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Experiences by Devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba

  Two miracles of omnipotence

Dear Sai Brothers and Sisters,

Sai Ram.

Bhagawan once said in his Discourse to the Students in
the Hostel in 1995 that before anyone leaves this
Hostel or college, each and every boy will be touched
by his grace, love and Compassion. Many boys have
experienced Swami's Love, Compassion, Grace in some
way or the other, The Greatest aspect of Bhagawan is
that He treats every student living in Prasanthi
Nilayam, that is why every student has some personal
experience with Bhagawan to narrate and share with
all. Ask any Student or teacher to come out of the
portals of any Sai Institution and he will narrate an
experience to treasure for a lifetime. Yesterday I
have narrated Some Experiences of mine. Itis really a
out of the World Experience to see Bhagawan Talking to
the Boys at any time, He gives them Love, Compassion
which they treasure the most.

The Village that I stay is next to the Sea Coast, the
Sea is calm most of the time and the people had
nothing to fear. As December'26th'2004 was a Sunday, I
wanted to go down to the Sea Shore on that Day as I
did every Sunday , At around 8.30 As I was getting
ready I heard a Loud Noise of Glass Shattering in the
Next Room and as I rushed into the Room, I found that
Swami's Photo had fallen down with its glass broken, I
cleaned the Photo, and Removed the glass pieces which
took around 30 minutes, as I was throwing the Pieces
out,There was a huge roar of water and a Huge cry by
Villagers that the sea was in Spate,As I ran away, I
saw a Huge Volume of Water coming ,and I climbed on
top of a tree and waited as the Water came roaring
down, the Tree was uprooted and then I was washed
away, as the Waters came Surging ahead, I saw a Huge
Tree Trunk Floating and scrambled on it and
Dramatically after 10 minutes the Waters receeded. The
Scene was utter devastation, Everyones belongings were
including mine, As I went into the remains of my House
I saw Swami's Photo which had fallen from the Wall,
safely on the hinges on the Only Door left in the
Whole village. My parents miraculously were in Nellore
Town on that Particular day as they had gone to meet
someone. On January'13th'2005 when One of Friends
Shyam Prasad had gone to Parthi Swami told him "I had
to save your Brother by Smashing myself with Glass and
dropping my own Photograph, Swami Never forgets
anyone". the Lord is omnipotent in every form, I would
have surely been swept away into the sea if I had gone
to the Shore, What Prevented me for 30 Minutes was
Swami's Photo falling down and me cleaning it. Swami
never forgets anyone in distress, this is a great
example of it.

My Friend Shyam Prasad was on the Marina Beach in
Chennai on that Fateful day, He had come with some
friends to the beach, Just a few minutes before the
Water started receeding and the Tsunami Striking, the
got a Phone call on his Cell saying that his Mother
had fallen from the Staircase and was in a serious
condition. He immediately left the beach and took a
Auto home and to his great Surprise His Mother opened
the Door, He was shocked beyond Words, Also his mother
who told him that she was hale and hearty, When He
tried Contacting that Cell Number the response was
that it did not exist. On 13th'January'2005, When
Swami mentioned about me He Also told him "I had to
use a cellphone to save you, Swami always remembers
his children".

Swami never forgets anyone at any time, Trials,
tribulations are a part of life, Faith in God, Love of
God, Devotion towards him are important.

Swami once told the Students of the Higher Secondary
School a Wonderful Story:

Once a Man saw before his eyes all the events of his
life passing by, and as He looked closely he found
that in some Phases of his life there were 2 sets of
Footprints, Then to his great Joy he saw that those
were the moments in life where there was great
Happiness and Joy,He prayed to God saying "You were
always with me at every stage in my life, I shall
never forget you at any time ", Then as he saw more
closely there were some periods in his life where
there were only One Set of Footprints, And as he
observed more closely he saw that those moments were
his Darkest days full of DEspair, Unhapiness, Sorrow
and suffering, then he exclaimed to God "You were with
me in my moments of happiness and joy, but I walked
alone in my moments of sadness and sorrow, Why didyou
forsake me, I have never forgotten you at anystage in
life?", Then God said " During your moments of
Happiness and Joy I walked with you, In your Moments
of Despair and Sadness, It was I who carried you ".

Swami carries everyone during our moments of Sadness,
It is we who sometimes forget him, He never does.


Yours in sai service


Source: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/saibabanews/message/6125

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