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  Swami chat with students in the verandah

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

From Bombay Srinivasan

4th August, 1991

Today all the students went once again to beg for Swami’s pardon, with II year MBA students taking the lead. But Bhagavan said, "Why forgive you? You did not commit any mistake. You are all such good boys! Very, very, very good boys!

But all the students kept pleading that Swami should talk to them separately inside. Swami finally agreed and sent all of the students inside, while He still stood outside. After all the students went inside,

Swami: Come on! Now shut the door!

Students: (From inside) No, Swami, please come in.

Swami: Why? You wanted to go inside, didn’t you?

The boys pleaded and Swami smilingly went inside. Inside the interview room:

Swami: You boys are like small pots. How can you pour the ocean into the pot? Swami is hundred percent Divinity from head to toe. You can’t think of Swami as a physical entity. My relationship with all is only Atma to Atma. That is why I am taking care of your bodies, because only in a strong body (temple) can the deity reside in full glory.

There is no selfishness at all in Me. I gave you all so much. What is the use? Even after staying for so many days with Swami, you have still not understood Swami even a bit. How can Swami get angry? If you cannot understand that, what can I do?

My only worry is about your future; that you should lead an ideal life. But, I am only disappointed. It is not your mistake; it is My mistake! I had an ‘appointment’, so I faced a ‘disappointment’.

When a pot, that had buttermilk in it for many days, is washed and fresh milk is poured into it, the milk will curdle. It happens because of the traces of buttermilk still left in the pot. I pour so much Love into you, but there is no sign of any Love in you all. Only bad ‘vasanas’. Your Love is diminishing proportionate to the number of days of your stay here that remained. Only contraction of Love, no expansion of Love. Like a balloon that expands when filled with air, your love must also expand and finally merge with the infinite. All-enveloping Love!

There is too much of unnecessary talk. Talk about Swami. At least it will be beneficial. There are some good boys as well. But, in a room, if one mosquito bites you, you spray ‘Hit" (a mosquito repellant) all over the room. Because of that single mosquito, all others also bear the consequences.

Similar is your case; your company decides everything. When Draupathi was being humiliated, all the elders like Dronacharya, Bhishmacharya, Kripacharya etc. were present. But, none of them stirred. They hence were also sinners, for having done nothing to stop the outrage. Bhishma suffered the consequences by lying on a bed of arrows for sixty-five days. Drona had to face death not in the contemplation of Atma, (Atma Chintana), but with his thoughts on his Aswatham. He was overcome by his attachment to his son.

Dhaneshana – Attachment to wealth

Dhaareshana – Attachment to wife, and

Putreshena – Attachment to son;

All these are dangerous.

What is that which is most important in life? Why has God given you eyes? I know what all you see with your eyes. The Pandavas gave first priority to God, next to the world and lastly to themselves. The Kauravas’ ranking of priority was exactly the other way around. – first to themselves, next to the world, and lastly to God. When you take the Degrees and leave, we must feel, "Oh! Such good boys of our Institute are goings" It must not be that we feel, "Good riddance! Faster they leave, the better it is for all concerned."

How many times have you all promised to follow Swami’s words? You are only asking for mud pots when I am ready to give you golden and diamond pots. But you do not understand it. Now you must all study well and get good grades. Always follow Swami’s words. Learn to discriminate if what you are doing right or wrong and only then act. Follow you conscience always. What is past is past. Forget that now and be good in future,.

The whole world is in my Hands. But yet, all the 24 hours I am thinking about the boys. I want you all to have a bright future.

Swami, then narrated the story of Premchand:

Premchand’s elder son was highly cultured and would daily offer His pranams to his father and mother in a respectful manner. But the younger son never really bothered to do anything about being respectful towards elders. Not that Premchand cared for the Pranams, but he was concerned about their future, which was reflected in their behavior. And it proved true when the elder son became a judge in the high court, while the younger son became a clerk in the same court.

I am like the tank. Everything else is like taps and pipes. If you pour love into the tank, you get only love through the taps. But, you are all more concerned about the taps than the tank. You must remember that God is your only Friend, who is always with you, m in you, and around you.

