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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Teachings


 (Indweller of Hearts)
By Bombai Srinivasan

Chapter 22
Another miraculous cure

Swami often says that divinity is inherent in all His creation. Service to mankind should be spontaneously offered realizing this resident divinity principle. Such seva becomes the highest form of worship "Hands that help are holier than the lips that Pray" is the oft-repeated advice of Swami. He further provides confidence that when we engage ourselves in seva activities as advised by Him, He would look after all our· other cares, concerns and welfare. When somebody feels served and happy by our devoted and loving seva, it gladdens Swam. Being a Sai devotee, what else could be our ambition than making Swami happy? When Swami is happy, all the creation is happy, and the Grace automatically accrues to us. Selfless seva pulls Swami to us in our own crisis needs, even without a call or payers. This has been the experiences of many a devotee.

By His Grace, I have been very fortunate, having experienced or having come to know the experience by others, many times in my life. In some of the earlier chapters, attempts have been made to inform the readers of few instances of flow of grace to the seva Dals for selfless service. Yet another such an instance is described in the following pages.

Mr. Balaji is a Seva dal volunteer in T'Nagar Samithi in Madras. His father, mother, brother, wife is all very much devoted to Swami and are active workers participating in service activities. They are also the ardent worshippers of Lord Ayyappa: both father and son used to undertake pilgrimage to Sabari Hills every year. One day I went to their flat, purchased recently, to discuss something about Samithi affairs. Only Balaji and his wife were there. I enquired the whereabouts of his father and mother. I learnt that his mother had been admitted into a hospital. She had been suffering from some stomach ailment having frequent loose motions. In spite of the doctor's attendance and consultation and medication, there was no improvement and her health had been deteriorating day by day. As such she had to be hospitalized. Before taking leave, I told him not to worry and that Swami would look after his mother. During the next two weeks I did not meet him and was hoping that the mother would have recovered.

We missed them in Samithi Bhajans during the next two weeks I was very happy to see them again later on, when the entire family attended the weekly bhajans. After everybody had left, I casually enquired Balaji as to how was his mother. He replied that due to Swami's Grace she had turned around and for the next fifteen minutes, he was explaining to me how Swami's Grace had restored life to his mother.

After admitting her into the hospital, she was under the constant care of the doctors, but she was not responding to any medication. Being an acute diabetic, it complicated the matters. Day-by-day she was sinking. A number of tests (including blood rests) revealed no clue or any cause for her present condition of health disorder. By the end of the week, her condition was still very bad and she was lapsing into a coma stage. She was very weak and the pulse also started dropping, causing anxiety to everybody. The condition became so critical that ultimately one evening; the doctors pronounced that she might not survive the night.

Meanwhile, the doctors were making all efforts to identify the reasons for and diagnose her sickness. One day during the casual enquiries and discussions with Shri Balaji, the doctors came to know that there was a 'slum' opposite to their residential flat, On this information, the doctors further enquired into the environmental condition of the locality Pursuing further, the doctors found out that pigs used to roam in the nearby places of the flat. On a doubt, they took some more blood sample of the lady and the same was sent to veterinary hospital for analysts. Their fears were confirmed. She might have placed her feet on the excretion of the pigs and could have contact the virus of the animal. Being a diabetic patient, the matters had got complicated.

Unfortunately, by the time, the veterinary diagnosis became available, it became too late for any further medication as she was sinking and the doctors gave up hope. All the family members had gathered in the hospital and they could do the only possible thing, of surrendering to HIM. Yes, they started praying with intense devotion all the night

The next morning, however, dawned to a new development. When the doctors came to the ward on the routine round, they did not expect to see the lady alive. But what they saw was simply unbelievable to them. The patient was not only sitting on the bed but was also chatting with her family members. There were joy and cheers all over. How could this happen! The doctors found a small photograph of Bhagavan Baba on the corner table of the room. They looked at the photograph and were wondering.

Ultimately and helplessly they had to say this much. There was no medical explanation as to how she could have recovered from her helpless condition of the previous night. Might be, It was some divine mercy of intervention which had made this possible. Or might be, it was the Grace of the Sai Baba whose photograph was on the table, which could have saved their mother. "We did not and could not do anything to save the lady; the cure itself was a big miracle for us to witness", the doctors concluded.

The devotees, who were listening to the narration with me very attentively, were moved to hear of Swami's mercy intervention. We all congratulated Mr. Balaji and their family members for being the recipient of Sai's Grace. The Balaji family continues to be in Sai Seva and participate in all activities assisting at times in our resource mobilization for major programs.

Author's statement in:

Many of you may be aware that I had authored a book with the title "Sri Sathya Sai Hrudaya Nivasi (Indweller of Hearts). This book had seen the third reprint, and is being sold in Bhagavan's Bookstall at Prashanthi Nilayam. Many of you would have purchased and many would not have got chance to go to Parthi and get the book. After the third edition, this may not go to print again. As such I wish to bring the contents of this book to each and every one of you.

Starting from today I shall post one chapter every week or if possible twice a week, depending upon the response I get from you all. I would request you to kindly read it and then re-circulate it to your other friends in the Sai Family.

The text could be transferred to your hard disk, and if possible print outs taken out.

Utilize the contents, as much as you like.

With Lots of Love and regards
Bombay Srinivasan


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