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  Swami chat with students in the verandah

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3


Swami blessed the project reports of the MBA/MFM boys during Darshan. After interviews, Swami came again. He swa some of the Project reports and commented on them.

Swami: see what binding is this; anyone can easily tear pages from it. (Showing a report which was bound in spiral form) Then, Swami pointed at another report, which was hard, bound. “Binding should be like this (the hard bound one); nobody can tear pages from it.

Then Swami called a boy and searched for something in his report.

Swami: Where is Rakesh? Where is Rakesh? (after finding the right page, “Here is Rakesh”. (In one of the sentences in that page, there was the name “Rakesh Menon Committee’) “I know everything ,sir!”

(Swami gave Paada Namaskar to all the MBA/MFM boys)
Boy: Talk to us, Swami.

Swami: First ask for Paada Namaskar, then ‘talk to us’, next marks and then you will pass and go away. How many boys in your class?
Boys: 47.

Swami: 4+7 = 11, 1 + 1 = 2; two is not a bad number.
Boy: Swami, Project on Rural Development.

Swami: Good. Why such small project? It can be completed in one day.
Boy: On Gokulam.

Swami: You give medicines to animals. How will you know that they have responded to treatment, They cannot even talk.

To a student: “How many children do you have?” Then Swami narrated an incident from a person’s life.

“There was a man called ‘Bidda Kishtappa’. He was Swami’s devotee. He had 22 children. But he never faced difficulty in taking care of his children. He was a weaver by profession. Every time he moved the weaving block, he would chant ‘Sai Ram’. On one occasion he asked Swami that he wanted to leave his mortal coil in Prashanthi Nilayam. Likewise, on one Shivarathri, he came to Prashanthi Nilayam; He developed fever. I asked him to go to hospital and there he passed away. His wife was happy that his wish was fulfilled. His children (each of them) send 100 saris for Narayana Seva.

“One should live up to his name. See Thyagaraja; he sacrificed the world to attain the kingdom of God. One day after returning from bath in the river Cauvery, he (Thyagaraja) saw lots of valuables in his house. When he asked, who sent this, they told him that since you are anaath, King has sent this. Thyagaraja asked  them, “Who is annath? I have ‘Naath’ (Lord Rama) with me. Only Rama is Anath. Give it to him”.

Then Swami called some boys to distribute oranges to all. He asked a teacher to show his orange. It was small.

Swami: Very small for a teacher. Boys gave wontedly. (After a pause) no, not like that. You are thin and short, so small orange.

(To a boy) What is this cover?
Boy: Skin of the orange..

Swami: In side?
Boy: Juice.

Swami: Which one you would like to have?
Boy: Juice.

Swami: You have to remove the bitter skin, (which is the world) to enjoy the sweet juice (God): The skin of the orange can be powdered and used for brushing the teeth. It has cleansing quality. There is Vitamimn ‘C’ in it.

Sai Ram


Teacher: Swami, I have got heart pain.

Swami: It is not heart problem. It is only chest pain. (Swami creates Vibhuthi for the teacher)

Coming on to the second block, Swami pointed towards the artificial tree which was kept there. Pointing to one of the paper packets, he commented, “What is written on that?”

Boy: Hong Kong Bank, Swami.

Swami: Where is it written? Do you know their language?

Boy: (Removing the packet and giving it to Swami): It is written underneath, Swami.

Swami examined the cover and gave it back to be put on the tree.

Swami:  Gong Kong man, not King Kong man. (Referring to a boy) “Ten boys like you will make one leg of King Kong. (Standing on the edge of the Ganesh portico) “Emi Samachaaram?” How is the decoration? It is only ration; it is only ration. See how the (Chinese devotees); how they changed this spiritual Mandir into a Communist place. No it is all their Bhakthi. This is the way the Chinese decorate!”

Meanwhile a foreigner from the ladies side started shouting. Noticing this Bhagavan said- “Hysteria. If they sit quietly, nobody will bother them. Instead, if they shout like this, they will be taken outside. See how they are dragging her like a dead body. This is a foreign disease; but now it has come in India also. They take pills, drugs, and claim that it leads them to happiness.

Teacher: Bhagavan’s Grace is required for the entire world to change.

Swami: It will change. Everything depends on time, but it will change.

Teacher: Will it change, Swami?

Swami: It will, it will. It is changing. China, Japan…. Everywhere it is changing; only in India it is bad.

