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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Teachings

  Sai Message of Love

A brief

Sai Message of Love:

Sai, the ‘Omkar’ of Divine Love says ‘My Life is My Message’; ‘My Message is Love’. And the Message relates to the precept of awareness of Truth of Love as God; the practice of consciousness of Truth of Love as Indwelling Divinity in all beings; and the experience of cultivating the Love Principle and manifesting Love in one’s thoughts, words and actions.

Baba says:

Love expresses itself as service—Love grows through service, Love is born in the womb of service. Such Love is the solvent for the hardest of hearts and can confer peace, joy and wisdom. Love is the best spiritual discipline that can help man into universal love, unshaken equanimity and ever-active virtue. Love as thought is Truth: Love as action is Right Conduct; Love as understanding is Peace; and Love as feeling is Non-violence. 

Sai Miracle of Love

Sai is the Miracle of Love incarnated on earth to reform and transform the living kind, and recycle the Yugas back to Sathya Yuga. That is from human destitution and spiritual degradation to human excellence and remaking of man into divinity man; from erosion of human values to vigorous practice of Dharma, reaffirmation of Sathya and retransfusion of Prema.

The ‘Sai’ Principle implying three-fold transformation is an extension of Love Principle, i.e., Love which has to be experienced at the spiritual, social and individual levels, through the process of change as under:

‘S’ for Spiritual change, the basis for which is Love, which has to be imbibed by all;

‘A’ for Association change or change of attitude to society i.e., to foster loving relationship and to cultivate sympathy and understanding with fellow beings;

‘I’ for Individual change i.e., eschewing bad habits and qualities so that inherent goodness of man becomes transparent and human personality can blossom.

Since spiritual change cannot take place without changes at the individual and societal levels, Sai Love is showered through miracles to instill faith among those concerned. Such miracles of love take the shape of manifested objects including rings, necklaces, sacred images, crucifixes etc., divine visions and multiple appearances of the Avatar at different places and across the oceans at one and the same time; cures and taking up fatal diseases and ailments of others; revival of the dead; instant response to distress calls and above all correcting, reforming and transforming the wicked and the misguided persons.

Baba, who does not personally attach too much significance to miracles, says that they are part of his essential miraculousness, and incidental to His Mission of establishment of Dharmic way of life, His supreme task is to bring about spiritual regeneration and to unite the entire mankind as one family through the bond of brotherhood and to bring nation by nation under one Umbrella of Love and Harmony.

Sai Strategy of Love

Sai Strategy is the vehicle to lead man to the Love of the Lord. It is based on Sai teachings and precepts-Practices. Treasured with Vedic faculties such as knowledge, skills, balance and vision, it will be ideal in the service of man of God for God in man. It calls for human action to spread peace and spirituality, right conduct and right thinking both for one’s own self-enlightenment as well as betterment of mankind as a whole. It promotes heightened awareness of inner Divinity and the power of intuition to discriminate between right & wrong and what is permanent & substantive or transitory & inconsequential in life’s journey.

The major components for practical application of Sai Strategy to make man work out his own miracles and experience the real bliss in life and living are the following:

(a) Re-engineering Human Values for Higher Life

In the context of human predicament when man has forgotten his essential humanness and degraded himself with low goals of self-centered life as well as unscrupulous patterns of behaviour, there is added urgency to re-engineer human values for higher life. The uniqueness of Sai Strategy of Love therefore lies in enabling the man to re-humanise himself through the self-cultural application of values in live situations as under:

Truth as the ultimate reality or fundamental fact of creation or native human nature;

Right Conduct as an essential social ethic to be observed by man as a member of society;

Peace as the inner spirit of Fatherhood of God and outer manifestation of Brotherhood of Man;

Love as life-breath of man, a tool for peaceful co-existence and a ladder for human emancipation;

Non-violence as an exercise to hurt never, nor cause to hurt ever in thought, word or actions.

Baba compares the above five human values to the five life principles of man viz, Prana, Apana, Vyana, Udana and Samana. He says that a true human being is one who practices the five human values.

Thus, re-engineering of human values makes gold out of man because of his great faith in God, humanity and spirituality.

(b) Re-harmonizing 3HV for Higher Living

It is well known that the present degeneration of man is on account of deformed thoughts of head, hypocritical forces of heart and misdeeds of hands. This is attributed to the fact that man thinks one thing, says another and does something else. It is in this connection that Baba questions as to how a man can be called a human being when there is no harmony in thought, word and deed.

