urgently need visas."

He said, "No problem." He picked up the phone and said, "I'll give them diplomatic visas. No problem."

And within about 40 minutes somebody came from the High Commission with the visas. This is how Swami works. But still I was not very sure because I heard Eric talking to his wife that she must go to Selfridges (editor: an expensive shop in London) and buy some expensive wines, Scotch Whisky, Sivas Regal etc. for them to take to India. So I got very worried.

I said, "What are you trying to do?"

He said, "You told me there are no good drinks available there, so we want to take our own."

I said, "Eric, you cannot drink in the Ashram."

He said, "What are you talking about? When I was with the Pope he shared the wine with me."

So I said, "It's OK, you are going to Divine. Di and Vine means no wine!

He said, "Don't you worry. Everything is going to be all right."

I was very worried. I came home about 8 o'clock that evening and my wife told me there was a fax for me. As you know Lucas gets communication with Swami. And there was a beautiful message. It was coming just when I got in and it said, "My son, why worry? He is My guest; I will look after him."

I tell you, it was such a relief for me. I sat down, I thanked Swami; I thought: "All my burden is over after this fax."

But Swami continued testing me. At 9 o'clock Eric rang me again.

"Are you sure we are going first class?"

So I said, "We always travel economy class because I try to save some money. We cannot afford to take you first class."

He said, "You should have told me."

I said, "There's no question of you travelling in first class and all the rest of the people in second. We all travel as a group."

"No, no, I've never travelled in economy class. Which airline are we going with?"

"Air India."

He said, "I'll bring my cheque book and see what happens at the airport."

So I said, "It is very difficult to make changes at the last minute."

I could see that he was not very happy. Very early next morning we collected everything for the Hospital and reached the airport. We were told that we were far over the weight limit of what we are entitled to take - in fact, 100 kg in excess.

I said, "It is all for Swami and we are not going to pay anything. If you don't send it we will not be able to do the operations there."

And the receptionist said, "OK, wait, let me see what we can do." And suddenly she added, "Oh, is there somebody called Veronica and Eric Arnott in your group?"

I said, "Yes."

"Oh, they are all right. They are first class passengers, so you can take the additional weight of luggage."

I said, "How come?"

She said, "We don't know, just now a fax has come that they are promoted to first class."

Everything was going very well. Eric arrived a bit worried.

He said, "Let's see somebody about the first class."

I said, "Swami has already arranged for you to go in the first class."

We reached Bombay and on these flights, as you know, there is a 45 minutes to 1 hour stop there. Eric has been all over the world, but Swami wanted to show what He does when He calls somebody. Eric and his wife had all kinds of VIP arrangements: the moment they reached Bombay two air hostesses appeared with flowers in their hands, with beautiful garlands. They greeted them and said ,

"Are you Mr and Mrs Arnott?"

This time I was absolutely "clean bowled" as they say in cricket. I couldn't understand what was happening. I didn't arrange all these things, I was just sitting and praying to God that this whole trip would go very smoothly.

I looked at Eric and said, "How do you like our Swami's arrangements?"

He said, "My goodness, I've never received such treatment as this. Even when I visited the Prime Minister of India. That time when I arrived there was somebody waiting for me but no garland - nothing of that sort."

I said, "Swami, after all, is the Lord of the Universe, so He knows everything."

Eric was especially invited to a Maharaja Lounge to rest there. Before going there he asked me,

"Are we allowed to drink here? We are still far away from Bangalore."

I said, "Yes, you can fill yourselves as much as you like, but not from tomorrow."

So, he went there and they treated him very nicely. He was very happy. From there we went directly to Bangalore and as it happens time and time again when we go on Swami's mission, no matter how much luggage you have got, no matter how much excess weight whatever it is, customs officers help you a great deal: they all came and unloaded the luggage from the conveyor belt, helped us to load all the things into the cars waiting outside because it was all signed for going to Prasanthi Nilayam. I was looking forward to reach Prasanthi Nilayam. It was 3 o'clock at night.

I thought: "Yes, this is the time. If we reach there about 7 o'clock, we are in time for Swami's morning Darshan." Because once you reach India there is only one thing for you to do - go and see Swami; you don't worry about staying in Bangalore or anything else.

But Eric says, "I am feeling very tired. I need 4 or 5 hours sleep. I didn't realise it was such a long journey. Can you find a hotel for me?"