To illustrate this, Swami narrated an event from the life of Raja Harischandra:

When Harischandra was looking after the crematorium one day, a rich man’s body was brought to be cremated. His friends and relatives placed the body on the pile of wood, set it aflame and went away. After sometime, the burning half body got up and a little later, collapsed again. Harischandra saw this and interpreted it thus: "The rich man who was dead got up to see if his wife, children and friends were still around. But seeing that they could not wait even till the burning embers had cooled down, he was sorely disgusted and disappointed and fell back again!" This experience taught Harischandra that…

Wealth comes till the doorstep – no further. Family, friends and relatives come till the grace- no further. God alone stays by you all the way. He is the only friend.

Devotees come from so far away.

They are used to the one man- one room – one bath system. But they put up with all sorts of discomforts here. When I ask them, "What do you want?" they cheerfully reply, "Only your Darshan, Swami!" They put up with all obstacles just for Swami. If Swami asks them once, " How are you?" they derive so much joy and satisfaction from it.

A devotee’s wife was recently unwell, Swami asked him, "What do you want?". He said, "Swami, just your word". He did not say anything about his wife’s illness, for he was so confident that I would take care of her. That evening, when she became well, I told him, "It is only your confidence that cured her!"

"Where there is confidence, there is Love;
Where there is Love, there is Peace;
Where there is Peace, there is Truth;
Where there is Truth, there is Bliss;
Where the is Bliss, there is God"

You must all have confidence in yourselves. Otherwise, how can you have confidence in Swami?

When the boys pleaded with Swami again, finally, Swami seemed to relent a little bit. "Okay. Study well. Get good grades. Follow Swami’s words. Always discriminate. Is it right? Should I do it? " Follow your conscience".

Students: Please forgive us Swami, we will not do such mistakes again.

Swami: All right, forgiven. Past is past.

Forget the past. Be good.

Then all the boys came out of the Interview room feeling blessed.

Source: http://in.groups.yahoo.com/group/SaiGroup-BombaySrinivasan/message/76

17th August, 1991

All the boys surrounded Swami after the interview, and pleaded, cried for His love and pardon.

Swami:  I AM NOT ANGRY. See, I am always happy. I am not Vishwamitra. I am Vishwa’s Mitra. (The friend of the universe)

The students continuously prayed that Swami should speak  to them and made  a path for Swami to walk between the lines and speak to them.

Swami: What is the use of giving Me space here? You will only touch Me. Give Me place in your heart, so that I can not only just walk, but also reside there. That is the real contact that you must develop.

So saying, Swami walked in between the lines for a short distance. When the boys made more place,

Swami, :”Enough! Now be happy.”

Swami returned to the upper portico. The boys continued praying, and finally ,Swami said:

Swami: It is only in an empty vessel into which can anything be poured. Similarly only if your heart and head are devoid of all impure thoughts and feelings, can Swami put something inside them. But, what to do? You all want to fill the ocean in a small mud-pot! That is foolishness. You must get rid of all the dirt from the mind. Just as the cloth is bashed repeatedly against a hard boulder to clean it off the stains, you must also apply the soap of Shradha to your mind; dip in the water of Bhakthi and repeatedly hit it against a stone of vairagya.  That is the only way to cultivate a pure heart and mind. Bhakthi does not mean simply crying and doing endless meditation and Japa. Real Bhakthi is purely, heart to heart contact. You must learn not to like Swami, but to love Swami. Liking indicates desire, a vestment of the senses. Love is from the bottom of the heart – selfless and pure. Real Bhakthi means pure love. It means that there are two bodies, but only one heart. Similarly, if the boys really love Swami, they will have fine feelings for Swami. For such boys, Swami can do anything. But what to do? You are all having He-buffalo hearts- totally immune to any things like love. You do not care at all. 

Swami tells with love. You do not understand it. It is all right if you do not understand, but you tend to misunderstand. No one can  understand My love. That is true. But why do you not understand it? You tend to fill your hearts with events of the past, present and needless worries about the future. The result – total confusion. You all have stayed here for so long. What is the use? You have no feelings, no love, no understanding at all! Though Swami is here, He is also in so many other places, with so many others. Swami can give that joy to all. But, you are not able to give your heart to Swami.

It is not that Swami wants something from you. My only feeling is that why boys do not want to improve at all. Why no interest at all. I am daily waiting and waiting for that day to come.

