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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Teachings


 (Indweller of Hearts)
By Bombai Srinivasan

Chapter 17
Another cancer cancelled

The special Grace of Swami, canceling cancer had been narrated in several books in the recent years. In the last chapter I had mentioned about the recovery of Mrs. Srimathi Subramaniam from cancer. There was yet another instance of Swami’s miraculous cure of the dreaded disease Of cancer; the lucky devotee happened to be my neighbor. After setting up an industry of my own, by the Grace of Swami was also able to purchase a residential flat for ourselves, located in the Gemini Complex in the heart of Madras city. A pious couple were living in the adjoining building within the same complex Both Mr. Raghavan and his wife Mrs. Sulochana Raghavan are ardent devotees of “Guruvayurappan “. the Lord of Guruvayur, a pilgrim center in Kerala State and also of Lord Venkateswara of Tirupathi. And more importantly, having immense faith in Sai. Mr. Raghavan, an old time law graduate, is a retired officer from the Life Insurance Corporation of India. After retirement, he has been very active leading a busy life. Even after crossing the sixty-year mark, he has been earnestly practicing Veena because of his love for classical music. He has also enrolled himself as an advocate in the Madras High Court, and is now practicing law. We have become very close friends having common interest in many aspects of religion and sadhana. We used to exchange our views on such subject areas of mutual liking, during our daily morning walk along the Marina Beach sands.

Earlier, after moving into our new flat at Gemini, my wife invited Mrs. Sulochana to our house, and introduced her to me. Subsequently I too chanced to meet her again in our house. She was very emotional and she narrated how Swami had saved her miraculously from the jaws of death. Yes, she was suffering from breast cancer and was undergoing prolonged treatment for namesake in the Tamil Nadu Hospital in a distant suburb of Madras. The administration of severe drugs and Chemotherapy, over the years had its after effects. She had become very weak and her body had been mauled by the after effects of drugs, which did not even spare her hair. Infarct, the days of her physical existence in this world, according to the doctors were only numbered. It was during this crisis period that she happened to learn of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. She got into the sat sang. She started praying to Bhagavan to save her. The prayers were heard, as it seemed evident from the unfolding of events. During thus period, Bhagavan had been staying at Kodaikanal. She was invited by a group of devotees to accompany them to Kodaikanal to have Swami’s Darshan. Readily she agreed and accompanied them in spite of herm suffering physical condition.

Early next morning after her arrival at Kodaikanal, she joined the ‘Q’ of the waiting devotees and sat in the Darshan lines She could get a place only in the 3rd row. She was carrying with her, a letter that she was anxious to hand over to Baba. It was a letter crying out her deep agony and of her pain, sufferings and the fear of impending death. As Swami was passing along the lines, she was perhaps in a total state of surrender to HIM. Ultimately, Swami positioned Himself standing opposite her and she stretched her hands to Swami with her letter from the third line. Swami reached out to her and accepted the letter. While passing through, Swami picked up a handful of chocolates from the plates offered by a devotee and flung them. One chocolate fell on the lap of Mrs. Sulochana. She considered it a Divine Prasad and ate it with all reverence. She returned back to Madras in a couple of days after the pilgrimage, and her experience. Slowly, and miraculously her health started turning for the better. As a first indication, her hair started growing. She was feeling some relief from the persistent pain and sufferings undergone by her. She had survived and lived for a longer time than her doctors had expected. In due course, she submitted herself for further investigation. There were surprises for the doctors too. No trace of any malignancy could be detected and the cancer seemed to have disappeared. They were wondering whether this was the same lady whom they were treating all these years. Mr. Raghavan, her loving husband is however not taking any chances and he was taking her to the Tamil Nadu Hospital for regular check ups. By the Grace of Swami there is no more health problems for Mr. Sulochana Raghavan. She is very active and looks after all the household works since then; they have been visiting Prashanthi Nilayam as often as possible. Tamil Nadu Seva Dals use to go to Parthi for Seva during the hot summer of May, and this couple also goes with them.

Mrs. Sulochana Raghavan and Sri Raghavan have only a daughter who is named and living in the United States. The son-in-law is holding a very high position over there and living a comfortable life. And yet wholesome happiness was lacking because they did not have any issues. The tragic part of it was, that the wife had conceived several times, but the pregnancies used to get terminated prematurely, denying them of any child. However, this ‘gap’ did not last long. Their sincere prayers were answered again; by Swami. Last year Mrs. Raghavan informed us that her daughter had conceived again and that the danger period was over and that by Swami’s Grace everything seemed to be all right. She was proceeding to the States very soon so that she could be near her daughter when the baby was expected. In due course they conveyed to us the happy news of the arrival of a healthy grand daughter, and importantly their reverential gratitude to Swami for His blessings.

Author's statement in:

Many of you may be aware that I had authored a book with the title "Sri Sathya Sai Hrudaya Nivasi (Indweller of Hearts). This book had seen the third reprint, and is being sold in Bhagavan's Bookstall at Prashanthi Nilayam. Many of you would have purchased and many would not have got chance to go to Parthi and get the book. After the third edition, this may not go to print again. As such I wish to bring the contents of this book to each and every one of you.

Starting from today I shall post one chapter every week or if possible twice a week, depending upon the response I get from you all. I would request you to kindly read it and then re-circulate it to your other friends in the Sai Family.

The text could be transferred to your hard disk, and if possible print outs taken out.

Utilize the contents, as much as you like.

With Lots of Love and regards
Bombay Srinivasan


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