I said, "Mr Arnott, everything is loaded. When we get to the Ashram then you can rest."

He said, "No, I must have some rest now, I have never taken such a long journey in one go. Otherwise I won't be able to concentrate when operating."

I said, "We don't know yet whether you will be operating or not."

There was no way to change his mind, so ultimately we found a hotel nearby for him, his wife and an operation assistant from the Wellington Humana Hospital. I was very upset because now I had nothing to do. Just sit and wait till he got up. So, we thought that meanwhile we will try and find out what is happening in Prasanthi Nilayam but no luck. Whatever Swami wants to do, according to His Will, you cannot change. I learn this time and time again. But still I wanted to push my luck to go as soon as possible.

Eric got up about 11 - 11.30 and I prayed to Swami, "Please, please, make it so that we can at least make the afternoon Darshan."

Half way through the journey to Puttaparti he wanted to stop somewhere and have a drink.

I said, "No, no, don't stop anywhere. The drinks outside are no good at all. They could be polluted and you haven't had any vaccination."

I tried to change his mind.

He said, "No, no, I have the drinks, so I want to stop."

Another half an hour gone!

Looking at my watch I asked, "Swami, what are you doing?"

At 4:15 we reached the Ganesh gate in Puttaparthi. Now I had a problem because all the accommodation office people were in the Darshan line. You can't arrange anything from 3:45 till Swami's Darshan is over. And I didn't know what to do. So we left the taxi outside the Mandir and went inside.

Suddenly a volunteer came up and said, "Doctor Upadhaya, you just go straight in - Swami is waiting."

I didn't know where to go. Somebody guided us and we landed in front of Swami's door. I was quite all right but Eric was in his best suit and tie - sweating and puffing - and everybody was looking, thinking - who is this man wearing a tie and a western suit? We didn't know where his wife was because ladies cannot get in from the gents side. At that particular moment Swami came out.

"Yes, come in," He told us.

We went in and found our friends from Russia and the UK.

Swami came and asked Eric, "How are you?"

Eric said, "Sir, I am all right."

He spoke to Swami as if Swami were a person, calling Him "Sir." Swami said that as he was not used to squatting properly, he could stretch his legs.

He said, " There are no Seva Dal workers here, so you can be comfortable - inside here you are all right."

Swami was very kind, He switched the fan on and we sat down, At that time I wanted to speak to Swami about the Arnotts' accommodation problem.

I said, "Swami, he - ."

Swami interrupted, "You keep quiet, don't talk."

So I just kept quiet. Then Swami turned His attention to a young Russian who was sitting next to Swami's chair and materialised a beautiful ring. On that ring the sacred Om sign was carved. Instead of giving the ring to the young man, Swami threw it to professor Arnott who caught it.

Swami asked, "What do you think this is?"

Eric looked at the ring and said, "I don't know exactly, sir, what it is, but it is some sort of a holy sign. I recognise the sign because this is what Dr. Upadhaya uses each time he starts something new."

Swami says, "In the West you say that the world started with a big bang. This is the same primordial sound that the whole world came from. It is called Om. Say with Me: Om."

I didn't know that Swami was purposely doing this to initiate him. At this moment Eric was sitting next to Douglas with legs stretched towards Swami. I was very uncomfortable because I didn't think that was right. But the moment I tried to open my mouth, Swami silenced me.

"Keep quiet."

As Eric said 'Om', suddenly his stretched legs folded, and his hands came together in reverence and he said, "Yes, Swami." It was total transformation from that moment. Swami took the ring from him and wanted to give it to the Russian boy knowing very well that he didn't want the ring with Om.

He asked, "What do you want?"

The Russian boy said, "Swami, I want your picture on the ring."

Swami took the ring and just about a foot away from Eric's face He blew on it and it changed into a beautiful Sai ring. He gave it to the boy, putting it onto the middle finger, and then He started talking to the group. After a while he told us that tomorrow morning we must start the operations and train Super Speciality Hospital doctors in this technique. Gradually everybody got up and began to go out.

I prayed at this moment, "Swami, as this Russian group is here, grant us a trip to Russia." Which I wanted to talk about some other time.

I asked Swami, "Swami, where is Eric going to stay?"

He smiled, "There is no problem. He'll stay in the Ashram."

I also asked about the drink, and He said, "Leave it outside."