It is divine love that confers Vedic wisdom of Trikaran Suddhi, the purity and harmony of 3HV i.e., the values of Head (thought), Heart (speech) and Hands (action). The awareness of Love as God and God as Love within and around the man makes him reshape every thought, word and deed in common interest. The Sai ethics of ‘Be Good, See Good and Do Good’ in practice accords him self-cleansing and equanimity-minded poise.

With such harmony and with Baba’s dictum of ABC (Always Be Careful) obeyed, man would be eligible to enjoy the bliss of higher living. Since frequently doing right things would make it easier to do right, this habit grows into conscience, says Baba.

He clarifies:

By good thinking and good actions, by watching his thoughts, by introspection and upright behaviour, the man builds up his noble character and forms his high destiny.

By conforming to the 3HV formula in day-to-day life, it would be possible for man to establish standards of higher thinking and living for himself and help others to do the same simultaneously i.e., working oneself to succeed and also helping others towards success in the same process, in the words of Baba.

Under these circumstances, Truth would prevail and Righteousness would exist. Hands would perform right deeds and by virtue of Right Conduct and good actions, mind would be purified, and heart would be full of love and compassion. Unity of thoughts and deeds would thus be possible. Purity of mind would lead people to think themselves constructively and of serving others selflessly. This transformation would generate positive feelings amongst humankind, and the greed and disharmony would gradually disappear, yielding place to the Sai Principle of “Help Ever, Hurt Never”, in action.

(c) Re-awakening of Senses for Higher spiritual Progress

This refers to the awakening of the dormant divinity (Atma or Conscience) of man, whose soul has been surrounded by the dust of greed, ego, anger and sensuous feelings. It paves the way for the higher realization that man is in fact the crown of creation, the highest among the living beings and as such he bears great responsibility to all other beings. He has to love them, serve them and save them for they are his kith and kin, and to be reckoned as equal since they too have the spark of divinity within them.

It is this awakening that sustains the eternal truth that man is himself the supreme healer of mankind. For this, he has to hear the voice of his conscience and act according to its dictates. Baba says: Your conscience will tell you whether you adore the majesty of God, whether your hands are moving to help the helpless. So also does it promote the realisation of the impermanence of the mundane, phenomenal world, passing clouds of youth and wealth, and the inevitable mortality of family members and friends.

It is divine love that reveals that man has the whole universe within him and that he had all the requisite powers derived from the Divine spirit. He has to discover the hidden treasure of mind, the greatest marvel of the world, and make constructive use of its million cells, which lie, dormant and unutilised. While referring to various scientific endeavors including satellites going around the earth, the spacecraft landing on the moon, harnessing the solar energy, atom bomb, hydrogen bomb, super computers etc., Baba says: “There is one machine that is more powerful than all these. That is the human body. Man is the maker of all these machines. The marvelous powers of the human body are not recognised by any one. You should examine your own potentials. All the powers are within you: electrical power, magnetic power, the power of light, fire and radiation. Every human being is a computer, a mini generator, a lamp, a radio station”.

Thus, re-awakening of senses unfolds the full potential of man, especially his true humanness to think and act with selfless love, compassion and service to his fellowmen. This is best expressed in Sai words: “Love All, Serve All”.

Closely allied with this philosophy is the declaration of the Sai Avatar: “Love your religion, so that you may practice it with greater faith; and when each one practices his religion with faith, there can be no hatred in the world, for all religions are built on Universal Love”.

In short, the religion that feeds and fosters all religions, and emphasizes their common greatness is the Sai Religion (if it can be so called), which makes a Hindu, a better Hindu; a Muslim, a better Muslim; and a Christian, a better Christian.

Baba has a special word on the Chanting of the Name of Lord, as the ideal form of devotion for human redemption or salvation in the present age. He calls upon people to repeat any one of the 1,000 names of the Lord, current in any part of the world, among any community of devotees, as an instrument to pulverize the mountains of sin and to attain peace and contentment.

Such human elevation engenders the re-discovery of the eternal truth of universal oneness. It is in this context that Baba says: "There is only one race, the race of humanity; there is only one caste, the caste of spirituality; there is only one language, the language of the heart; there is only one universal religion, the religion of love, of humanity and of Godliness."

(d) Re-humanizing Arts & Sciences for Higher wisdom

True to the decline in moral, ethical and spiritual values is the present degeneration in society and the human crisis of character at large which is purely man-made. Creating a world of his own, man has turned the mind, which is the instrument of his liberation into a chain that keeps him in bondage. He has used methods of education, codes of law, systems of politics, modes of commerce and the results of science to imprison himself in prejudices, creeds and nationalities, says Baba. To reverse this trend, the Sathya Sai Education System has been pioneering at work starting with the teaching of spiritual education to the child through EHV (Education in Human Values), and upwards through 3HV described earlier, for adults.