Speaking about the drama, which was going to be put up by the Chinese devotees the next day, Swami said: “You won’t believe this, when I asked a small boy, “What do you want?”. He replied, “Swami, I want the dust of your Feet.”  When I asked another boy, “Is Swami important?”. The boy replied, Swami is very important in his life. All of them are acting tomorrow – from small children to fifty years old people. Nobody is here. They have gone for the practice session. All are practicing –mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters. Ladies and gents both are there; but they don’t touch each other, because Swami does not like.”  

In the meantime, drum beats were heard. Swami said, it is the beat for the lion dance. I have not seen it, but I can make out from the sound of the drums.


Swami came to the third block of verandah. Swami was collecting the letters and putting them in a big envelope.

Swami: Boys write lengthy letters. Why? Three or four lines are sufficient. Swami receives 1000 letters by post and another 1000 by and post.

I know the contents, but I receive them because for their satisfaction. Some people write on both the sides of the paper, so big, very less meaning.

He called out a teacher, having a letter in his hand.

Swami (remarking) I know, I know.

Swami opened the letter and to everybody’s surprise the letter was of the same length about what Swami had remarked. (Both sides of the paper).

Swami (to a hospital boy) No hospital today?
No Swami, election.

Swami: There is no connection between election and selection.

After awhile, Swami again remarked about the length of the letter to another hospital boy.

Swami: “Big letter and no essence”

Sai Ram.


Swami: (To a teacher) How MBA classes are going on?

Teacher: Alright, Swami.

Swami: Ist year MBA?

Teacher: They have interest in Swami.

Swami: Interest is there; but there are ups and downs.

Swami: (To a boy) To-day, after a year, I went to hospital. There was heart operation of an 11 day old baby. Because the child was so small, the doctors were worried. I went and sat in the operation theatre with my hand on the baby’s head. I sat there throughout the operation. The operation was successful. The baby is now fine. It has a tumor in its heart, a very small tumor.

Swami: (To a boy) How is college?

Boy: Fine, Swami.

Swami: Fine! College or building? What is college? Building or students? Without students, there is no college.

(Boys then requested Swami to come to the Institute. Swami did not reply. Swami called the Vice-Chancellor.

Swami: (To V.C.) Very great man, when is he coming?

VC.: Tomorrow night.

Swami: Very good man. He is a Mohammedan. He is a vegetarian. He is also a Bachelor. Now he wants to be close with Swami. He came here before. Was it three years back?

VC: Yes, Swami.

Swami: Yes, I know, What is his name?

VC: Abdul Kalam.

Swami: See… Mohammedan. Sunday morning, he is going to see the Institute.

Swami: Swami, you too come to the Institute.

Swami: No time. The boys are coming here. He can talk to computer boys, and laser boys. He likes lasers. What is laser? Not razor!

Boys: Swami, please come to Institute.

Swami: No, he is coming tomorrow night.

19th July 1998

Swami: Bad luck boys. I kept every thing ready in Poornachandra. I made a phone call to Hostel. But at that time, everybody was sleeping. (Swami made snoring sound) Boys’ one leg in one direction and another on the luggage. Each one was making different kinds of sounds. What is this sleep? I have never experienced it. Even in the night at 1 AM, 2 Am, I go out to all places. Before, I myself used to drive the car; Parthi to Rajahmundry, 1100 miles. Even last year, during the Kodaikanal trip I drove the car. I asked Padmanabhan to move aside and drove the car. Padmanban was telling “Sai, Sai”. Years back, Padmanaban’s (Dentist in Bangalore) father Seshagiri Rao also sat with me in the car. He used to close his eyes, and chant “Sai Ram, Sai Ram”, throughout the journey and open his eyes only after reaching the destination. Such was the speed at which I used to go. My car was Morris turner. It is very small car. I used to go at 100-150 mph. But the car usually does not have so much capacity. At that speed, the tyres were almost in the air. Even at that speed, I never ran over cats and dogs.

Swami: Did He come to Institute? What is his name? Abdul Kalam.

Boys: Yes, Swami.

Swami; In yesterday’s meeting in Bangalore, Abdul Kalam said, “I am a Mohammedan. For me there is no Allah or any other religion. I want only Sai Baba. Sai Baba is my God. Scientists always say, this… this… But Sai Baba always says, that… that. “This” is below senses and “that” above senses. Sai Baba is always above senses. “Tat Twam Asi”.