To kill malaria, a dose of quinine is given. But the doctor is strict with the patient and puts him on heavy diet and gives him bitter quinine. It is all done not with hate, but with an intention of curing the patient. But just because the medicine is bitter, one cannot take Baddam Kheer, Ghulab Jamun, Idli, Masaala Dosa and other delicacies to cure malaria.  The foolish patient gets angry with the doctor and the doctor becomes an enemy for imposing such a harsh treatment. At that moment anyone who suggests that the patient take idlis, dosas etc., becomes a friend! The doctor is the true friend because he iis thinking of your welfare. Your case is just like that. Not even one boy is good. Some are good only for a day. The next day, back to the old routine.

Once a rich man went to sage to find a cure for his mental problems and obtain mental peace and prosperity. The sage advised him that constantly writing God’s name with dedicated and devoted heart, was sure means to achieve it. The rich man enthusiastically set to work and by the end of the first day had written “Ram, Ram…” one lakh times.  The second day he was slightly disinterested and hence put a carbon paper behind the sheet. In this way he wrote two lakh times the second day., I.e. one lakh original and one lakh carbon imprint. The third day he lost all interest and hit upon an idea. Instead of writing one lakh times over and over again, he simply had them all photocopied to make one crore, “Ram, Ram…”

Even if camphor were to used as manure. And rose water and musk were to be used to water it, the onion will still continue to retain it’s odour. Your’ is a similar case. Of what use is al My talking and advising you if you are not fit to receive it?

What is the use of all your knowledge? Even a dacoit could have studied well and acquired that. Only that knowledge that can do well is really wanted. Hence, more than knowledge, the character is important. We need good people today, not people who misuse their knowledge to kidnap, loot, highjack and indulge in senseless violence. We do not want people who are selfish. Remember that selfishness leads to total ruin. Love leads to a high and elevated status. “Low aim is a crime”. Always aim high. Only selfless love can give you that.

I will be happy even if I get four boys –East, west, north and south. How much I am waiting for those four boys! Actually parents are also to be held responsible for this behavior of their children. What habits and feelings in the parents, that same thing gets implanted in their children too!

When Sugriva brought the bundle of jewels that Sita had thrown down to the earth, from the sky, when being carried away by Ravana, Rama excited showed them to Lakshmana, saying, “See, Lakshmana! These are the jewels of your sister-in-law, aren’t they?” Lakshmana touched the jewels with great reverence and said, “Brother, I do know the anklets. They are hers! The rest I do not know, for I have never seen her face!” Rama pretended to be surprised, wanting to test Lakshmana, He asked, “Have you really never seen her face?” Then Lakshmana said, “Brother, the great Dasaratha is my father and the noble Sumitra is my mother, who had blemish less characters. The blood flowing in my body is theirs. They never could do anything contrary to dharma in their thought, word or deed. How can I being their son do it?”

As is the seed, so is the tree. As is the food taken, so is the belch. What the parents are, that embodies itself in their children too.

You are all infatuated by the world. The world is maya sabha – palace of illusions. You step into the pool of delusion, which appears that it does not exist, as Duryodhana did. You all tend to do bad to those who do well to you and do well to those who tend to harm you, out of fear. World is maya-sabha. You all hanker after it. M-A-Y-A when reversed reads YAMA. Maya will only lead you to Yama. But, here it is your “ma sabha” – the house of your mother. But you do not want to come here, preferring the maya-sabha instead.

Always remember, Swami knows everything. I am always watching – not just from yesterday, or day before. From several crores of years; from several past births of yours. Do not think you can cover My eyes and get away with doing whatever you want. I always work hard to push the dirt of Maya in you away from the door. But, you stealthily get it back through the window, thinking that Swami is not watching! The basic cause your Aham. It is very bad. Ravana was a great Thapasvi, scholar, statesman, and warrior. But of what use it is, if you do not partake of it? The environment here is good. You will improve if you work. But you do not want to work on it.  That is what pains Me! They must not be cheap; but they must be Chief. If you have real devotion  for Swami, Swami will also give His life for you. I am going on serving you with so much good, but you do not want to eat; you throw it away.

You only cause Me worry, not anger. And that worry is from the Heart, not from the mind. Worry from the Heart is out selfless love for you. Worry in mind is out of total confusion. I only feel why boys do not want to follow Swami, but instead they give Me a load of worry and go. Devotees come from so far, they have so little comforts here, yet they take so much of joy and love and leave!

You all have two eyes, but see nothing. Swami sees everything with these two eyes. You can also see it, if you have the eyes of wisdom, not physical eyes. Remember that whatever good you do, Swami will know. I am in your heart. I am always measuring your goodness not with tapes but through love. Always be convinced of it and act with full knowledge that Swami knows.