I couldn't understand what He meant.

He added, "Come tomorrow morning, I'll give some more instructions."

This was the first time I have left Swami's room utterly confused. Here He is, telling me to stay in the Ashram, yet Eric says he doesn't want to stay in the Ashram. I was thinking I had to arrange some place, at least with some air-conditioning if there is no 5-star hotel. We came out to the Ganesh mandir where the taxi was waiting.

Eric told me, "Do you know something? It is foolish of me to think about staying somewhere else. I'll stay in the Ashram."

And I asked , "How about your drinks"

He said, "Let the taxi man have it."

For the taxi man it was the gift of a lifetime, as he never expected to receive the 6-7 bottles of Scotch whisky and other expensive stuff he had in the boot.

Eric said, "Just get our luggage and leave everything else outside. That is what Swami meant by: 'Leave it outside'."

On the way to the accommodation Eric said, "I want a room with just a toilet, a bathroom and a fan - that's all I want, nothing else."

Total transformation! 45 minutes before the interview, on the way from Bangalore to Puttapartthi he was trying to inquire which is the nearest place he can get air-conditioning, if not a 5-star hotel. After 15 minutes with Swami everything was totally changed.

When the next morning we came for Darshan, Swami made a wonderful arrangement for us to sit down near His door and at that time Eric asked me, "Is it possible that my wife could also see Swami?"

I said, "It's up to Swami."

He said, "But Swami said that He'll see me."

I said, "When Swami says He'll see you tomorrow, His tomorrow is very very long. It could be next year, it could be next life. So do not think that way. He may see you - He may not see you."

He said, "No, this morning, when I got up, deep inside I prayed and I could hear Swami saying, 'Yes, both of you'."

I said, "Let us see what happens."

Then Swami came and asked both of us to go in again that morning and Eric said to me,

"Ask about my wife."

I said, "You don't have to ask God for anything. He knows everything."

And how Swami tests us. When Swami came up to us, He did not give us a chance to speak.

Then suddenly He turned to us, "Yes, yes call your wife."

Eric didn't know how to call his wife, because there were so many ladies sitting there. He said, "How should I call my wife?"

I said, "You stand there and wave."

He said, "But how would she know that I am calling her?"

I said, "You have only one wife, nobody else would come."

So with his shaky hands and body he ran there - you know, he has never done something like that in front of some 10 thousand people sitting there; he tried to raise his arm and finally came back, thinking she must have seen him. God only know how she saw. She came with somebody from the Wellington Humnana Hospital and we all came in. There were also other people there.

As Veronica had never been to the interview room she didn't know what the discipline was. She came and sat down between me and her Husband.

Swami leaped from His chair and said, "Wife, this is Ashram, not London: you don't sit with men."

So she went to the ladies side and sat down there. And then Swami talked to various people there and then He asked her, "What do you want?"

I thought: "God only knows why You are asking this question because she has never known about Sathya Sai Baba. I don't know what she is going to say."

And to my utter surprise she said, "Swami, I don't want anything. After looking at you, I just want Your Grace."

Swami materialised a beautiful pendant for her with His picture on it and gave it to her.

And then He turned to Eric also and materialised a ring for him, saying, "This ring is a communication ring. Whenever you want to speak to Me, speak to Me through it."

Eric was looking at the ring, I tried to nudge him, "Look, Swami is talking to you."

Swami continued, "It took so long for you to come to Me. You've been thinking for the last 25 years about coming to see Me. The time has come. You are a kind man, now work for mankind."

How Swami plays with words! Then Swami took Eric and Veronica to the inner room and after some 20 minutes they came out and He said,

"Just get prepared and go straight to the operation theatre."

Eric whispered to me, "I don't know where the hospital is."

I said, "Please, wait outside, I'll come in a few minutes, because Swami told me to stay back."

There was another group and they have gone out. Only Swami and I are left.

Swami said, "Tell Me what's your problem now."

So I said, "No problem, Swami. I leave all to You."

Then at great length He spoke about the operations and the machines and everything like that.

He said, "Make sure that every evening I get a report of what is happening there. Also make sure that before you leave My hospital the surgeons are as well trained as you two, so that they can independently do this operation."

I was about to say, "Swami, it took us many years to learn this technique. You want this in three days?"

Swami said, "Don't worry about time and space."