Swami: In meetings, he quotes Swami’s teachings. He is a very good poet also. When he entered the interview room, he looked at Swami and told, “KALAAM BABA KO SALLAM KARTHA HAI”. (Kalam salutes Baba). After his work, he is going to come and settle here for the rest of his life. He is not married and has sno children. Therefore, he is going to come and settle here. He says he wants to come and spend his time with students, by teaching them. His ambition  is to build a rocket with the help of Sathya Sai students in this life itself, in the next ten years. He will give lot of inspiration to boys. I said, “It is your wish. Do whatever you want”.

Swami (to a teacher): What subject are you teaching?

Teacher: Self-awareness for 1-MBA boys.

Swami: What is self?

Teacher: Self means ‘Atman’ and it is everywhere. It is that which makes us speak and see.

Swami: Air is everywhere. Like that consciousness is everywhere, with you, within you, around you; but you cannot catch it. Conscious, consciousness and conscience. Follow the  conscience to be conscious of consciousness.

20th July 1998

Swami called a teacher: What is the meaning of  “Bhagia”?

Teacher: Swami, good fortune.

Swami: No. It means wealth, good wealth.

(Swami told that the teacher lost all his wealth before coming here, but all wealth has been added on after he has come here, which the concerned teacher agreed. Swami enquired about somebody’s health.

Swami: (To teacher) An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Diabetics can take apple. Patients should not take any other fruits. Even watermelon has 4% sugar, but apple has only 3%. Apple does not increase diabetics. It gives Vitamins and minerals. Two spoons of Viva powder in warm water is better than taking the same in milk for diabetics. Rice is good because starch content init will mix with blood fast whereas raagi and wheat take around three hours. South Indians are rice-eating people and North Indians are wheat-eating people.

Teacher: Swami, please speak to Boys.

Swami; What is the meaning of ‘Akshara”?

Teacher: Word, letter….

Swami: No. “A” means Atma. “Kshara” means ‘Deha”. “Akshara means combination of Atma and Body. It is Unity in Diversity.

What are Swadharma and Paradharma?  

Teacher: ‘Paradharma’ means worldly duty.

Swami: “Swa+ Dharma” means listening to conscience. Dharma related to Atma. When you fulfill Swadharma, Paradharma is also taken care. Similarly, “Swechha” means one related to Atma. Freedom outside is going on bikes and scooters. That is deaf and dumb. It does not mean freedom of going here and there, and doing whatever comes to mind. See, these things are not made clear to boys.

Teacher: Swami, please come and talk to boys.

Swami: But boys don’t want. They are not asking for it.

Teacher: Swami, boys are good. They have interest in Swami.

Swami: Interest is there in Swami but it is “INTO-REST”; It is not  “IN-TRUST”. It should be in trust. VC (Vice Chancellor) is coming on 8th. I sent VC to Bangalore to get Safari suits. I gave him charges also. See I shall welcome the new VC on the 10th August and say good-bye to the present VC.

Teacher: Swami always welcomes everyone, no good-bye.

Swami: Yes, but according to the customs we should have a function. VC is a good scientist. He will be given some assignment in the administration.

Teacher: yes, Swami. Otherwise he will feel lonely. It is very nice of Swami to take care of every one of us.

Swami: Where should we have the function? Here, or in the Institute?

Teacher: Wherever Swami suggests.

Swami: It is purely an Institute function. So let it be in the Institute.

Teacher: Swami, will Brindavan and Anantapur students also be called?

Swami: No. Only Prashanthi Nilayam Institute and Higher Secondary boys.

Teacher: Swami, last year the boys were given chance to participate in a question-answer session with Swami. Kindly allow the same thing now too.

Swami: But boys should have interest! Isn’t it? How is Re-Engineering?

Teacher: yes, Swami. I heard that you have given a Discourse on Re-engineering in Kodaikanal.

Swami: No, boys had debate and from debate they went to Tibet!

Teacher: Swami, it will be nice if Swami speaks on Re-engineering.

Swami: I will see. (To boys) How are the MBA boys doing? Are the subjects being taught well?

 (To a teacher): I feel you should have some special inputs on important subjects like Marketing, Finance, Banking and international finance.  (Swami explained how rupee keeps fluctuating with respect to US dollar and British pound)

Teacher: Yes, Swami had spoken about it four years back.

Swami: Yes. Banking and Finance are important. From August onwards, financial position will improve.

