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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Teachings

  Sai Baba's Quotations on Womanhood

Women has been extolled in ancient Scriptures as well as classical poetry as Grihalaxmi the Goddess of prosperity in the home. She is Dharmapathni who accompanies the husband in the fulfilment of the duties  and rights of wedded life as a house holder.

The mother is the pillar of the home,of society, of the nature and so of humanity itself.Mothers must know the secret of mental peace,of inner silence,of spiritual courage, of contentment, which is the greatest wealth and of adhyatmic discipline, which gives lasting joy!

Abala does not mean lack of physical or mental strength. The wife can veritably make the home of her husband a temple, a school,a Council-Chamber or a hermitage.

Maharanis watch the world from inner apartments of the palace through interstices in the walls or enclosure. They can see but they are safe from 'other eyes'.That is the highest Stridharma as laid down in the Sasthras! you should not be seen or talked about.You must be away from public gaze.You must be silent invisible partners and inspires and teachers.  

Women are the mothers of the coming generation.They are the teachers of that generation during the first five years of life! The mother is the first of the five Mathas (mothers) that the Indian child encounters!

1) Deha Matha: The mother that gives birth to this body.
2) Go-Matha: The cow that gives sustaining milk.
3) Bhoo-Matha: The land that grows crops which feed the body.
4) Desa-Matha: The native Country mother land,that gives protection,love,rights and chances to   serve and elevate oneself to one's full height.
5) Veda-matha:  The heritage of spiritual treasure,that reveals the aim and purpose of human life and takes one,step by step towards the goal of self realisation.

Women are the makers of the home,the nation and the world. You are the mothers who shape the generation. So you must enshrine in your hearts the spiritual urge towards light and love, Wisdom and Bliss!

Instruct the women of the village in the basic principles of child health,chile-care and child training.When health fails, people become despondent and even desperate. When health prevails, vitality pervades both mind and body.By the process of loving service, you can become the promoters of much joy.Do not consider any act of
service as demeaning!

Modesty and devotion to God are real jewels for woman kind. The feminine is the foundation on which a peaceful and happy world is to be raised. When women are true,brave, kind and compassionate the World can have an era of peace and joy!

Woman is not meant to surpass man nor to be trampled under foot. She should stand as his equal not merely to nurse him but also as his companion in his joys and sorrows in life! People call women weak.Do not believe it.Having all these strong points in your favour, intelligence, discipline, spiritual capacity,consciousness of others excellences, awareness of ones faults, eagerness to improve your self.How can you be called weak? You are the leaders!

A woman has to maintain her house,she is not only the house wife but on her,depends the glory of the whole Country ! That is why we say "This is our mother land".It is in this spirit we refer to our country as BHARATHA MATHA.We also find that women are given the first position when they are associated with their counter parts as in Sita Rama,Lakshmi Narayana, Radha Krishna, Parvathi Parameshwara!

Mother hood is the most precious gift of God.Mothers are the makers of a nation's fortune or misfortune,for they shape the sinews of its soul.Those sinews are toughened by two lessons, they should teach fear of sin and fondness for virtue. As the mother, so the progress of the nation. As the mother, so the sweetness of

India had many great women whose virtue and wisdom extolled through the centuries.Sitha, Savithri, Gargi, Anasuya, Dhamayanthi, are women who are installed in the hearts of millions of people who worship them;they draw inspiration from them when confronted with calamity and crisis. They were full of unsullied love towards all who suffered. They were ready to serve the poor and distressed;they were so steady in their faith in God,that they put up with the direst misery in joy ful submission to His will.

Respect for women is a sign of real culture

"The centre of every home must be the shrine room!" the fragrance of flower and incense, emanating from this must pervade the home and purify it.The mother must set the example in holding out the shrine as the heart of the house hold! She must enforce discipline over the children in personal cleanliness in humility and hospitality, in good manners and acts of service.

Mothers of those days were women of great piety and noble character.They practiced virtue and set an example to the children! only from the wombs of such noble women were born sons of high character!

If mothers take care of the homes on right lines they will be protecting the nation.Mothers should foster in the children, love for truth,righteousness and tell them stories about the lives of greatmen and women.In old times elders used to tell the young children ,all about the nation's great heroes and saints. Where are such elders today?

In this phenomenal world whatever pleasures and satisfactions one may derive elsewhere, if there is no joy at home, it becomes a veritable hell. The home is heaven itself.It is the duty of women to maintain it as such.

Cultivate a sweet temper and the sweet speech which is its natural consequence.Speak without anger or spite without any artificiality or formality straight from the heart.then you will be spreading joy and love among all.

The greatest beauty aid for women is virtue - Seelam

Women have satvaguna in ample measure, They are by nature helpful, tender, compassionate, humble and trustful. Next,they also have a good measure of Thamoguna. They are timid, shy and non enterprising. It is good that women are such.They have been endowed with only a small measure of Rajoguna ! This is the general truth!

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