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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Miracles

  The Amrit-Oozing Amulets

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[Copyright 2001. Dated August 2001.
This material may be downloaded, reproduced and distributed freely, as long as the source is clearly attributed.]

By R. D. Awle

In an orphanage in South India, there is an ongoing miracle pertaining to two thumb-nail sized slivers of porcelain, one bearing the likeness of Sathya Sai Baba, the second depicting Shirdi Sai Baba.  Given to the manager of the orphanage by Sai Baba over twenty years ago, they have been miraculously oozing amrit (a honey-like jasmine nectar) ever since.  I decided to visit the place, and see the famous miracle for myself.  The manager of the orphanage scooped one of the amulets out of a dish with a spoon, and put it in the palm of my right hand.  It was nothing but a thin piece of porcelain with Babaís face painted on it - there was no place for any mechanism to hide.  I watched like a hawk as a few drops of amrit trickled from the amulet into my palm - but this meant nothing, it had just been sitting in a dish of amrit.  Yet amrit continued trickling from it until my palm was full, and with the spoon, the manager scooped the amrit from that hand and poured it into my left palm.  As amrit continued to trickle from the amulet over a period of several minutes, he repeated this procedure four times, until finally my left hand was overflowing with amrit - and the amrit was still trickling into my right palm!  Even the most adamant skeptic, witnessing what I saw that day, would have to admit it was a miracle.  (I tasted the nectar: itís definitely not of this world!)

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