Teacher: Swami, after 75th Birthday, will the things improve in our country?

Swami: See, at the end of this month 500 youth are coming from London to be here with Swami and present a drama. A Negro singer by name, Tom Brown is also coming.

Teacher: By 75th Birthday whole world will know about Swami.

Swami: But I have no desire for that.

Teacher: But Swami, we need you. With Swami’s Grace everything is possible. Presently the condition of the world is very bad. It appears that the entire mankind is going down the drain.

Swami: No, not mankind, man has gone down. Mankind does not go down. What is mankind? What is man?

Teacher: Proper study of mankind is man. Unity between thought, word and deed.

Swami: No. Answer is there in the question itself. Kindness of man is mankind! He should have compassion in his heart.

21st July 1998

Swami: (before Darshan while carrying a sizeable bundle of letters in His hands ( Koi Bhi help nahi karta ha) No body is helping) Lazy boys. (After Darshan, to a boy) What is that? (Pointing to a letter in boy’s hand)

Boy:  Swami, Jaundice.

Swami: But your eyes are not yellow

Boy:” Swami I went home.

Swami: Ah! Tell that first. What did you take at home?

Boy::  Swami, leaf medicine.

Swami: Is it Ayurvedic?

Boy: Yes Swami.

Swami: What are you eating now?

Boy: Swami, Chapatti.

Swami: Ah! Taking chapatti? Don’t take Chapatti. It contains oil in it.

Don’t take any curry.

Boy: What to eat?

Swami: Take buttermilk;  stir it well. If at all foam is there, then remove it and mix with lemon with it. And then drink.

(Swami created Vibhuthi and gave to the boy. When the boy again asked permission for his eye test, Swami told him to go and see Dr. Khosla. Swami called a devotee)

Swami; How many boys and girls from London?

Devotee: Swami, 104.

Swami: What is the  name of the drama?

Devotee: “Sai-Mahima”  

Swami: Stage is too small for 104

Devotee: Swami, your heart is big.

Swami: But you are not going to act in my heart.

Devotee: Swami, last summer you allowed us to perform.

Swami: O.K. From tomorrow start rehearsals.

23rd July, 1998

Swami: How is teaching going on? What subject are you teaching?

Teacher: Integrated Rural development.

Swami: What is Rural development?

Teacher: Developing villages. Sai is starting point.

Swami: Rural Development is providing drinking water first, and sanitation to the villagers. Health will come along with sanitation. The villagers must be taught to grow drumsticks, coconut trees along with coriander plants etc, near their houses. This can help them to be self-sufficient.

Teacher: Also, they must be taught unity.

Swami: There is no unity among teachers. The villagers must be made known that killing is not human. Only to protect is human. You are not telling these to villagers.

26th July 1998

Swami took some people from Karimnagar for interview. After the interview:

Boys: Swami, Poornachandra session!

Swami: Do you know who these people are? They are the ones who wanted a separate Telengana State. I explained to them that it is not correct. I told them that many people have come from other places and settled there. You should tell them how to live like brothers instead of separating them. They told that, they had never thought in this line.

They put their hands into mine and promised that they will never think of a separate state. I materialized 25 rings at once. Each one was exactly fitting their fingers. All of you also want rings. (With a slapping gesture) I will give you all one.

See, I am doing so much of work. You don’t understand. By just few words of mine I changed their minds. You boys keep asking for Poornachandra. I talk to you so much. Are you practicing at least one? They wanted money for water project. I told them that I would give the money and they need not worry about it. They told that they would give 12 acres of land in Telengana to Swami. I told them tat I don’t want all that. I just want a place in your heart. They told that they would come again and I told them that this is their Home. Whenever they feel like coming, they can come.

Swami called a Primary School boy.

Swami: Where are you from, boy?

Boy: New Zealand, Swami

Swami: New Zealand? Famous for cows. Which class are you studying?

Boy; Seventh standard, Swami

Swami: What is your age?

Boy: eleven years, Swami

Swami; How do you know?

Boy: Parents told me, Swami.

Swami: Where are they? Are they there? (The boy nodded in affirmative) Where is your brother? (Boy indicated in a direction and his brother got up. Swami told him to be seated). Do your parents quarrel?

Boy: No, swami

Swami: Sometimes the quarrel. You don’t quarrel with your wife!

1st August 1998

Swami: (to the boys) Are you ready for Poornachandra session?

