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Experiences by Devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba

  VF of Syracuse, NY, Weed California, Fayetteville Ark and Bangalore, India

VF lived in Syracuse with her 6 children. After doing a press release about federal antipoverty money not going to the poor but to the rich, those affected by her expose ran her out of town.

She moved to California where someone handed her the Sam Sandweiss book "The Holy Man And the Psychiatrist". She leaned her elbow on it as she sipped her drink and received a shock which went up her arm. She decided to investigate this person who could shock her long distance.

She went to India and decided to take the highest path which is to surrender each action, including when to leave the ashram, to Swami. However one day she lapsed from this discipline, and left for town not having received permission.

That day she was gored by a bull and ended up in the hospital for 6 months. An astrologer visiting her in the hospital told her that the day she was gored was her death day.. and that Baba had saved her life. One day her orders were from Baba that she should move to Arkansas.

She had no desire to do this. Everyone she knew was in California, NY, or India. But she obeyed.. and she bought a home near Fayetteville. After the deed was signed, the realtor and the owner both broke into tears. The house had been on the market for over a year and the following day was foreclosure day.

She stayed for many months. When she put down many roots of love, Baba gave her guidance she could move back to India. She is presently living in Bangalore. Her house in Arkansas she gave to another Sai devotee.

When EKB was studying for a law exam at the Case Western Law Library, she smelled vibhuti. She was not at that time a devotee... but recognized the smell having been exposed to vibhuti before.

Marshall H of Baltimore had suffered a great heartbreak before going to the ashram...the breakup of a relationship with a devotee. Baba materialized for him a pure crystal japamala.. and told him to wear it around his neck.. that it would gradually take the pain out of his heart. He said that the pain had gone.

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