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Sai Baba. The life breath of every soul



Volumes of literature have been written by various authors to sing the glory of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and to prove His Avatarhood, and to make people understand the purpose of His mission for taking this human form.

I am only trying to add a few drops in the infinite ocean of His love and pray to Him right from the bottom of my heart to accept this humble offering as a token of my deep dedication and yearning for the touch of His Lotus Feet, and to bless me with an inner view, so that I am able to understand and put into practice His teachings and His commandments.

Baba is an avatar of love. He has graciously taken this human form, for the sake of the seekers of the truth. Year after Year, and from one yuga to another yuga, the saints and sages had been earnestly praying to the Almighty God to descend from His heavenly abode and take a human form. In answer to their prayers and for the sake of the yearning of His devotees and to bring Dharma back to its prime position, the God out of His love and compassion has obliged. How fortunate we all human beings are, to be alive and living at the time when the Avatar Himself is moving in a human body while we can keep a personal rapport with Him and receive the benefit of His Darshan (Glimpse), Sparshan (Touch) and Sambhashan (Speech). Baba has openly declared, "I separated Myself from Myself so that I may love Myself". He further declares, "My life is my message", and He strictly and rigidly lives up to it - a complete synchronisation of thought, word and deed. He further proclaims that He is an Avatar of all the Avatars.

I am one of the most fortunate devotees to be in the constant touch and under the protection of Bhagavan Baba. My previous book "Thy Will Be Done" which I was able to write through His grace and blessings, and published in 1991 and reprinted in 1997, is the true confession of my association with Baba and the blessings which He has been showering upon me. Now this sudden desire to write another book "Baba: The Life Breath Of Every Soul" is piercing me from inside. Swami, I need your guidance and help and, if You so desire, please bless me, inspire me and motivate me, so that I am able to write this book. This would be one more rose, humbly offered at Your Lotus Feet by this devotee of Yours, who has totally surrendered unto You and is ready to use the remaining span of his humble life in the service of humanity. Please bless me, oh! The Avatar of Love and Compassion.

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