Swami then called a doctor and asked him how a particular patient was improving .She had suffered a heart attack.

Swami (to the boys): See! This woman has a blood pressure of 60/40; blood sugar was 220 and no pulse at all. But she had so much of faith in Swami that Swami made her well again. Her devotion cured her. You must all have such faith and devotion in Swami always. Swami will then readily do anything for you.

Then Swami smiled at all boys and was about to go inside, when all the boys asked and prayed to Swami that He speak with them everyday and come in between the lines.

Swami: First follow what all Swami has told today. Then Swami will always be with you.

Thus, Bhagavan ended His one hour long, sweet and Divine message to His elder students, blessing them and granting them solace at a time when their hearts were yearning for His love and grace.

Sai Ram:

Please Note: Swami’s assurance contained in His last sentence is applicable to all of us, dear devotees. I shall repeat that sentence;

Swami: First follow what all Swami has told today. Then Swami will always be with you

Source: http://in.groups.yahoo.com/group/SaiGroup-BombaySrinivasan/message/78

9th September 1991

(On this day, Swami graciously blessed the 1st year MBA boys with an interview. Bhagavan profusely delivered this sweet message, for almost two hours. Some extracts are furnished hereunder) 

Students: Where are we going Swami? (Destination)

Swami: You are going from hostel to the Institute, Institute to the Mandir, and back to the hostel, like a triangle! (Jokingly)

Swami: What is education?

Student: Concentration of mind.

Swami: Yes, concentration of mind. Not merely collection of facts. But all of you are collecting information.

Swami:  (Asking a question) What is man made up of? (He himself told) Hydrogen, Oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide. Trees are made up of three elements:  Oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide. Man exhales carbon dioxide and trees receive it and give oxygen to man. This is how balance is maintained. The sun is made up of hydrogen and helium. Hydrogen burns but helium does not. Both the gases are present together. How can hydrogen alone burn and not helium? There is balance existing between them. Who has created the gases there?

Scientists combine hydrogen and oxygen to prepare water. But who has created this hydrogen and oxygen? When you churn the ocean of milk, you first get poison and then comes Amarita. Similarly, when humanity is churned, you get vairagya. When you question yourself, “Am I the body?” you realize that the body is made up of flesh, blood, bones  urine, and feaces. Then you will get detachment. Though the body looks good on the side, it is dirty inside. Life is momentary.

Youth is like lightning; It does not last long

Desires are like passing clouds.

Beauty is like a flower that blossoms in the morning,

And dries up in the evening.

The other day when I asked you, ‘Who am I?’ and ‘who are you?’, nobody could answer. From dawn to dusk you say, ‘ my pant, my pencil etc.’ but who is this I, I, I? If you think you are the body – it is a water bubble. If you think you are the mind – it is a mad monkey. If you think you are the senses – sensual pleasures are momentary. Everything in the world is interplay of reaction, resound and reflection. Whatever the boys do, it will come back to them. Boys frequently say that Swami is like this and like that. But Swami is like pure mirror, reflecting whatever is in the front. You do Namaskar in front or the mirror. The image will do the same. If you show threatening gestures, it will show the same. What is the meaning of “Prathipal?”

Students: Reaction, Swami.

Swami: Correct. But people do no think about “KarmaPhal” !  Whatever you do will come back to you. Everyone comes alone in this world. You do not come even with a piece of cloth around you. While leaving, you do not even leave an address and go. Husband does not tell his wife his future address, mother does not tell the son etc. No one knows where he or she will go. It is only the good and bad alone that you do in this world that will follow you even after death. The Jeeva is like the reflection. Nature is the mirror that reflects the reality of God. Once you remove the reflection and the mirror, God alone will exist. What is bad?

Student: Swami, something that is not good.

Swami: hat is not good? See, I always tell ‘Help ever, Hurt never”. Shakuni is really ad. That was why he was finished in the end.

Source: http://in.groups.yahoo.com/group/SaiGroup-BombaySrinivasan/message/80


After the Interview session, Swami walked towards boys and gave one of the boys, a Camera. Turning to teachers, He said, “I had promised that I would him qa camera; I kept up my promise”.  Few days ago, he was using another boy’s camera. I told him, “You could have asked Me. I would  have given. Ask Me, I will give.”

