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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Teachings


 (Indweller of Hearts)
By Bombai Srinivasan

Chapter 2
The Call Comes Through

It was the year of Swami's 70th Birthday celebrations. All over the world, Sai volunteers were engaged in various activities connected with the celebrations. I was also assigned with some important job. Due to some misunderstanding with the higher ups in the state organization, all the works allotted to me were withdrawn. I was made to feel that I was not wanted. I felt very sad. No activity whatsoever connected with Sai Seva was given to me. When all other devotees
volunteers were involved in such holy activities, I was idle. This caused mental depression. I was worried about myself.

Then the call came through. A friend of mine from Delhi, also a devotee of Swami, informed me that he would be going to Shiridi and requested me to join him. I felt very happy when I heard this. We met in a mid way station and traveled together to Shiridi. Two days of Darshan at the Samadhi relieved my depression very much, and I felt very normal, knowing fully well that I was with Swami, though in a different location.

On the third day, we were to leave Shiridi shortly after lunch. While my friends were packing, I went to Mandir, for a 'farewell' Darshan. I sat in a corner and prayed to Swami. I was asking Him within me, as to whether I was still with Him. "Am I with you, Swami?" was my question. After praying for about ten minutes there, I was passing by the side of the Samadhi to offer my Pranams. Just then, a khaki clad security staff confronted me to inform that I was wanted by his officer. I followed him and found myself inside a large room just behind the Samadhi Mandir. Bundles of currency notes had been stacked in all possible places; on various tables, Almirahs, book shelves etc.

I was taken aback. I was wondering, why I had been brought there. A gentleman who introduced himself as the secretary of the Shiridi Samasthan, told me that they had opened up various 'Hundies' that day and had collected all the money offerings made by devotees. They were supposed to take into account all the collections in the presence of devotee citizen. They requested me to sign the cash registers as a witness. They explained to me, the register entries of various currency denominations in a statement form in the cashbook. I willingly signed at the appropriate place. I was also requested to write down my residential address and telephone number below the signature, which was complied with, by me. The Secretary, there upon stood up, read out my name, and address to the other members of the Trust, and they also noted down my details in their registers. I was all the time, thanking Swami for the immediate response He gave, to my query whether I was with Him. Swami by Divine Will had my name and address entered in the Samasthan (Trust) registers, thereby implying that I was very much with Him. He confirmed that I am still close devotee, whatever be my relationship with the organization. I left Shiridi with this assurance and the miraculous divine experience.

Very soon after my Shiridi pilgrimage, I received a telephone call from my son, Ramesh (my second son) who was studying in Swami's college at Prashanthi Nilayam. He told me that he was blessed by Swami with an interview. Swami in His infinite mercy and love called Ramesh nearer to Him and had allowed him to take Paada Namaskar. Swami they materialized a ring studded with 3 diamonds, and slipped the same into his right hand finger. He also explained to me in detail
of his wonderful experiences in the interview room.

I could not resist my eagerness to visit Prashanthi Nilayam, and see the Divine gift for myself. Very soon, I proceeded on yet another pilgrimage to Swami. I had to go alone, since my wife was away from Madras, where I am settled for the last two decades. I reached Parthi on 29-9-1995 evening after Darshan was over. Swami was giving interviews to a group of selected devotees. The next day i.e. on the 30th was a memorable day. Swami directed me to go the interview room. I had no words to express my feelings at that moment. Though I had got several chances of group interviews, Swami had provided a golden opportunity of personal interview for the first time.

There were in all about 18 persons selected for the interview that day. A group of devotees from Croatia and members of a rich business family who had settled in overseas country, were also blessed by Swami by selecting them for interview that day. Swami ushered all of us into the interview room. Immediately Swami enquired me whether I had seen the ring He had given to my son Ramesh. I replied, "Yes, Swami".

Swami called the boy nearer to Him and asked him to remove the ring from the finger, and give it back to Him. Bhagavan showed the ring to all those present inside the room and asked how many diamonds were there in the ring. Everybody replied that there were 3 diamonds. Swami then held the ring nearer His mouth and blew it. When Swami showed it to us again, all the 3 small diamonds had vanished and a large single diamond was found in the ring. He told my son that the 3 diamonds had merged in one. "Likewise, Swami, you and your father are all of only entity; and should not be differentiated. All of us are embodiment of a single atmic principle".

