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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Articles


Sai Baba. The life breath of every soul

The entire articles on Bhagavan Baba has been contributed by Chandur D Mirchandani  which has been extracted from his book


This book is dedicated, to The Lotus Feet of, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Without whose Blessings this devotee would not have found Godís love Divine.

The hand is mine, the guidance is His,
The pen is mine, the writing is His,
The mind is mine, the motivation is His,
In fact, nothing is mine, but everything is His.


People cannot stand the Lord in superhuman form. It is only when the Lord comes in the human body that people are able to approach Him and learn to love Him even a little bit. But one should not make the mistake of thinking that is all there is to the Lord. For instance, the aeroplane flying high in the sky descends to the airport. But one should not think that the plane is the ground machine because one sees it on the ground. Once it has taken on its load of passengers, it can zoom up high in the sky. In like fashion, although the Lord has made a landing here on the Earth, so to speak, He is not limited by His human form.

  --- BABA---


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