Swami then went over to that boy and started explaining the mechanism behind the camera.
Subsequently He asked  that boy to take His photograph. Swami asked a boy sitting next, “Are you jealous?”  The boy replied, “No, Swami”. Swam said, “No? Not even half-a-teaspoon?” Swami asked another boy, “Are you jealous?” To which the boy replied-“No, Swami”.
Swami: “Why”?
Boy: “It is not good”.
Swami: “Yes, it is not good, yet many allow it to grow. Knowing, it is not good, they allow it to grow.”
(To another boy) “How many marks will you get?”
Boy: Swami, 75%
Swami: Chi! What about the rest, 25%? It means that you have spoilt 25% of your paper. It is like this – If  I give you 100 mangoes, and you say that only 60% of it is good, that means 40% of it is spoilt!
Teacher: Swami, boys did not have time.
Swami: What is there! It can be done very easily. “If your mind is in the market and book in front of your eyes, naturally nothing will go inside.  One should concentrate wholly on the point that he is reading.
Then everything becomes easy.
“When Swami was student, His teachers used to say – “Raju! You have written so well. Your paper deserves to get 100%, but the Government rules do not permit this. Hence we are forced to give only 99%. Left to ourselves we would have given you 500 out of 100.”
Swami concluded: “Such was Swami’s papers when He was a student”!


Swami: (to a teacher): “Today paper for First year MBA boys was difficult. Those who did B.Sc., and Engineering, it is difficult; but for B.Com boys it is easy because accounts is there. 3rd is the last examination – rural Development  (II year MBAS/MFM)- easy paper. Swami has spoken many times about it”

Teacher: Swami, How do you develop so much patience?
Swami (after a pause) “It is My nature”  “Today, I gave interview for Greek sports people. (Pointing to ta tall man in the group) He is a world champion in High Jump!”

Teacher: World No.3, Swami.
Swami: How do you know?
Teacher: I met him, Swami.
Swami: Yes. World No.3. In that group, one lady went to Moon!. One girl 3000 meters running champion. (Then Swami called the leader of the group). “See, how he is coming! Lot of devotion!
“From where you came?
Leader: From you Swami.
Swami: They came walking from Bangalore; each step chanting “Om Sri Bhagavan Sathya Sai Babaya Namaha”
Leader: Yes Swami.
Swami: For food, what you did?
Leader: Swami, we had banana and coconut water.
Swami: Luggage, how did you carry?
Leader: Swami, no luggage, only one small bed. In the nights we slept in temples.
Swami: So many sports people are coming from Greece.
Leader: In the newspapers, they write so much about you in Greece.
Swami: Nodding in approval.
Teacher: Ultimatley everybody has to come to you, Swami.
Swami: Yes.
Leader: Swami, Pada Namaskar?
Swami: Why Padanamaskar?
Leader: You are My Lord, Swami!
Swami: Chesko (do)
Tells him to go.
To boys: “See how much devotion, boys!”


Swami was speaking about operations in the Super Specialty Hospital and a Bypass surgery which took 5-1/2 hours to perform. Then Swami told that the Kuchipudi group old man, ( Dance troupe who performed "Bhama Kalapam") had also bypass surgery. He also mentioned that Singer Suresh Wadkar had a Bypass surgery. Everything was successful. Swami also spoke about Mr. Adekesavulu's hale and healthy condition after undergoing surgery. Swami mentioned that patients are not kept more than 7 days in Super Specialty hospital. They get all right within such a short time. Swami, then asked the boys: "Does anybody know to play Cricket?"

Immediately many hands went up. To a boy, He asked, Bat or Ball? Boy: Ball, Swami.

Swami demonstrated the bowling, arm action and said, "Everything stunt!" "They even rub the ball on the trousers, very bad."

The one V.I.P. said, "Swami, I want to stay here for ever"

Swami: Why?

Ist VIP: I am feeling good here.

Swami: You are feeling good here?

VIP: Yes, Swami. Even my wife wants to come here and stay here permanen5ly.
Swami: He is very famous in U.S.A. See His devotion. He has come from Italy and he wants to settle down here!


In the morning Swami was speaking to the SBMAF boys (School of Business Managements And Finance) Swami: "Today five minutes before I came to Hostel, you were practicing the group song. But it did not come out well. Bangalore boys sang it last time. After Darshan, while coming out, Swami was murmuring something something. He asked the boys: What I was telling?" Since nobody could answer, Swami repeated "Dunnapotha" thrice. (Dunopotha in telugu means Buffalo.)
Swami was discussing about the arrangements for the Unity Cup, Cricket match.
"Who took the flag last time?"

