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  Golden Gateway To The Heart Temple Of Love

The declarations/Assurances of Shirdi Sai Baba – the Lord of Universe


1. INNER RULER is always with you!

Yes, I have indeed come here to awaken your Faith in Me. For, I have love and affection for you. I am always with you in your heart and everywhere too!

I know all that you choose to do. For, I am the INNER RULER, sitting in your Heart as well as in the hearts of all beings.

I need open no doors to enter any place. I have neither FORM nor any extension. I always live everywhere. I often think of one who remembers Me. I run and manifest Myself to the sincere One who lovingly calls out to Me and need no conveyance, carriage, train or airplane to carry Me there.

No sooner you join your hands with Love and Devotion before ME (or My photo) to invoke ME, I am INSTANTLY with you, whether it be day or night. Though MY Body is in Shirdi (a place of pilgrimage about 300 Kms from Bombay), still I see and know what you do beyond the seven seas. Wherever you may go across the wide world, believe Me that I am with you.

For, My Abode is within your heart. Therefore, always worship Me sincerely, seated in your heart as well as in the hearts of all beings. For, I exist in you as well as in all others in the sense of Being or Consciousness of Existence. One is indeed blessed fortunate, who sees Me in all beings! Once you practice seeing Me inside yourself, you will realise My all-pervasiveness and will thus attain ‘oneness’ or attunement with Me.

My sole purpose here is to FREE from the evils of MAYA (illusion) anyone, who takes refuge in My grace, and totally surrenders himself to Me, worships Me faithfully and MEDITATES on Me constantly.

Many WAYS/PATHS lead to "Self realisation". One Way goes through Shirdi and I can GUIDE you to your destination, even if you merely utter My Name (Sai) sincerely with love and affection.

But rarely does anyone come to Shirdi seeking Spiritual Enlightenment, which I have in abundance to give. People normally want worldly welfare and yet, I give them whatever they want.


Function of the mind is to think and it cannot switch off this thinking process completely anytime. But if you give it a sense object, like a Guru, it will meditate on Him alone. But sincere FAITH PATIENCE are all that are needed.

Believe Me, these simple WORDS will give you Hope Confidence even when I pass away. But can you trust Me? For it is far easier to put away Pride of Wealth, but immensely hard to give up Pride of Learning, Wisdom or Righteousness?

My treasury is full with spiritual nuggets. I can give My Gifts to anyone found competent to receive them.

If you listen to Me carefully and always MEDITATE on ME, you will surely benefit. For, I never speak any UNTRUTH, while sitting in this Masjid (Dwelling place of Sai Baba).

Many Ways lead to "Self Realisation", but they are difficult, passing through jungle full of tigers and wolves (pitfalls hardships). If you take a GURU, as your guide, He will take you straight to your destination, avoiding all wolves, tigers and ditches on the way. Without a Guru, as your Guide, there is always a danger in missing your destination in the darkness on the Way.

The Path of "Self-Realisation" (enlightenment) is as DIFFICULT as walking on a razor's edge. For, one must fully surrender five pranas (Vital Forces) and five senses (of action, perception, mind, intellect and ego).

But listening to My Leelas (Stories or Teachings) will create Shraddha (Faith) in your heart, and with a little of bit Saburi (Patience) you can overcome the obstacles leading to "Self Realisation" Bliss.


Conditions essential to attain self-realisation are:

Intense Desire for freedom from bondage--'Mumuksha'

A feeling of Disgust with the material world--'Virakti'

Introversion or inward gazing--'Antarmukhata'

Purging of one's sins-Catharsis;

Right Conduct;

Preference for Good over pleasant things--'Shreyas over Preyas'

Control of Mind Senses

Purification of Mind--desirelessness--makes for 'Viveka Vairgya '

Understanding Necessity of a Guru; and

Finally, Lord's Grace (without which nothing is possible)

Unless Greed or Avarice is overcome, Self-Realisation cannot be attained. How can a Mind immersed in Wealth, Progeny or Prosperity expect to know SELF without shedding such attachments? A person devoid of desire can ALONE cross this whirlpool.

