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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Miracles

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Louix Dor Dempriey (Bhagavan Sri Pranananda) at Sri Ranga Patna Orphanage
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Vibhuti forming on a photograph of Sai Baba


Miracles at Sri Ranga Patna orphanage in Mysore, India

The Sri Ranga Patna orphanage, founded in 1984, is located on the Mysore - Bangalore road, some 15 km. north of the city of Mysore, India. The orphanage can be reached in six hours by taxi from Prashanti Nilayam, Sai Baba's main ashram. A man named Halagappa has devoted his life to selflessly serving the fifty orphaned children that reside in the humble residence. Supported only by donations and a dedicated staff, this orphanage clothes, feeds, teaches, and cares for these children. A small temple or shrine is part of the orphange. Many of the photographs of Sai Baba materialize vibhuti in this temple. The temple house some amulets available for all to see, which hold and experience the continuous flow of Amritha (sacred nectar). Amritha is being continuously manifested from those amulets which carry pictures of Sathya Sai Baba and Shirdi Sai Baba, and which were blessed by Sathya Sai Baba more than 30 years ago (immediately after which they began manifesting Amritha).


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In an orphanage in South India, there is an ongoing miracle pertaining to two thumb-nail sized slivers of porcelain, one bearing the likeness of Sathya Sai Baba, the second depicting Shirdi Sai Baba.  Given to the manager of the orphanage by Sai Baba over twenty years ago, they have been miraculously oozing amrit (a honey-like jasmine nectar) ever since.  I decided to visit the place, and see the famous miracle for myself.  The manager of the orphanage scooped one of the amulets out of a dish with a spoon, and put it in the palm of my right hand.  It was nothing but a thin piece of porcelain with Baba?s face painted on it - there was no place for any mechanism to hide.  I watched like a hawk as a few drops of amrit trickled from the amulet into my palm - but this meant nothing, it had just been sitting in a dish of amrit.  Yet amrit continued trickling from it until my palm was full, and with the spoon, the manager scooped the amrit from that hand and poured it into my left palm.  As amrit continued to trickle from the amulet over a period of several minutes, he repeated this procedure four times, until finally my left hand was overflowing with amrit - and the amrit was still trickling into my right palm!  Even the most adamant skeptic, witnessing what I saw that day, would have to admit it was a miracle.  (I tasted the nectar: it?s definitely not of this world!)

Source: http://www.saibaba-aclearview.com/contents2.htm

In six hours by taxi from Prashanti Nilayam, Sai Baba's main ashram, one can find a temple dedicated to Sai Baba which has a number of ongoing miracles.
The small temple or shrine is part of an orphange, called Halighapa's, near the city of Mysore. Many of the photographs of Sai Baba materialize vibhuti in this temple. The photograph you see here is about two feet wide and three feet high, or slightly smaller. Vibhuti forms all day long on the glass covering Sai Baba's picture. The caretaker of the temple scrapes off the vibhuti covering Sai Baba's face. Otherwise, one could see nothing of the photograph at all.

This is an amazing sight as the vibhuti forms large, fluffy clumps and then falls off the photograph. Like all vibhuti, whether materialized out of Sai Baba's hands, formed on photographs, or even on the walls of houses, one can use it for healing purposes, or to deepen one's spiritual connection . It is quite amazing to see vibhuti forming on a glass, as this ash is very fine, and one couldn't stick it to a photograph or the glass covering it no matter how hard you tried. Yet it forms in large clumps that may grow to be a quarter of an inch deep before the weight causes the vibhuti to tumble to the ground.

All over the world, photographs have been materializing vibhuti for at least several decades. Such happenings appear to be rare in the United States, although they do occur. In the Far East, miracles are a way of life. They are not entirely unexpected. In the West, we tend toward hysteria in the face of miracles, and a photograph like this one is usually kept quiet so that the media does not turn this spiritual event into a circus.

Now, let's revisit the orphanage. There is another miracle that occurs there. There is a small metal medallion with a photograph of Sathya Sai Baba on one side and that of Shirdi Sai Baba on the other. This medallion is about a half inch long (1.1 centimeters) and less than an eighth of an inch thick.

Many, including Dr. Gersten, have had the following experience. The caretaker of the temple places the medallion in the palm of your hand, but not directly in the palm. Often it is placed at the base of the thumb. After a few seconds, the medallion begins pumping out amrit, a liquid known as nectar of the Gods. The amrit keeps pouring out of the medallion, pouring out volumes of liquid many times the volume of the medallion itself. Because the medallion materializes amrit all day long, the caretaker puts it in bottles, and then gives it away to anyone visiting this small shrine.

There is no way to describe amrit. It has a fragrance that is intoxicating. It tastes sweet, like a combination of honey and the scent of jasmine or gardenias. But there truly is nothing in the world to compare it with. Drinking this nectar of the Gods leaves one feeling profoundly peaceful and uplifted.

- Dennis Gersten

Source: http://www.saibabamiracles.com/baba/picture.frame.htm

April 29, 2004

Sai Ram Brother Jatindar
My humble pranams at His lotus feet.

The Mandir you are talking about, is it the one, between B'lore and Mysore, it is an orphanage - where Baba's pictures are filled with vibuthi and there is constant amrit flowing from 2 pendants of Shirdi Baba and Sathya Sai Baba?  If it is, we were there on our way back from Prashanti, we were there on the 8th Sept. 2003.  It was absolutely beautiful, we were all emotional................