Boys: Yes, Swami

Swami: But they are making sets inside the Poornachandra, for telefilm shooting. Shiva and Parvathi will come  down dancing from the mountain top and then bless the sage, Bharadwaja. If you don’t believe me, go the Poornachandra and check.

Swami sent two boys to Poornachandra to verify.)

Swami: There was a patient in the hospital., who had come from Madras. Both his kidneys were malfunctioning and he could not urinate for the last 15 days.  As a result his body was swollen up. I told the doctors to cut the tube (urinary tract) to about 2 inches. But, the doctors were hesitant. I asked them to do just as I had told. They did so and all the urine flowed out. Now, Dr. Bhatt says that the patient is able to sit on the bed and have his food! I told one more thing to the doctors. There is no need of removing a nerve from the leg to transplant it in the heart during a heart by-pass surgery. Nature has provided a spare nerve in the heart. They can make use of it. Not only in the heart, even in other parts of the body have an extra nerve. See, nature always provides a spare. The doctors say that every day they are able to learn something new from Swami.

Swami with students in the Mandir verandah

23rd August 1998

(Swami called a Greek Devotee)

Swami: How many people have come?

Devotee: Swami, 26 people, including me 27.

Swami: Not 28?

Devotee: No Swami, 27 people.

Swami signed him to go.

Devotee: Swami, Pada Namaskar.

Swami: Why?

(Devotee was about to go.)

Swami: Take Pada Namaskar.

*He took Namaskar and went back. Swami to boys:

Swami: He acted as Draupathi in the Greek drama last year. In fact he changed his voice and talked in female voice.

(Swami again called the Devotee)

Swami: Which role did you play in the last drama?

Devotee: Swami, Sita

Swami: Not Draupathi?

Devotee: No Swami, he was another person.

Swami: Last year?

Devotee: Swami, last year it was Bhagavatham. (Swami corrected his pronunciation)Swami: What role did you play in that?

Devotee: I did not play in that drama, Swami

Swami: How is Janaka?

Devotee: Very fine Swami. His son is studying in Primary School. His little daughter has also joined here.

Swami: I know. Did you see them?

Devotee: I visit them every Sunday.

Swami: Good.

(Swami enquired about a character in the drama)

Swami: Are you happy here?

Devotee: Very happy, Swami

Swami: What is the meaning of happy?

Devotee: Happiness is union with God!

Swami: Are you in Union?

Devotee: Yes, Swami.

Swami: How is that? You are separate. God is separate. How are you united?

Devotee: Atma in everybody is one, Swami.

Swami: Who said?

Devotee: You said Swami. You said, Atma in everybody is one.

Swami: Then, why do you come hre?

Devotee: I love your physical form. Therefore I come here.

Swami: If Atma is one, then you are also God.

Devotee: Yes, Swami. But I do not know that I am God, and you know hat you are God.

Swami: (Very impressed) Good! Good!  What are you doing in Greece?

Devotee: I am a teacher, Swami

Swami: Teacher! Very good. How many types of teachers are there?

Devotee: Complain teacher, Explain teacher, and Inspire teacher.

Swami: Which category you belong to?

Devotee: Inspire teacher.

Swami: Inspire teacher! Not explaining?

Devotee: No, Swami

Swami: How can you inspire without explaining?

Devotee: Yes, Swami. Correct,  Swami.

Swami: In which school are you working?

Devotee: Technical school, Swami.

Swami: Electrical or mechanical?

Devotee: Mechanical, Swami.

Swami: What is your salary?

Devotee: 30,000 rupees Swami.

Swami: How much do you spend?

Devotee: 20,000 rupees Swami.

Swami: 20,000 rupees? Expensive!

Devotee: yes Swami. Everything is costly there Swami. Not like in India. Here everything is cheap.

Swami: On what do you spend?

Devotee: On rent, food, clothing and some amount for activities in Sai center Swami.

Swami:  Sai Center? What activities do you do there?

Devotee: Swami, we visit hospitals, provide food and clothing to homeless and handicapped people.

Swami: Very happy! Very happy! And how much do you spend on coming and going?

Devotee: Swami, we save money throughout the year for coming here. We won’t misuse money, Swami.

Swami: Is the salary enough?

Devotee: Yes, Swami. But salary is not important. Service is important.

Swami: Very good! Who is the good Greek God?

Devotee: Swami: Christ. I am a Christian.

Swami: What is the meaning of Christ?

Devotee: Don’t know Swami

 Swami: Christ means cross.