For Greed Self are poles apart--eternal opposites. Where there is greed, there is hardly any room for Meditation on Self. Then how is Salvation possible? A greedy man has no Peace, Contentment, nor Steadiness of Mind. Hence, all the Sadhanas (Spiritual Practices) are of no use to him.

Therefore, Purification of Mind is absolutely necessary for any Spiritual Endeavor One must accept only what can be digested or assimilated.


My Method is unique. To get Self Realisation, (i.e. knowledge of Self) DHYANA (meditation) is absolutely necessary. If practiced continuously, the thought processes (vrittis) will be calmed. So become desireless and MEDITATE on the Lord within you in all creatures. When the mind is thus concentrated, Self-Realisation will be attained.

Always Meditate on My Formless Nirgun nature, which is Knowledge Incarnate, Consciousness and Bliss. If you cannot do this, meditate on My Sagun (physical) Form, as you see Me here (in Shirdi)(or in My Photo), from the top to the toe every day and night.

When this is done, your thought processes (Vrittis) will become ONE POINTED and the distinction between the Meditator (DHYATA), Meditation (DHYANA) and the object of Meditation (DHYETA) will fade away and the Meditator will be ONE in consciousness and will merge in SELF.

MY devotees must strive to get Lord's Grace Blessings, instead of struggling for necessities of life. For, they will have plenty of food and clothing. I always care and provide for Welfare of My Devotees, who devoutly worship Me with their Minds ever fixed on Me.

With the Guru's Form firmly fixed in the mind, and with the Mind and Senses thus fully absorbed in the worship (meditation) of the Lord, My devotee must remember Me at all times, so that his MIND will not be attracted to any other mundane things like Body, Wealth, Home or Worldly Honors nor wander elsewhere.

The Mind will then become Calm, Peaceful and Carefree, which is the sole sign of merger with the Guru. A wandering Mind can neither merge nor get engaged in good company.

If My Leelas (Stories &Teachings) are written about or devoutly sung and attentively listened to, Ignorance will vanish, awareness of the body will reduce and strong waves of Devotion Love would arise. If one ' dives' deep into My Leelas, he will discover precious jewels of knowledge for "Self Realisation".

No one truly understands what I say--My Sirkar’s Treasury (means Government, but here it refers to Lord's treasury) is full and overflowing. I say 'dig out’ and take this wealth of knowledge in cartloads (truckful). The blessed son of a true Mother should fill himself with this 'wealth'.

Skill of My Fakir (GOD), the Leela (work) of My Bhagawan (God) and the attitude of My Sirkar is quite UNIQUE. What about Me? My Body will mix with Earth, and my Breath with the Air, but this TIME won't come back again! I will go somewhere, and sit in some place. The seductive Maya still troubles Me. I always feel anxiety for My devotees. But one, who does any Spiritual Endeavor, will surely reap its fruits and one who remembers My Words will get invaluable Peace Happiness.


Merely chanting or remembering Lord Hari's or Guru's Name can confer Self Realisation.

To be FREE from all shackles, always chant 'SAI'SAI', shedding all cleverness, arrogance or egoism and brazenness.

Only the fortunate few, free from blemish, take seriously to My Worship. Even if you merely chant 'SAI', 'SAI', I shall take you across the ocean. For I always drag My Devotee towards Me from far off places, or even across the seven seas like a sparrow heading to its nest with a string tied to its feet.

Believe these words and you will certainly be benefited. My Worship needs no elaborate rituals like SADHANAS (Spiritual Practices). I only rest where there is full sincere devotion and love.

Even if you merely utter My Name with Love, I shall fulfill all your wishes and increase your devotion. But if you earnestly sing about My Leelas Deeds or spread My MESSAGE, you will merge in My Grace. Have Patience (Saburi) Faith (Shraddha) in Me.