Swami then invited the devotees group-wise into the inner room for personal interview. Our turn came up last. My son and myself were alone with Swami. Swami asked me what was my problem in Madras. I did not give any reply but kept my head on His lap. Swami patted me and told my son that I had been visiting Him for the last 30 years or more. He also revealed that I had come to Him with lot of mental tension and worries. He did not want me to be sad, having done lot of Sai Seva. That is why He had bestowed me this unique chance of sitting under His feet and have an interview.

Swami told us about the rich family said that though they were very rich, there were problems aplenty for them too. The entire family was very unhappy due to the loss of their only son. The girl, though alive, was now spastic and living like vegetable in a wheel chair with no faculty functioning. She is unaware of her own existence. I prayed that since they had come and surrendered to Swami, won't Swami be kind enough to do something for them. Swami in His infinite mercy made it clear to us, that people doing wrong to others, would have to face the cause and effect of their action and there would no way of escaping from 'karma'. He further said that, however, God can and would interfere and make things easier, provided we repented for our misdeeds and commit ourselves to make sacrifices which would benefit the poor and needy persons. The rich people who can afford, can help the needy, by providing charitable hospitals for providing free treatment, schools for providing free education and so on. But God would not directly suggest these remedies. It would be for those who afflicted by the karmic backlash, to think back, and realize by themselves. "This is the self realization that I would expect from them. They should sincerely repent and take corrective actions by such deeds of charities which alone would please Him, and which would move HIM to help them out from the severity of the Karmic effects".

As Swami was explaining the karmic theory, I could almost feel the agony of our Lord, when He stated that He is unable to help out a devotee whom He loves so much, in doing away with the karmic results. Swami further said that even if we take small step, say by way of some charities, it will be like making a small opening on a closed door, and then Swami Himself will push open the door fully, and come to the rescue of the devotee. But, if we do not make any effort to make even such a small opening, what else can He do only other than giving solace and consolation.

During the hour-long interview, Swami gave us lot of advice to me and to my son and discussed various family matters.

"You are wearing a clean white pant, and to keep it unsoiled, you spread a towel or some sheets on the floor for sitting in Darshan lines. Don't you feel that God deserves a better place to sit", asked Swami. He further said that the seat for the Lord is in our hearts and it is essential to keep it pure and unsullied, so that He can reside therein. "We call God as "HRUDAYA NIVASI (INDWELLER OF HEARTS), i.e. He who resides in the heart. 'Heart is combination of two words in Sanskrit. "HRUD+DAYA" It means "The source from where pure Daya or compassion emanate" One who has no compassion, is often called, a man without a heart. And in such a place, how do you expect Swami to reside?"

Swami asked us, "Whom do you love most? All the relatives in the world are bound to depart from this world one day or other and the love towards them is also a passing phase. Before we marry, there is no wife and until we beget child or children, there is no father or mother. All the relationships got evolved one day or pother during this lifetime and your love with such persons are also developed through attachment and selfish desires. This love is not permanent. However, one should remember that God is with you through and through, your past births as well as in this birth and the forthcoming births too. Therefore, if you love God without any condition, it will be pure and selfless love. We should develop constant faith and love towards God who alone is eternal."

Swami was giving us lots of such advices and in the end He directed me to come again with my wife on 4-11-1995 when I was to step into my sixtieth year of existence by His Grace. It was another blissful even when further grace of Sai was showered on us with yet another interview on that auspicious occasion.

Author's statement in:

Many of you may be aware that I had authored a book with the title "Sri Sathya Sai Hrudaya Nivasi (Indweller of Hearts). This book had seen the third reprint, and is being sold in Bhagavan's Bookstall at Prashanthi Nilayam. Many of you would have purchased and many would not have got chance to go to Parthi and get the book. After the third edition, this may not go to print again. As such I wish to bring the contents of this book to each and every one of you.

Starting from today I shall post one chapter every week or if possible twice a week, depending upon the response I get from you all. I would request you to kindly read it and then re-circulate it to your other friends in the Sai Family.

The text could be transferred to your hard disk, and if possible print outs taken out.

Utilize the contents, as much as you like.

With Lots of Love and regards
Bombay Srinivasan


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