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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Teachings


Swami's Answers

Q: How we should lead our life, Swami?

A: Form small Satsanghas and meet regularly for Bhajans and mutual consultation about spiritual matters. Read some fine spiritual classics like Bhagavata. Fill your eyes with the beauty of His form, your ears with the story of His Leelas, and your hearts with the sweetness of His Glory; inspire yourselves by seeing Him everywhere. Think of His immanence in every hill and dale, every man and beast, every tree and insect. You will be really thrilled by the joy of that vision.

Q: What is principle of living, Swami?

A: One of the first principles of straight living is - Practice silence, for the voice of God can be heard in the region of your heart only when the tongue is stilled and the storm is stilled and the waves are calm. There will be no temptation for the others to shout, when you talk to them in whispers. Set the level of the tone yourself; as low as possible, as high as necessary to reach the boundary of the circle you are addressing. Conserve sound, since it is the treasure of the element Akaasa, an emanation from God Himself. You must all study the Gita daily. Read a few slokas and meditate on the meaning yourself; it will dawn on you in the silence of your heart. You need not read elaborate commentaries. Each word in the Gita is a gem. No more do you need gemstones for the ear, the nose and the neck; have the gem of the Gita slokas in your heart; let them activate your intellect and your hands. We shall act ever as if we are in the presence of God, as if God is watching and weighing every thought, word and deed. See yourselves in all; see all in yourselves; that is the road to lasting peace and joy. Let us not seek the outer empire; let us become the rulers of the inner empire. Let us not try to defy the outer enemy, leaving the inner foe to grow in striking power. We have Krishna with us, and so, who can defeat
us? We shall win through his Grace.

Q: What is significance of your Avatar, Swami?

A: My task is not merely to cure and console and remove individual misery. It is something far more important. The important task of the mango tree is to produce mango fruit. The leaves, the branches, and the trunk of the tree are useful in their own way, no doubt, but the main aim is the fruit. So also from the plantain tree, the fruit is the main gain. The leaves and the edible core of the stem are all incidental. So too, the removal of misery and distress is incidental to My Mission. My main task is the re-establishment of Veda and Shastra in the heart of Bharatavarsha and the revival of knowledge about them in the people. This task will succeed.

A strong will is the best tonic:

The will becomes strong when you know that you are a child of immortality or a person who has earned the Grace of the Lord. Medicine and hospitalization are for these who hesitate and argue about this doctor being more efficient than the other and this drug being more powerful than the rest. For these who rely on the Supreme Doctor, His Name is the drug that cures.

The Vital Difference Between Human Beings and Animals:

"Human beings have the power and also the authority to conquer maya and totally free themselves from delusion. If man takes the trouble and makes the effort, he will be able to directly experience the atma and, thereby, know himself as the divinity that he truly is. With the help of spiritual exercises he can reach nirvana and be immersed in supreme bliss.

God is your only true friend Taking God as your friend, your heart as the teacher and the world as the great book, acquire all the knowledge you wish to. You should master this Pusthaka (book) using your Masthaka (head)! Books printed on paper are not so important as this book composed and written by God himself. It is available everywhere, to everyone at all times and is absolutely free. So even as you pore over your regular textbooks, remember your Guru, the heart; and make sure you always have your true friend God near you! The Divine lives in the Hearts of All.

Character is Power.

Even the acquisition of knowledge demands a good character. Without character, wealth, education, social status, all these are of no avail. Among the qualities that make up a flawless character, love, patience, forbearance, steadfastness, and charity ? these are the highest; these have to be revered. So everyone must yearn to attain flawless character without any trace of evil.

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