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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Teachings

  God by itself has no form

     God by itself has no form. But people mould it in the shape of a ring or a chain, thereby giving it a form. Likewise, many forms are attributed to the formless Divinity. Divinity is pure, immortal, attributeless, formless, ancient and eternal. But people worship a form for their own satisfaction. That is why God incarnates. He is the creator, sustainer and destroyer. But you think different gods exist for creation, sustenance and destruction. They are all like ministers of God. Everything is under His control. So, when you offer something to God, it amounts to offering to all gods.

     Formless God can be visualised in the form of all beings. He is the Reality and all the forms are His reflections. One is Paraksha (indirect experience). In fact, there is only One, not two. But it appears to be two. You may find the projection of earthquakes, floods and volcano eruptions on the cinema screen but the screen is unaffected by all this. You may find a river on the screen but the screen does not get wet. Likewise, all the multiplicity appears only to the external vision: the Illumination mind sees only oneness. That oneness is the Divine power. It is present in one and all. You search for God in various places as you are unable to understand this truth. To know this truth, love all. Then you can visualise the unity in diversity and vice-versa. God declared Mamaivamsho Jeevaloke Jeevabhuta Sanathana (the external Atma in all beings is part of My Being). Do not get deluded by the differences in physical form. Treat everyone alike. Consider all that you see as your own reflection. When you cultivate this feeling of oneness, you will attain the level of Illumination mind. When you are at the level of Super mind, you think that you are different form others. This is dualism. It is said, "A man with dual mind is half blind." Gradually go up to the Higher mind where you will understand your true nature. Then you reach Illumination mind. Once you experience this unity in totality, you attain Over mind. That is your goal. That is everything for you. All the spiritual practices are meant to attain this goal. Practices that are done with physical body cannot improve the state of mind. What is essential is the purity of mind.

      The Anantapur College Girls came to Me and said, "Swami, boys are going to each and every house in the village distributing food packets. Once we finish packing the food, we have no other work. Please give us some work. I told them to go to the villages, clean the temples and whitewash them. Body itself is the temple of God. When you whitewash the temples outside, think that you are painting the temple of body with love.

      God assumes human form to serve and sustain humanity. I am your servant not the master. Understand this truth. I come to you, wherever you are seated, to give Darshan, I never say that you should come to Me. It is said, God always stand sat the entrance of your Puja room ready to give whatever you ask for. God is always ready to grant the wishes of His devotees. God renders service to man, so that He may serve his fellow beings.

      No visit to any pilgrim centre, no penance, no Yogic practice will help you in crossing over the ocean of Samsara other than the service rendered to the noble.

(Excerpts from Swami's Discuorse: Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. "Wings for the flight to the Divine - Love and Service" 20 November 2000, Prasanthi Nilayam). 

     How can one contemplate on God with an invisible form? What is the use of such contemplation? Divinity is the very life breath that can be perceived and heard. How can one recognise and experience the sound of this Divine breath? The Upanishads have given the names of "Brahman" and "Atma" for this invisible Divine breath in human beings. The body is living, as long as the life breath emanates from the body. Mind is made up of sankalpa (resolution) and vikalpa (negation or dissolution). This is the Vishnu Principle. What is the root cause for this Brahma Principle? That which attracts the sound (sabda).

     The allpervading sound of the sruthis is constantly in us, with us and is part of us. When you hear the sound of the manthras, you feel very happy, even though you are not able to understand their meanings. There may be several meanings for the words in these manthras. But, the very sound emerging from the chanting of these manthras will make you happy.

      In order to understand the nature of Divinity (Paramatma), we must engage our mind in the contemplation of the Transcendental Principle (Parathathwa). Where does the mind come from? It comes from the sankalpa (resolve) and vikalpa (negation or dissolution). They in turn come from the nature of sabda (sound). Sound is the real Brahma Thathwa (the Principle of Brahma).

(Excerpts from Swami's Discuorse: Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. "Soham -The Right Sadhana" 12 Oct. 2002, Prasanthi Nilayam).

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