My sincere devotees shall always be saved or pulled out even from the jaws of Death. I run to help My Devotees in times of danger. All diseases shall vanish when My Leelas (Stories Teachings) are listened to respectfully, assimilated and meditated upon.

While attending to your worldly duties daily, the mind should THINK of the Sadguru and His Leelas and be blessed by Him.

If the devotee has sincere complete Faith in Me, his Mind will MERGE with the Supreme Consciousness. Even mere chanting of My Name, as Sai, will do away with the sins of speech and hearing. It will remove FEAR of the worldly existence and will lead you to the spiritual path, regardless of your caste, creed, or class.

Without God's Grace, there is no desire or even urge to listen to the Saint's stories. But with God's Grace everything is smooth and easy. Hearing these stories, one keeps company of the Saints that helps one become less conscious of one's body or its problems. It cuts asunder all attachments, destroying cycles of births and deaths and lifts one up to God who is pure Consciousness. In turn, detachment to the sense objects is increased, which makes one indifferent to the Pleasure or Pain and leads to Spiritual Path.

If you take refuge in the Saints, without any reservations, you will be carried off safely across the Ocean of Worldly Existence.


Believe Me, though I may pass away, My bones in My grave (Samadhi) will give you Hope and Confidence. Not only Myself but also My Tomb (Samadhi) would be speaking and communicating with all those who surrender themselves wholeheartedly to Me.

Do not be anxious even if I am not present here in Sagun (physical) Form. You will hear from My Bones speaking and discussing your welfare. But always remember Me. Believe in Me in heart and soul and then you will be greatly benefited.

Whatever happens, never DESERT your Guru; instead you should always remain at steady At-One-Ment with Him. Always remember that your Guru's loving glance gives you HAPPINESS.

Never try to get any Mantra from any one, but make Your Guru the sole object of your thoughts (meditations) and actions and you will no doubt attain 'PARAMARTHA.'

Look at Me with sincere Devotion and I, in turn, look at you likewise. Sitting in this Masjid (Sai's dwelling place), I speak the truth nothing but the TRUTH. Have FAITH CONFIDENCE in your Guru and know well that He is the Sole Actor or Doer.

BLESSED is the one who knows and recognizes the Greatness of His Guru and thinks of Him to be Hari, Hara Brahmah Incarnate (Trinity of Gods).

PATIENCE is the mine of Virtues and Consort of Good Thoughts. FAITH (Shraddha or Nishta) and PATIENCE (Saburi) are like the Twin Sisters loving each other very intimately.

PATIENCE can ferry you across the sea of mundane existence and can remove all sins, afflictions and get rid of calamities in various ways, besides casting aside all fears ultimately making for success.

There are innumerable Saints in this World but your Guru is the Real Guru, whose Message must never be forgotten when good messages are received from other Saints.

Bhagwat Gita (Sacred Book of Hindus) says disciple must completely surrender Body, Mind and Wealth (possessions) to the Guru to attain self- realization.

Love your Guru with all your heart and surrender prostrate before Him with reverence; then there will be no sea of Mundane Existence to cross over just as there is no darkness before the Sun.

All Sadhanas ( Spiritual Practices like Tapas--Penance, Yoga practices or studying Sacred Scriptures) are not just enough to attain Self-Realisation unless accompanied by BHAKTI (Devotion). Knowledge of Vedas or Great Jnani's reputation or mere formal Bhajan can achieve NOTHING without a firm Devotion (Bhakti).

Do not retaliate even if someone does any evil. If you must do anything, do some good unto others.

God lives in ALL BEINGS as well as in all Creatures, be they serpents or scorpions. He is the Great Wire-puller of the World and all beings and creatures merely obey His Commands.

Unless He WILLS it, no one can do any harm to anybody. The whole world is dependent on Him and no one is independent. So take pity on, or love, His Creatures, leave aside adventurous fights or killings and be patient. The Lord is the PROTECTOR of all.