Nobody replied, then Swami called a boy and a teacher.

(To the teacher) "Prime Minister told that he will come for the match. He will come on the 29th. He will also hoist the flag. First Band boys will go, followed by 6 boys carrying the flag.
(To a boy) "Ask the boys to practice well."

(To the boys in general) "Did you all get the dress?"

Boys "Yes Swami"

Swami: I will give the ties on the 25th. It will be with the Cup symbol.

"60 cricketers are coming. Out of tem 30 are players and 30 are invitees, Retired players like Kapil Dev and Ravi Shastri are also coming.

"The cup is 5Ft. in height and it will come in a trolley, so that al can see. It costs Rs.1.00 crores.
Nobody has given such a cup. This will be in the evening.

Teacher: Swami, will it be telecasted in the T.V.?

Swami: It will be telecasted throughout the world. The telecast will also include pieces on Parthi. Each player will also get a silver cup costing Rs.20.000/-

It is not like an usual cup which can be kept only in the showcase. It will be like a bowl with one end f a bat and on the other end a ball, with a broad base.

They can use it for keeping fruits etc. There are 60 cups; 30 for players and 30 for invitees. Prime Minister will give the cups. Not Me.

Teacher: Swami, you had organized the match, l that itself is a great thing.

Swami: There are also 4 Pakistani players. They are good boys.

Yesterday, who served food for the other cricket match? (Some boys responded) They are very happy.

They were never treated so well anywhere before. On the match day, breakfast, lunch and also evening tea.

For breakfast, they will be given "Bajji & Bonda"

For lunch, lemon rise, vegetable rice, Chappathi, two curries, one sweet, and Ice cream. Light lunch, they will have to play. They will also be served tea in the evening. They can take the items themselves.

Boy: Swami, buffet type!

Swami: " What! Buffe, buffalo gaya, buffalo aaya"
Yesterday, (the other match) bowlers did not bowl with concentration. Ball was going this way and that way.

One should bowl with such a concentration that it should either hit the 3 stumps or batsman should hit it. Batsmen were also not playing properly.
Batsman, not badman.

"Who all play cricket here?"

A boy: Swami, I play cricket.

Swami: Only loading and unloading.

Another boy: Swami, I used to play before coming here.

Swami: That time young age, now old age. To play Cricket your body should be thin. What is "Deham?"

Boy: Body.

Swami: Not translation. But meaning. It is an instrument. It is a temple for God always, hence one should keep it fit, without any diseases. (Pointing to another boy) He takes good care of the body, not only now, before coming here also. Daily he keeps seeing himself in the mirror. He puts a bridge across the teeth also. But it is skin. Beauty is not in skin, but deep inside. Character is important.

Teacher: Swami, what is the difference between individual character, National character, and
Fundamental character?

Swami: One should take care of Individual character, because Fundamental and National Character are reflection, resound and reaction of Individual character.

Swami: Yesterday, I talked with the Cricket boys for 1- ½ hours on life and Cricket. They were very happy. I materialized a Omega watch for Laxman. He is a great player, but he does not get enough chances. Now he plays in small teas. Once he went to West Indies and South Africa, after that they dropped him. He is talented player. The same was the case with Kallicharan, after he went to South Africa. I also gave a diamond ring, not 3 diamond, but one diamond.

Swami: There is another boy, His name is Arun Kumar. I performed the marriage of his parents. When he was born, I named him, performed his initiation into the world of education (Akshra Abhyasam). He also studied in our college at Prashanthi Nilayam, where he took his B.Com degree. After tat he went out. He is the grandson of Venkatagiri Maharaja. The raja was a well-built man, 7ft. tall. He also used to play Cricket and polo (with a stick riding on the horse).

Ah! Horse Polo. He is very good in the game-Horse Polo. I took him once to forest. In the forest, (laughing) he had an urgent urge for a nature's call.

He went a little distance to attend to the call.

Suddenly a tiger came towards him fiercely and pounced on him. But he is very brave. He killed it by churning its two legs on a tree. That tiger's skin is the one, which is under the chair in Bhajan hall. I first refused it, because I did not like violence. But he prayed to Me to accept it as an expression of gratitude for saving him. In perfect contrast, his grandson is a weakling. (swami, with bent shoulders showed how he walks).

