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Experience by Devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba

  Excerpts from Swami Interview

Fwd from: Bharathi Kasturi

This message comes from a YA (Sangeeta Lekhi) who was a member of a group that went to Puttaparthi with Hal Honig in Aug. 2001. This group received three interviews with Swami, and these questions & answers were from those interviews.

Questions and Answers with Sai

1. Swami: How many types of teachers?
- One who Complains.
- One who Explains.
- One who Inspires.

2. Devotee: How to develop Faith?
It happens like this:
- First Confidence, then Love, then Peace, Truth, Divinity, then God.
Devotee: How to develop confidence?
- Believe that God is inside you.

3. Devotee: How to kill the ego?
- Look inside, see me in conscience, not physical eye, but inner I.

4. Devotee: How to quiet the mind?
- That's easy, just stop your thoughts!
Devotee: Then how to stop our thoughts?
- Work more, think less.

5. Swami: What is happiness?
- It is "union" with God.

6. Swami: What is meditation?
- Devotee: Concentrating on God.
- Swami: No, Concentration is below the senses, Meditation is going beyond the senses.

7. Devotee: I meditate on Your form, Swami
- Swami: No, no forms. All forms are temporary, even this form.

8. Devotee: How to clear misunderstandings?
- When there is misunderstanding, explain that this is not so.

9. Devotee: Swami, how to improve your center in NYC?
Members come and go.
- I have no center, it is here (pointing at His heart).

10. Devotee: Swami, how to dedicate one's life in serving You?
- Dedicating is a bad word, who are you dedicating to?
You are God. How can you dedicate yourself to yourself?
- Just do work.

11. Swami: What is the way to immortality?
- Removal of immorality is the way to immortality.

12. Devotee: How to surrender?
- You don't have control over your mind, you don't have control over your body; so, what can you surrender?
- First control the senses, then surrender.

13. Devotee: About marriage?
- If you like someone and the parents approve, then marry. Otherwise, no 'friendships' - they waste time, don't waste time.

14. Devotee: Swami, how to carry You at all times?
- Repeat to yourself, "I am I" (SOHUM).

15. Devotee: What type of service should we do?
- Serve the poor, elderly, diseased.
- Don't give money to the poor, they drink alcohol, and come home and fight.
- Give food to the hungry, and clothe the poor.
- Any type of service that is from the heart, I bless.

16. Devotee: Swami, please give a message.
- I'm not giving any more message, My Life is My Message!

17. Devotee: Swami, can we take you back with us?
- I am always ready (holding out His hand).
- I am always here (pointing to His heart).

18. Swami: What is my message?
- Devotee: Love.

Swami's Words
- To do service, you don't need grace, you need desire.
- Computer, calculator, TV - not good, waste of time.
- Mind is the best computer.
- Anger is the nature of a dog. When you are angry, repeat, "I am not a dog, I am Man."
- Do not give money to friends, it breaks relationships.
- Don't waste money, time, energy, food.
- With the right heart, even doing housework is service.
- First be, then do, then say.
- All work is Sai work.

Source: http://www.geocities.com/saicenter_us/snl/snl_102701.htm

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