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  Anil Kumar Questions and Answers

Those are the question put to Prof. Anil Kumar and answer by him.So please before sending any question read the introduction and make sure that your question is not yet answer.


Why was Rama commanded to spend 14 years in exile? (09.02.2003)


It seems Swami said another prayer: “Annam Brahmaa, Raso Vishnu, Bhoktho Devo Maheswara.” The question is this: Shall I say “Brahmaarpanam Brahmahavihi” before eating food, or shall I say, “Annam Brahmaa, Raso Vishnu, Bhoktho Devo Maheswara” -- this prayer or that prayer? (09.02.03)


Why doesn’t Bhagavan cure Himself? (02.02.2003)


How do we know that we are realised? (02.02.2003)


When He separated Himself from Himself into many, was there any reduction in bliss? Was His bliss reduced? Is His bliss now divided, separated? Does He experience less bliss? (02.02.2003)


Before He took a body, was Bhagavan aware of bliss and Love to the same extent that He is now? (02.02.2003)


Does spiritual evolution continue after death? (19.01.2003)


We have very little time to work in the organisation. Baba, with all His compassion, is accelerating everybody’s karma. Please clarify. (19.01.2003)


There are many people who claim that they are the reincarnation of Jesus.” (Laughter) “Shall we follow him? (19.01.2003)


How do you view depression in a civilised world? (19.01.2003)


How do we deal with rebirth or reincarnation? How does it reconcile with Adwaitha? What exactly is rebirth, if only God exists? (19.01.2003)


How should youngsters behave, particularly when they are overwhelmed by images and news? How should they behave? (19.01.2003)


How can you pray with absolute faith when you have to sacrifice? Abraham had to sacrifice his son. Abraham had to kill his son, as per the command of God. Abraham was called by God and commanded to sacrifice his son. When I have such a costly sacrifice, how can I pray to God? (12.01.2003)


What do you mean by transformation? Does it mean controlling the senses or eliminating the ego? When there is Reality inside, what do you mean by transformation? (12.01.2003)


God is goodness. God is full of values, while man in contrast has no values. Man is brutal. He’s horrible. He’s crazy. What shall I do now? (12.01.2003)


Bhagavan Buddha left his family. But wasn’t it His duty to take care of His family? Is it justifiable that He left his child and wife like that? (12.01.2003)


What does Bhagavan say about telepathy? Some people are gifted with telepath. What does Bhagavan say? (12.01.2003)


As the day in the Kali Yuga is 24 hours, what was the duration of the day in the Dwapara Yuga, or even before in the Thretha Yuga? (05.01.2003)


Is there any evidence of life on any other planet? (05.01.2003)


Why does God come so infrequently? Why only every 500 years or 1000 years? Why not regularly, like a train? Why not? (Laughter) Had He been here throughout, arriving year-after-year, then all our weaknesses could have been prevented and we would never run away from the path of righteousness -- we’d never run astray. God could control us if He appeared frequently and regularly. It would make His job lighter and easier. (05.01.2003)


There are so many ages like the Thretha Yuga, Dwapara Yuga and Kali Yuga. Are they different periods of earth’s evolution, or are they something different? (05.01.2003)


Why man? Why are we here? Why are we created? (05.01.2003)


What is known about the Golden Age that Swami often talks about? When will it begin? (05.01.2003)


Why should I have the goal of liberation or Self-realisation? After all, why? What is the harm if I am reborn? What is the harm if I'm to die again? Why not? Then in this birth, I can enjoy life. In liberation, where is the enjoyment because you are one with God? (05.01.2003)


What is the harm in killing an animal? Because, when you pick a fruit, you’re also killing it. By picking the fruit, the plant becomes handicapped. Doesn’t the plant suffer pain? So, this is pain and that is pain. So, what’s the difference? (05.01.2003)


What is vegetarianism? Is it really eating leaves and tubers, or something more? (05.01.2003)


Is there any significance behind Rama being sent into exile for fourteen years? Why fourteen years? Why not thirteen? Why not fifteen, why? (Laughter) What is so special about this number? (05.01.2003)


Are grace and blessings temporary or do they evaporate after a period of time or after certain actions? (15.12.2002)


What is the difference between ‘grace’ and ‘blessings’? (15.12.2002)


Why do we need to say a manthra repeatedly? (15.12.2002)


Why do we have to go through this or any life to get Self-realization? Why didn’t we arrive already Self-realized? Have you found anyone who is? Also, once you have blessed something, or asked for something, or chanted a manthra, why do we have to do it over and over again?  (15.12.2002)


We have many cockroaches moving around our house at night, creating not only a health hazard, but also scaring us out of our wits at times. Can you please advise us how to treat these creatures? How do we treat these invaders with love? (Laughter) (15.12.2002)


What is the primordial factor that decides one’s gender in this birth? Why are you a man? How can you afford to be a woman? (Laughter) So the question here is what decides the gender in each life. Is it because of our past lives? (15.12.2002)


What are the steps that I should take to merge in Him? (08.12.2002)


Can I see Baba in different forms? (08.12.2002)


I am a teacher of yoga. I know God is One. But do you think all the people I see are false? Do you think it’s all maya, illusion? Do you think they don’t exist? Do you say it is all a dream? (08.12.2002)


The husband is very much interested in Baba, but the wife is not. The wife is an obstacle. So, what should the husband do? He also has given three alternatives: (Laughter) One -- should he get divorced from his wife? Number two -- should he continue along the spiritual path? Number three -- should he give up the spiritual path? (Laughter) These are the alternatives – maybe it is like a multiple-choice question. (Laughter) (08.12.2002)


What shall I do to dine with Bhagavan? To sleep in the room very close to His bedroom? (Laughter) To go with Him in His car? To have a peaceful end of life, like His mother and grandfather had? (08.12.2002)


Karma, is it individual? Are countries also bound by karma? (08.12.2002)


“You said, (he meant me) “the very Darshan of Bhagavan will clear you of your karma. But I'm still suffering from my karma. Has not my karma been cleared?” (Laughter) (08.12.2002)


What is The Significance Of New Moon And Full Moon? (08.12.2002)


What Is The Origin Of The Mind? (08.12.2002)


What does Swami have to say about friends and the role they have to play in our life? (03.11.2002)


Your whole life is a sacrifice, is it true? Does God really want us to be such martyrs? (03.11.2002)


How is it possible to lose a desire but not shut down the heart? (03.11.2002)


I still have desires. What to do? (03.11.2002)


When does the Atma leave the body? What happens to the Atma after death? (03.11.2002)


In a family situation, if the parent has done wrong, will the child suffer the bad karma, resulting in the death of the child? (03.11.2002)


Is it bad karma to change from one religion to the other? (03.11.2002)


Does the Atma have a religion? (03.11.2002)


Why do some children die at a young age? (03.11.2002)


Would Baba come along with me on my morning walk? (03.11.2002)


What Is ‘Bad Company’? (27.10.2002)


Why Should I Suffer Now From Previous Karma? (27.10.2002)


Are Baba and Jesus the Same? (27.10.2002)


Will He Take Care of Us Now? (22.09.2002)


Do We Have Free Will or Not? (22.09.2002)

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