Before I could say anything! You know, He reads your mind! And then Swami said a few other things and we came out. As we came out at Swami's door there was a woman in a wheelchair.

Swami asked her, "Why didn't you come in?"

She replied, "Swami, You closed the door and there was no-one to lift me in my wheelchair."

"Oh, wheelchair? Why are you in a wheelchair?"

"Swami, I can't walk."

"Who said you can't walk?"

Swami was standing outside the interview room, with some 10 thousand people watching.

He extended His lovely hand and told the lady, "Hold My hand and get up."

The lady got up and Swami pushed the wheelchair away and said, "You can walk now."

This must have been too much for Eric Arnott: he sang Om with Swami, then he saw a ring being changed into something else; Swami materialised a ring for him and a pendant for his wife, and now he sees a person who was crippled for 20 years walk without any sort of treatment. He was absolutely knocked out by what was happening; he didn't know what to say. He just managed to say,

"Swami, it would be nice if You could come to the operation theatre."

Swami said, "Oh, yes, I will be there."

We came to the Super Speciality Hospital and everything was arranged. We went to the operation theatre, scrubbed and changed, a patient was there and all the instruments were ready. But Eric wouldn't start, he just sat there. So I asked,

"What are you waiting for?"

He said, "Where is Swami? He said he was coming."

I said, "You should understand by now. Swami said, 'I am coming'. He is here; not necessarily in a physical form though."

But he insisted, "No, no He told me He was coming."

You know, the doctors there, they all want to finish their work as quickly as possible, so they can go to the afternoon Darshan. But Eric even with 6 patients waiting wouldn't start.

So I said to myself, "Swami, do something."

Then I said to Eric, "OK, you start and I'll find out what's happening."

So I changed again, and went outside. A few doctors and other people from London connected with 'Care and Share' were in the lounge, waiting to see the operation performed live on the monitor system. I thought - How can you speak to Swami? You can't pick up the phone and talk to Him.

I went to the little shrine room there and said, "Swami, he is not starting without You and I would like to ask You, please, do something. Either come Yourself or just give him the wisdom to start the operation, otherwise we won't get anywhere."

And I went back to the operation theatre.

This time Eric said, "Yes, I think we should start, Swami probably will come halfway through. He is very busy."

He started the operation and I thanked Swami. During the operation something unusual happened. After the cataract is crushed, the next step is to give a new lens, called an implant. We had 15 British-made implants, in the custody of a lady from Wellington Humana Hospital. She opened in front of everybody a fresh pack of implants then rinsed one in distilled water in order to make sure it was clean. Then we put it under a microscope so that we can magnify it. The moment Eric lifted the implant ... Baba was there.

He said: "l will be there". And He was there. For the first time I could see tears in Eric's eyes. Total transformation. For a moment he was speechless. Then he said to me,

"I'll finish the operation. You carry on instructing doctors on the procedure."

I said, "What happened."

He said, "I simply can't speak. I am in total bliss."

This was recorded on a video with Swami there. It was supposed to be a training video. Eric finished the operation beautifully. Swami sent the message: "Don't rush back. Carry on the second session also. I'll see you tomorrow."

Fine. So we carried on all the operations. Swami had selected very poor people, those who could not even dream about having an expensive eye operation. If you come to England to get this operation done or to see Eric Arnott, it is like a mad house. Representatives of all United Nations are there. He is a private surgeon and it's quite normal to wait for him for hours if you want to see him. But here he is operating on the poorest people with great happiness and bliss because he is a totally transformed man. And after finishing the session he told me something most beautiful, he said,

"I must have operated on the richest men in the world but I didn't get this satisfaction. Today after operating on the poorest men who even didn't have any decent clothes to wear, I feel I offered something to God. That is my offering to God."

And he was totally rewarded for that. After all this Swami spoke to him. Swami said,

"I'll see you again."

But the problem was the moment the 24 hour Bhajans start in the Mandir: no operations, nothing goes on. Everybody sits for 24 hours. It was a Saturday evening and the Bhajans started. Eric came and sat down. Every day he would put on his new suit.

And I asked him, "It's such a hot weather, why do you always wear this new suit? Why can't you wear something else, like a simple kurta pyjama or light trousers?"