Jai Sai Ram


April 29, 2004

Sai Ram Manju...
The temple you are talking about is surely the orphanage between Bangalore and Mysore (close to Mysore)...I had the marvellous opportunity to be there twice.

The place is under the care of a lovely man our Swami has deeply transformed... by giving him the opportunity of taking care of such a place, which he does in a beautiful way.

If I remember well, a long time ago, this man used to steal food for his family because he was extremely poor but he is also a beautiful heart devoted to the Lord. Swami materialised two little medals, (one with Shirdi Baba the other one with Sathya Sai Baba) and told him that he would no longer need to do that. They certainly have changed his life. He is in charge of the beautiful place dedicated to the 3 incarnations of our Bhagavan.

The medals produce amrit constantly.... We sat and prayed in the Temple in front of a beautiful altar.
Pictures of Swami (Shirdi and Sathya) filled with vibhuti which comes back when the man takes some to give it to the visitors, a Lingam that has been materiased by Swami.

The two medals were put in our hands, to each one of us,we were five, and the amrit was pouring from them. We drank the nectar, you will easily imagine the bliss we were in ! After that, the man (sorry I do not have his name, I am sure somebody in the group will provide it) filled the little take away bottles we had brought with us in order to share it with others and gave us vibbhuti which he took directly from the pictures where is was materialised.

We meditated amongst the photographs and pictures of our 3 Babas and we went outside, in the garden between the Temple and the river to pray near a statue of Shirdi Sai's feet which, incredibly, constantly diffuses a miraculous perfume of jasmine in the open air...

We stayed with the children of the orphanage for a while and took a few pictures, then we left some money that we thought was right because that is how the man of the Temple takes care of the place and of the children and we left with joy and bliss in our hearts...and took the taxi to Puttaparthi.

Love and Blessings to you all
OM Sri Sai Ram


April 29, 2004

Sairam Brothers and Sisters,
With reference to the above mentioned place. I have few details to share.

The place is known as Algappa's place. and the history (As described to be by some devotees out there- I do not know the truth of this story) goes as under :

Early 1900's Algappa Senior was notorious as a Dacoit and it is said that he used to rob people of their goods.Most of people robbed were people going to Shirdi. and were his devotees.

It was at this stage that Shirdi Baba appeared in person and asked algappa to stop this practise of robbing. Algappa, had asked Baba , if he were to give up his profession of robbing, who would take care of his family and feed him. For, which Baba assured him that he would take care of all his needs and wants.

Algappa , accordingly gave up his profession of robbing and started other means of livelyhood and Shirdi Baba in recognition of his devotion had blessed him with a Physical Darshan in 1960's many years after his Mhasamadhi.

Algappa, had installed "Paduka's" at the point where Baba had given darshan. Now, whats great is , One could experience a sweet smell as one would experience , with Swami's Amruth emiting from the Paduka's.

Other point is , Algappa's son Algappa Jr., had started an Orphanage and Swami had promised his help in maintainace of this good deed. So, he had materialised a small icon with his picture and Shirdi Baba's pictures on both the sides.

Whats wonderful is that "Amrut" has been pouring out of this icon continiously since the time it was given. U can visit the bhajan hall , where once could see many swami's photographs covered with Vibhuthi.

I really felt blessed when I got an oppurtunity to hold the icon in my hand. Whats even more wonderful is ,Amrut would flow from the icon in to the depression in your plam and stop just when it has reached the brim. When you remove the amrut , it starts flowing all over again.

Amrut and Vibhuthi are distributed to all the devotees who visit the place. One can make a Donation , which are accepted for the welfare of the orphans.

This place is 14 km from Mysore and is on the Bangalore-Mysore Road. One can identify this place by the Huge portrait of Swami , which is on the roof or better , just ask any one as you cross Srirangapatnam towards Mysore and they will direct you.



April 29, 2004

See above photographs:
Halagappa1 - 521 X 800 - 73 KB
Halagappa2 - 800 X 515 - 49 KB
Halagappa3 - 551 X 800 - 63 KB

Attached are three photographs from inside Halagappa's Mandir.

I received them from a good and reliable friend, who witnessed the flow of amrit from this pendant - placed on the palm of a cupped hand.

You can see the medallion on one of the photos on the palm of agentleman's right hand - it is hardly more than 1cm in diameter (the solution is better in the original photo than in the scanned one - sorry)

Another photo shows a huge lingam placed in front of a photo showing BABA's eyes

The third one shows Mr Halagappa harvesting vibhuti from a photo

best regards


July 9, 2000

I also have seen vibhuti and amrit manifest as I watched. In Srirangapatna, I had lockets in the palm of my hand produce unending copious amounts of amrit. One tiny locket filled a glass below my hand. I have seen the same thing elsewhere as well, where there is no room for trickery. Whether some of the manifestations are real or apports is really irrelevant. The biggest miracles are in the transformation of His devotees, I am an example, He took me off alcohol and introduced me to meditation and Vedanta, I am a huge sceptic. Unfortunately to a legal or critical eye, none of
the accusations stand up, they are all hearsay. What about the 'wishfulfilling tree', at Prashanti that produced all kinds of different fruit. Also to a man who has produced a living breathing monkey in front of witnesses in the interview room. Anything is possible.



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