Swami to a boy: Khaya (Ate?)
Boy: Yes Swami.

Swami: Discourse, Khaya?
Boy: Yes Swami.

Swami: Digest Kiya? (Did you digest it?0
Boy: Yes Swami.

Swami: No, indigestion. Today, I talked too much,
1-1/2 hours.
Boys: No Swami.

Swami: Like teachers, I should also talk 45 minutes only. Anil Kumar, became tired. His translation was good, but he did not make use of words, which convey the correct meaning. Teachers have only bookish knowledge. Teachers were there, so I did not talk about some thing as which I talk with boys alone.

Swami discussed about one important point in the morning discourse after which Swami told in a fast manner, 'I saw a saw, such a saw I never saw, in a saw." The teacher could not understand it. Swami again repeated it in a slow pace. He stressed the last few words again. There are two more puzzling sentences which begin with - Ta-Akara and Ma-Akara. Everybody was eagerly waiting for Swami's words. However, Swami turned away with a smile, saying, "not now!"

Swami, calling a boy: "You were talking in the room about Swami's morning discourse. You were discussing Swami's choice of words and its usage. (And to the boys in general) "Who are the band boys here?" (Some boys knelt down) You are very slow; you should walk fast and brisk. You
should have the spirit of the match. No slow tunes. Play fast ones. Practice well for the performance on Match day. Who is your leader?

Swami, (elongated the word m-a-s-t-e-r) Band master, Practice well, band boys will follow the flag.

20-12-1997 - Cricket Unity Cup

Preparations were going on for the Unit Cup Cricket match, which Swami was organizing at Puttaparthi. Players, from India, Pakistan, Message from Bombay Srinivasan

Sri Lanka, England, and other countries were expected to participate. Swami used to talk to students about the match arrangements.

Swami" What is news? Boys need not go in front and back of the Unity Flag (Big flag), with other flags. 100 country flags will be there. India's flag will be the first, followed by all country flags like
Pakistan, West Indies etc. Last, in front of the car, our Institute flag.

Teacher: Very nice Swami. This type of thing will not be there anywhere in the world.
Swami: Yes, yes. All the boys with flags will go first. Then Prime Minster will hoist the flag.

Teacher: Institute flag, Swami?
Swami: No, no. It will be too small. He will hoist the world flag. (Unity flag). Every nation's flag will be represented on it with AUM in the middle.

Teacher: You, Swami?
Swami: I will light the Jyothi. One boy will take it to the hill and he will light it to the bird. It will slowly move up. Once the Jyothi is lighted the game will start. To the wick of the torch, put some camphor so that it will glow brightly. Everywhere they give shake hand and start; but here it is something special.

Teacher: Big cup, Swami.
Swami: Yes, yes. 5'Cup. It will be brought by four boys in a trolley. It is very heavy. It cannot be lifted. It weighs 20 kgs. Pure gold.

Teacher; 1 Crores, Swami! (Rs.10 millions)
Swami: Yes, yes.

Teacher: Individual cup, Swami?
Swami: Yes, yes. Each player one Cup. 1 Kg. of silver. Round cup, one side ball, one side bat. We can keep fruits on it. It can be used in daily life. Outside they give plate on which they write. After somedays it becomes copper. This is pure silver, pure gold.

Teacher: It will be a remembrance!
Swami: Yes, yes. They will remember.

Teacher: This stadium is very special from other stadiums.
Swami: Yes, yes. All sides, natural hills. It is like a natural fort. Eighty member crew from world T.V are coming along with 18 cameras. At hill top - one camera, others will be positioned at different places. Whole world will see.

Teacher: Whole world is going to receive Your Grace.
Swami: Happy, happy. Players will be accommodated in Shanthi Bhavan, since they should know about the Mandir. Who are the six flag boys? (The concerned boys came). You should hold the flag and when the "tap" sound comes, bend the flag. Who are the fifty boys carrying the flags? (Some boys kneel down). Fifty boys from Brindavan and fifty boys from Prashanthi Nilayam. Boys should be arranged height-wise.

Teacher: Swami, it is written in Suka Naadi that Avatar will hoist the Sarvadharma flag; and that will be the turning point for the unity of the world.
Swami: Time has come; time has come. Yes, in Suka Naadi it is there, in Sukha Naadi it is there.

Sai Ram

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