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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Teachings

  Energy, matter and divine power

Article by Dr. Reet Priiman

Light and Love
    It is Advent time, a holy time for to look within and to contemplate with the Divine. Swami's Teaching helps to find Divine within and in everybody and everywhere. Swami's Teaching helps to create the spiritual outlook in accordance with ancient and modern science. Swami's Teaching is as a conversation with the Divine, source of energy and inspiration. Swami's Teaching as His real Cosmic Darshan directed to the spiritual growth of a person. Swami's Teaching is not only collection of information, knowledge, but also the source of direct Divine energy.
    Swami's devotees and followers may obtain the skill to move closer and closer to Swami spiritually, also through His Teaching that to spread His Teaching to the wide circle of peoples in all countries of the world. To bring devotees closer to Swami's Teaching and It's practical experiences, several days ago  I began to send short extracts and compilations from His books and discourses under heading 'Swami teaches...'  I try to send such mails every day one...as long as they are welcome for the group members.
    Near to it are also TFTD and other short quotations. They are welcome as pinpointers towards the more long study and inner contemplation moments from His Works.
    Today our Swami's followers asked me what is the difference between Jesus Christ and Swami? I answered that Christ was Avatar of the Earth but Swami is Avatar of the Wholeness. Christ taught to the human beings through power of His personality to obtain awareness to practice energy of unselfish Love on planet's level.  Swami Himself embodies energy of Love at Cosmic level and teaches humanity to obtain the awareness that all are Children of the Divine and can continue the actions of Christ on the Earth as gods. The conclusion from His Works that the principle of Divine Love is closely connected with Divine Light as an inner illumination, Cosmic Order and Harmony as in the Universe, so in a human's mind. All is the same Divine Atman.
    The both Great avatars have the same 'duty' only in different levels (planetary and cosmic level) to lead the spiritual evolution (development) of humanity in purpose to enlarge the Divine power of Love as Principle of universal Creation through Light, Harmony and Order. 
    Energy, matter and divine power
    "Scientists know that energy, which is infinite and unfathomable, can be neither created nor destroyed. Since time immemorial, man has been investigating the nature of this energy.
They have come to the conclusion that the whole world is based on psychotronic power, which is also termed bioplasmic power. This is present in every cell and every vein of the human body. Human mind cannot comprehend the nature of this power. This power is also called ajnatha S\shakti, that which is not known. All these powers are not visible to the naked eye.
    It was this power that enabled mother Sita to lift the mighty Siva Dhanush (bow of Siva) with her little finger. It was then that king Janaka decided to give his daughter in marriage to one who was equally powerful. Sage Viswamitra, who had understood the intimate relationship that exists between Divinity and transcendental power, took Lord Rama to Mithilapura and solemnised the marriage.
    Whatever appears as matter also becomes energy. Very often, scientists refer to the two terms ?matter and energy? but truly only energy exists. Whatever appears as matter also becomes energy in due course of time. None can describe the glory and grandeur of this transcendental power.
    "Yatho vacho nivarthanthe apraapya manasa saha (this energy is beyond the comprehension of the mind and description by words).? This transcends the powers of body, mind, and intellect.
    Who has created this power? Under whose control does this power lie? In whose hands does this power exist? Who can manifest these powers and prove their existence? Manifestation of these powers can bring about a divine transformation in the hearts of men. Swami wants that such changes should take place from now onward. It is impossible to say when, where, and how this power will manifest itself. Merely listening to the glory of this power may not evoke interest in you. You will understand only when you experience it. This is the super-human divine power. Very soon you are going to witness it."
(Extracts from: Sathya Sai Speaks, Volume 32 part 2, pp. 86- 87).
    Namaste - Reet


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