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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Teachings

  Rose Meditation

By Mata Betty

    Breathing steadily... With mouth closed, inhale deeply.
    Hold the breath for a few seconds......
    Open the mouth and let the breath out slowly in little puffs.

    Repeat four or five times.

    Breathing steadily.......

    As you breathe in, mentally say,
    "Be still and know I am Light, Light, Light."

    Exhale, mentally saying:
    "I am Light, I am God."

    With every breath, you are more relaxed.
    Mentally say, three times: "I now go within."

    Breathing steadily.......
    Relax your body and mind.

    Mentally say, three times:
    "I am the Light of Love. I am Love, Love, Love."

    Breathing steadily......
    Breathe in the light of Love.

    Now bring the light of Love from your heart, and
    Release the light of Love to a point between the eyes.
    Keeping the attention on the point between the eyes,
    Visualise a heart inside a rose
    And the light of Love beaming forth from the heart inside you.

    Merge this vision inside and around you, and mentally say:

    I am Love, Love, Love.
    I am Peace, Peace, Peace.
    Nothing can disturb me.
    I am Existence.
    I am Consciousness.
    I am the light of Love.
    Grief and anxiety can never affect me.
    Fear can never enter me.
    I am ever content.
    I am one with all creation.
    I am one with all beings.

    Breathing steadily......
    Soak and absorb the light of Love into your consciousness.

    Mentally say,
    "This light within me is a milky white ocean
    Of Purity, Love, Truth and Wisdom."

    Let the ocean of light stream forth, out and around you,
    Knowing this ocean of Love can never, ever, run dry.

    Visualise the World as a round globe, and send the beautiful light of love
    Out to heal the World, like rivulets of icing on a cake.
    Send the light of Love out to heal family.
    Send the goodwill to all mankind.

    Know that love for all starts within you- from the heart
    Which is sitting in a beautiful rose.
    Surrounded by the brilliant light of Love.

    Visualise yourself inside the light inside your heart.
    Now visualise yourself as pure light, vibrating energy, and
    Mentally say,

    All my thoughts, words and deeds today, I send from my heart of love.
    I am Love, Love, Love
    I am God, God, God.
    I am Peace, Peace, Peace.
    Body and soul, I am Peace, Peace, Peace.
    Body and soul, I am Love, Love, Love.

    Feel the love energy pouring forth,
    Radiating from you, surrounding you, and mentally say:

    I am the Light and Love of my soul.
    This beautiful Light of Love will always be within me,
    Embracing me, radiating from me.

    As you work throughout the day, take your mind back
    To the inner peace and tranquility of your silent sitting.
    Remember what you experienced so that you will know

    The Love within you,
    The Light within you,
    The God within you,
    More and more.

    Before you move, bow your head
    To the Light, to the Love
    To the God within you.

    Sit quietly and know that through your comtemplation,
    You can uplift humanity today,
    And You can transfrom your consciousness
    To reflect the Love and Grace of God,
    Sincerely, in unconditional, limitless, Divine Love.

    After you have finished, just be still. When you finally
    feel like moving, move slowly and gently.


Source: Book The Universal Heart, by Mata Betty, page 38.

Sri Sathya Sai Baba posing with Mata Betty

Mata Betty

New Zealand Sai devotee, before even going over to India for the
first time, Mata Betty and her late husband were graced with a
vision of Sai Baba appearing physically in their New Zealand home,
speaking to them and answering their questions. Mata Betty has been
to India dozens of times and has had scores of interviews with Sai
Baba. Once in an interview room, Sai Baba called her "My New Zealand
Minister". Mata Betty is a name given by Sai Baba to her. Her
passport name is Mdm E. Poyzer. Wheel-chaired for a long time, until
Sai Baba said "Walk" and there she had her first walk. Mata Betty
has written many books about Swami and his teachings, two of which
published by the Prasanthi Nilayam Trust.

Books by Mata Betty:
- The Universal Heart
- Sathya Sai Baba and Universal Revelations
- Sathya Sai and the Universal Reality of Mankind
- Man's Journey to Love and Peace

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