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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Avatar

  Shirdi Sai and Sathya Sai are One and the Same
By Arjan D. Bharwani



1) The Incredible Proof (Jasmine Flowers)

2) Remanents From Shirdi (Kafni)

3) Divinity Recognised (Sage near Virupaksha)

4) The Divine Proclamation (I am Sai Baba)

5) The Pictorial Proof (Stone-Shirdi Sai)

6) Identity Further Established

7) Mysterious Materialisation of Shirdi Sai Portrait

8) Shirdi Sai Baba in Parthi

9) Abhishekam of Shirdi Sai Idol

10) Disclosures to the Teachers

11) Apport of Shirdi Fruits

12) Striking Similarity of Words and Sayings

13) The Confluence At Chincholi

14) Congruity Consolidated (Guindy statue)

15) Tender to Rugged Feet (Loganatha Mudaliar)

16) Assertion to Kanyakumaris

17) The Meet at Mylapore

18) The Personal Experiences of Yogi Sadananda Bharthiar

19) Hardness Melts!

20) Departing Soul-The Meeting Point

21) The Pavitra Tiratha

22) Leela with Leela!

23) Sainergy at Sandur!

24) 'PSY' - Goes the Sai Way

25) Thoughts Recapitulated, (Shri T.A. Pai)

26) The Light From The Picture (Shri P.K. Sawant)

27) If there Is God On This Earth He Is Bhagavan Shri Sathya Sai Baba

28) The Demand Of The Balance Rupees Sixteen

29) The Sais - In Series

30) Darsans of Ishta

31) The Sacred Ash-Common Factor

32) Nearness In Nativity (Naga)

33) Malaysian Confirmation (Mr. Wong)

34) Proofs In Myriads

35) The Physical Confirmation (M. S. Dixit)

36) The Fatherhood of God (Magdelena)

37) Mighty Nature Submits!

38) Flow of Perennial Ganga (Subamma)

39) Inscrutability- Common Factor

40) Horses Hinged

41) Parthi Prasadam For Shirdi Arpanam (offering)

42) Disputations And Doubts Dissolved

43) Reward Remains Same

44) Identity in Living Proof (Dr. A. Rang)

45) Ananda Through Shirdi Sai Form!

46) Fakir The Joining Link

47) Compassion - A Common Thread

48) Small_Yet Big! (19 Proofs)

49) The Reclamation!

50) Wrong Intentions Demotivated ! (Hara-kiri)

51) Properties Carried Forward

52) The 'Arul' Phenomenon! (Dr. T.Nallainathan)

53) The Sakshat Response! (U. Ram Mohan Rao)

54) Shirdi Visited in 'Sukshma Sarira'!

55) Perseverence Fructifies! (M. A. Venkataramana Naidu)

56) The Vision That Cured! (B.P. Kambrabail)

57) The Truth of Truth!

58) The Stream Flows on

59) The Unity Stressed

60) Sais Make the Dumb-Speak!

61) Namavali Confirms!

62) Convergence Pinpointed! (R. K. Karanjia)

63) Spot Lights (Swami Sarananda, M.S. Dikshit)

64) Conclusion

Online source of this book is: http://www.geocities.com/priyasai108/shirdi.htm

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