He said, "No. I heard Sai Baba said to somebody, 'Do not try to change yourself. Be yourself'. Do not think what other people are wearing. Do I ever wear something like kurta pyjama in my country? No. And if I go and meet the Queen or the Pope or the President of America, I go in the best suit possible. I am going to meet the Lord - it doesn't matter whether I feel comfortable or uncomfortable - I should be in my best suit. So don't stop me."

That is what he did every single day. So he went and sat down. Swami came and said,

"I'll see you."

After an hour and a half he was sitting with his logs getting cramped. I said,

"There is no way Swami will speak to you now, the moment those Bhajans have started."

But He said, "He'll speak to me."

I said, "Again, Swami's language is very different. As far as I am concerned, Swami is not going to talk to anyone till the Bhajans are finished."

Eric was due to go to Bangalore, because his wife wanted to do some shopping. Then they wanted to go to Ooty and Mysore and see some palaces and other historic places. Because Eric did an operation on one of the maharaj family in Mysore, they invited him to come. So we arranged the trip. While he was away, I planned to stay and enjoy the Bhajans.

Eric stayed in the Mandir till 8 o'clock at night, then realising that Swami wouldn't see them, both of them went to Bangalore and stayed in a hotel. The next day, (Sunday) he said to his wife,

"I don't feel like going to see anything. I have come here for a purpose and not for sightseeing or to meet any family. I would like to sit and read some Baba books. But if you want to go shopping, you go."

His wife said, "OK," and went away with a friend.

Eric stayed in the hotel in Bangalore reading a Baba book. On Sunday night they wanted to go to bed early. He went to bed about 9 o'clock and about 10 he suddenly woke up. He asked his wife,

"Did you hear something?"

She said, "Yes, I heard Baba saying, 'Come back'."

He said, "I thought I was hearing things. But the arrangement is that we are flying to Ooty tomorrow."

She said, "No, I've heard very clearly from that corner [pointing] Swami said, 'Come back'."

So they decided when tomorrow morning at 4 o'clock the taxi came, to go back to Puttaparthi instead.

Meanwhile when the Bhajans finished. Swami gave us a beautiful Prashadam with His own hands, and suddenly He said,

"8 o'clock tomorrow morning start the operation - he is coming back."

I said, "Swami, but that was not in the program."

He said, "No. There is a reason for that."

"Thank You, Swami."

How to tell the hospital staff? They already had the message. Now Eric got up at 4 o'clock in the morning and the taxi which was scheduled to go to Ooty changed direction and arrived in Puttaparthi. At 1 minute to 8 he was in the Super Speciality Hospital.

Swami told us, "After Darshan go to the Hospital - everything is waiting for you there."

When we came to the hospital we realised the reason we were needed was that the surgeons there were still not very confident in doing the operation on their own. We worked hard the whole day and at about 4 o'clock we finished everything and asked the head doctor,

"Are you happy now?"

He said, "Yes, now I am happy."

Then we asked him to do an operation on his own. We watched. He did it beautifully. There was no problem. We rushed to Swami. And like a mother, like a father He was waiting. Darshan had finished and we reached on time to take Padanamaskar.

Swami said, "Where is your report?"

We gave Swami the report.

Swami said, "That is the reason I called you. I knew they were not ready to do the operation independently. Now the program is complete. That's why I told him, 'I'll see you'."

Eric had been very worried Swami won't see him. Now he took Swami's Padanamaskar.

Swami said, "Don't worry, this is your home. You can come any time."

And He blessed us.

A taxi was waiting for us to go back. But there was another scenario: now Eric's wife was crying, she said,

"Why didn't Baba look at me? I also came for His Darshan and I wanted Swami at least to wave at me, so that at least I go with that great joy that both of you have."

And while we were waiting for the luggage to be loaded into the taxi, a lady from Singapore came running, she said,

"Is somebody called Veronica here?"

So Veronica said, "Yes, it's me."

The lady said, "This is from Swami. He has just sent it for you."

It was a beautiful Swami picture with a blessing and Swami had written on it: With love.

Veronica was In tears that her prayers were also answered.

And now these people who didn't know anything about Sai Baba, who had pronounced His Name Sing Baba, sit down every evening for one hour together to read beautiful literature about Swami.

Eric is working on a wonderful mission to take Swami's message and this technology from village to village. What a transformation! It's only when Swami touches somebody, that the person is totally transformed. A difficult man, a material man has become so humble that he wants to devote his time for mankind.

That is the story of the experience I had.


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