Devotee: Cross, Swami! Cross means a cut and “I symbolizes ego. So cut your ego.

Swami: (very impressed, to the boys) See how well he answers. Very good! Very good boy!

Devotee: Thank you Swami.

Swami: Do you like Christ or Sai?

Devotee: Both are one, Swami

Swami: How?

Devotee: Atma is everything in one Swami.

Swami (with a smile): No, no, no! Look. I am wearing an orange robe. Jesus wore a white one. How are we one?

Devotee: No Swami. We sing in Bhajans that Allah, Jesus, Sai, Krishna are all one. You too said that, Swami. Therefore everybody is one.

Swami: Then you are also God?

Devotee: yes, Swami

Swami: Where are you happy? Here or there?

Devotee: I am happy in both places Swami.

Swami: Why do you come here then?

Devotee: I am happy whenever I see you Swami, and whenever you look at me I am more happy, Swami

Swami: Did you see Me, in Greece?

Devotee: yes Swami, in my heart. I see you in my heart. Whenever I see you in my heart, I feel happy.

Swami: Good boy!

Devotee: You make us good, Swami.

Swami: Yes, but instrument also has to be good. You are good. Very happy!

Devotee: Thank you Swami.

17th December 1998

Swami came to the institute in the morning and gave His Divine message to the postgraduate students in the evening.

Swami: (To an institute student): What did I tell you?

Student: Swami said, "Be careful" – About Sports Meet, Swami.

Swami: No, no. I was telling the warden that it is improper for a small boy to sit among elders like that, with his thigh on the teacher’s thigh. People will pass remarks. I silently told the boy to sit with boys and told the warden that if small boys were allowed do to like this, big boys would also take liberties.

Student: Yes Swami, I could not hear properly.

Swami: How was the speech in the morning? Did I bore you?

Student: No Swami. It would be wonderful if Swami comes again.

Swami: (Seriously): Whatever it is, International financial problems cannot be solved; it is impossible. Only brings problems, excess money means excess problems. See what is happening in other developed countries... suicides ra..

Student: Suicides, Swami!

Swami: Yes, Suicides. Why? (Mada) Pride. Wealth leads to pride, which leads to bad qualities and to bad thoughts and finally destruction.

Student: Yes, Swami.

Swami was talking about the events to be put p by the school students for the sports meet.

Student: Swami, what is the difference between show and Pradarshana?

Swami: No. Show means something artificial. But exhibition is Pradarshana; presenting one’s talents. Student: Swami says that money should be like a shoe – neither too big nor too small.

Swami: If it is too big, you cannot wear conformably. If it is too tight, you cannot walk. It must be exact. If it is too much, I will remove it. If it is tight, you will throw it away yourself.

Student: Yes Swami. God gives all the resources. It is for us to use it in the proper manner.

Swami: Yes, I will tell you a story. In one kingdom, there lived a king and a queen with all subjects. The kin loved his subjects very dearly. So one day, he left for forest to perform penance. God was pleased with his effort and appeared before him and asked him what he desired. The king prayed that all his subjects be blessed with wealth, prosperity and money. God gently said that it was not right thing to ask for. But the king humbly submitted that this indeed was his wish. God granted the wish. He returned to his kingdom to find palaces everywhere and his people became very rich. He went to his palace and wanted to take bat. But there were no servants, for all servants had become rich, Feeling hungry, he went to the market. But the market was filthy. Sweepers too had become rich. Day by day, the situation grew worse, until one day all the people and the king prayed to God and performed penance. God appeared, and they said that they preferred the previous order. They also prayed that the king be granted a thousand years of life. God commanded and everything was back to normal. But the queen left for the forest. The people felt that the queen was feeling jealous of the king. They misunderstood her. The queen performed penance, and when God appeared, she prayed that a good king and not good people and vice versa is no good. A good king and a good populace were both necessary. So she prayed that God grant the people also a thousand years of life. God was so pleased that He granted even the queen thousand years of life.

Student: Yes, Swami. God knows what is good for us.

Swami: Yes, God is perfect. He will give as required. If there is too much He will take away. If too less, man himself will throw away.

Student: Very nice story, Swami.

Swami: (to other student): Did you understand the story?

Students: Yes Swami, nice story Swami.

Swami: Not nice story, look at he specialty and essence. (to that student) I will ask them the story later and then I will see how many were listening.

Source: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/saisruthi/message/225


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