One who loves Me intensely, always sees Me. To him this world is a desert without Me. I lead him to Self-Realisation. For I am dependent on him--one, who thinks and hungers only after Me, or who does not eat even a morsel of food without first offering it to Me.

Such a sincere devotee merges in Me like a river merging into a sea. So shake off any trace of pride or egoism, and surrender yourself to Me, who is always seated in your heart.

Do you always remember Me before meals? Am I not ALWAYS with you? Then do you offer Me everything before you eat?

Lord Hari would be very pleased with you if you give water to the THIRSTY, bread to the HUNGRY, clothes to the NAKED and shelter to the STRANGER for resting.

Know for certain that one, who FEEDS the hungry, really serves Me with food. Regard this as an ETERNAL TRUTH.


If any one wants money and you are not inclined to give, decline courteously. But do not be cross or harsh with him or make fun of him.

DEMOLISH this wall of difference separating you from Me and the Road will be clear and open for our meeting or union. This sense of differentiation, as thou, and I is the real barrier keeping the Disciple away from His Master and unless it is destroyed, the state of union or at-one-ment (attunement) cannot be attained.

God alone is the sole Protector. His Method is Unique, Extraordinary, Invaluable and Inscrutable. His WILL shall be done and He alone will show us the WAY to satisfy our Heart's Desires.

It is on account of previous cordial relationship (Rhinanubandan ) that we have come together again in this life too. Let us Love serve each other and be Happy. He who attains the Supreme Goal of Life becomes Immortal and Happy; all others merely exists in vain!

WEALTH should be the means to work out DHARMA (spiritual goal). It is wasted if used only for personal pleasures. Unless you have given it before, You do not expect to get it now. So the BEST WAY to receive is to FIRST GIVE. The giving away of DAKSHINA (donation) ( or in charity ) also develops non attachment (Vairagya) and increases Bhakti Jnanya. Give one to receive tenfold.

Let the senses do their allotted work of seeing. By all means appreciate Beauty of God's CREATION with a calm and steady mind. Why should one be afraid of anyone when his heart is pure and the thoughts are free of evil. The eyes may do their work of seeing Beauty in a woman or nature without being shy or restless. Make the mind DESIRELESS and observe GOD'S WORKS of Beauty without fear, sin, craving or attachment!

But whatever you may do remember that you cannot escape the consequences of your Actions (good or bad) committed either in this life itself or in your past life.

KARMA (actions) is the cause of happiness as well as SORROW too. One must therefore bear with it. GOD is the sole just Dispenser of Justice Protector too. Think of Him always. He will take care of you. Totally surrender to His feet with the body, mind, wealth and speech and then see what He does for you.

Mere READING of Spiritual Books will not be enough! The Teachings in them have to be practiced and lived. THINK PRACTISE what you read; otherwise it is useless. Mere learning without the Grace of Guru is of no use.

Wealth and Prosperity are TRANSIENT and the body is subject to death and decay. While knowing this, do your DUTY leaving all attachments to the things of this world and next. Anyone who does this and surrenders to the Sacred feet of Lord Hari (or call Him whatever you like), will get FREEDOM from all troubles and will ATTAIN BLISS.

The Lord runs to help one who remembers Him with Love and Affection and meditates on Him. Since your store of past Spiritual Merits was considerable, you have reached Shirdi (Place of Salvation). But can Shirdi (God) do anything if you ignore My MESSAGE and squander your only chance in criticizing others and looking down upon your brethren?

RAM and RAHIM are ONE the SAME without the slightest difference between them. Then why should their devotees (Hindus and Muslims) quarrel amongst themselves? Instead, the two communities must come closer and act sanely to achieve National Unity (for achieving political freedom from the British). It is neither good nor in their interest or welfare to fight, disputes, argue or emulate others. (Lokmanaya B. G. Tilak, the Father of Indian Unrest, visited Shirdi and called on Him on May 19th, 1917 to consult Him about his future course of action in the Struggle for Independence. He was advised to take rest.)


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