Deep rooted is the human predicament that the present day academic and practical education needs to be reformed and even revamped with the culture of soul, purification of the heart and broadening of the vision. This can be done only by combining worldly education (which brings out the latest knowledge pertaining to the physical world) and spiritual education (which reveals the inherent divinity in man) to make human life valuable and purposeful.

Elaborating on this, Baba points out how modern education devoid of spiritual element, is responsible for the downfall of man and the chaos in the society: Worldly education is for living, while spiritual education is for life. Worldly education relates to the head and is ephemeral, whereas spiritual education is concerned with the heart, the organ of sacred qualities like compassion, truth, forbearance and love. Besides, worldly education is information or knowledge-oriented, spiritual education is transformation or wisdom-directed.

The present day arts and sciences which are oriented mostly to the materialist and modern Western knowledge have therefore to be transformed, humanised and spiritualized for the revival of ancient heritage, wisdom and glory of mankind.

Towards this end, a total revolution has to be witnessed in the theory and practice of arts and sciences by promoting social equity in economics, spirituality in science, values in education, duty in health care, community obligation to nature, ethics in politics, morality in administration, prompt justice in judiciary, honesty in business and fairplay in diplomacy.

Sai Wonders of Love

In the service of the Divine Mission, the Sai Avatar as under has established Sai Wonders of love:

(a) Sai Spiritual Education

The Sathya Sai philosophy of education is derived from Sai ideals of life: Sathya, Dharma, Shanthi, Prema and Ahimsa.

Nationally and internationally well known so long as the Bal Vikas Programme, it has been replaced by that of Sai Spiritual Education – Sathya Sai EHV (Education in Human Values) for children, and 3HV (Values of Head, Heart and Hands representing the unity of thought, word and deed) for adults.

At the senior level is Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning given the status of Deemed University by the Government of India. It has evolved a new model of Integral Education, with special emphasis on the development of correct attitudes and values, which shape the students to be leaders in scientific, civic and professional institutions.

The uniqueness of the Sathya Sai Institutions is also that education is free from K.G. to P.G. While the Graduate students are exempted from the payment of all fees and charges, the University is estimated to be spending Rs 60,000 per Arts student and Rs 90,000 per Science student.

(b) Super Specialty Hospital

The Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Medical Science, i.e. , the Super Specialty Hospital at Prasanthigram has been providing the poorer sections of the population the best of medical and surgical facilities in the country, entirely free of cost.

It is a wonder of wonders in the medical world’s architecture constructed in 1992 within the shortest time of one year in recorded history. The Hospital is equipped with the most modern and sophisticated apparatus and manned by highly dedicated surgeons & associated personnel under the direction of medical celebrities. It has Cardiology, Urology and Ophthalmology Department (latest state-of-the-art treatment and diagnosis) with plans for additions of Departments of Neurology, Neurosurgery, ENT, Pulmonary Medicine and Oncology.

The highlights of the Hospital include the highest record of successful open-heart operations, kidney transplantation etc.

(c) Drinking Water Project

For the first time a public charitable trust has undertaken a major infrastructure project, i.e., Sri Sathya Sai drinking Water Project costing Rs 250 crores of voluntary contributions of people from various countries.

The project benefits 12.5 lakh persons in 731 backward villages in and around Anantapur and Puttaparthi, Andhra Pradesh. It includes a 750-km-long water pipeline, 260 overhead tanks, 124 ground level reservoirs and 400 boosters to carry the water to far-flung villages, besides 280 borewells, 505 pumps and infiltration wells in the Penna and Hagari rivers.

While the entire cost was entirely borne by Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust, the Andhra Pradesh Government provided land and power free of cost for the project. The project was formally handed over to the State Government in October 1997.

Similar projects for Bellary in Karnataka, Mehboobnagar in Andhra, Chennai, etc., are in progress

(d) Other Initiatives

It has established a Music College in Puttaparthi and a Super Specialty Hospital in Bangalore City.

The above are some of the Sai Wonders of Love. The open secret of success of the above lies in the abiding spirit of Love as the basis, Love as the means and Love as the end in Prashanthi Nilayam. It has so far awakened the springs of Love in the hearts of millions of Sai devotees in over 150 countries of the world, in various degrees.

Such Wonders of Love merit multiplication around the world to promote globally Integrated Human Development.

Posted on 15/08/2003 - Sai Devotees Worldnet

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