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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Teachings

  Cosmic wisdom by Swami's Teaching

"Where is the Supreme Divinity? It is omnipresent. But not recognizing this truth, people pray to God in various ways....Hence, God is a permanent Witness. He has no attributes. He has no specific form. He can assume any form.... The Divine is in forms and is formless. He is with and without attributes." (Excerpts from: Sri Bhagawan Sathya Sai Baba. SSS. Vol. 28.Chapter 5).

     Vedic wisdom entwined with Divine vibrations what reflect from Swami's Teaching is the real Divine power directed to human beings to acknowledge their Atmic reality where a mighty Divine energy and possibilities of its realisation is hidden.

     Atma, Brahman what by modern science and Vedas also identified as the cosmic consciousness, is inherent in space through infinite kinds of vibrations what penetrates all structures in the Universe from elementary particles and cells to galaxies on the deep levels.

     Physicists have learned to synthesize elements (atoms) and add them to the Periodic Table of elements by Dimitri Mendeleyev. However, anybody from human beings cannot synthesize the primary vibration Atma as the Divine force that has created these atoms as material clusters for ostensible (Maya) reality. Confident of the Self - it is to be aware of the Oneness of Atmic reality. Only in human beings Atma exists in the state what can reveal itself through awareness.

     Quite significant standpoint of modern science is the concept of the Holographic Universe. It is in accord with Vedic wisdom and Swami's teaching. Humans’ consciousness is expressed by enumerable holographic patterns of Atma (Absolute, God). The patterns are fully depend on Absolute, the Creator. Patterns cannot add anything neither to themselves, nor to Absolute. (All is the Divine Will). The ideal that patterns (the divine sparks) are aware of their state. It helps them to reach to the harmony with the Absolute, God and so to sustain the Great Order of the Universe - the Divine Will.

      "This Avatar will possess great energy, great intelligence and great powers. He will restore order and peace in the world. This Avatar will inaugurate a new era of truth, and will be surrounded by spiritual people. He will roam over the earth adored by the spiritual people. The people of the earth will imitate this Avatar's conduct, and there will be prosperity and peace.... In truth you cannot understand the nature of My Reality, either today, or even after a thousand years of steady austerity or ardent inquiry, even if all mankind joins in that effort. But, in a short time, you will become cognizant of the Bliss showered by the Divine Principle." (Excerpts from the message: From: saidevotees_worldnet@yahoogroups.com
Saturday, July 26, 2003 8:24 AM – Subject: PEARLS OF SWAMI'S MESSAGES Part II). 

     Every day the science comes closer to the statement of the phenomena and events that confirm the deep truth of Vedic wisdom which is expressed through Divine illumination of Swami's Teaching. In the world of modern science exist a phenomenon (let they be in the form of hypotheses) which are as the pictorial evidences of His Work and Prophecies.

    Swami's Teaching guide humans not only through words but also through Divine vibrations of His scriptures to discover their inner reality. In the light of these vibrations a human being can more easily to reach to the awareness of unity of the Self - Atma (Brahman). He/she as will become a co-partner with the Creator, by its own personal unique way. Swami has repeated about it in His Discourses from different angles many times.

    In general today the humans’ path to the awareness of Self-confidence and also to a more understandable ecological consciousness is jet long. Some examples and explanations by Swami:

     "At a recent meeting in Bangalore, a devotee said: "I am constantly bathing in the river of life flowing in Bangalore". But where is this river of life to be found in Bangalore? He indicated that he considered the drainage water in the city as life-giving River. It flows on forever and is never dry. It is no wonder that people bathing in such "life-giving" rivers are full of diseases.

     What are the causes of the maladies afflicting people today? Impure air, polluted water, adulterated foodstuffs, etc. Nor is that all. Even the minds are polluted. These mental ailments are the cause of man's degradation. Most of the diseases are caused by aberrations of the mind. Ninety per cent of the diseases are psychological. Constant thinking about one's health is also the cause of many diseases. 

     The mind has thus a vital role in one's health or illness. That was why the sages declared: "The mind is the cause of men's bondage or liberation." When the mind is directed towards sacred things, everything in a man's life becomes sacred. In such a state, all that you think, see or hear becomes pure and sacred. 

      Men must recognize that the body becomes a sacred shrine (Kshetra) because the indweller is God (Kshetrajna). To know that God is the indweller will free a person from all bad qualities." (Excerpts in form of tiny compilation from Swami's Discourse: Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. "Quest for Truth" 9 July 1998, Prashanthi Nilayam). 

     "Self-Realisation should be Goal of human existence. It has to be reached through three stages: Self-confidence, self-satisfy and self-sacrifice. Man should regard himself as the master of the body, the senses and the mind. He has to use the intellect to experience his oneness with the divine, the cosmic all-pervading consciousness."(Excerpts from: Sathya Sai Baba. SSS. Vol. 29. Chapter 10).

     Swami's Teaching gives a bright inspiration to expand and foster spiritual, Atmic awareness among humans, especially among the persons busy on the area of different sciences. The aim of such activity is to call one's attention to the constructive use of technology and scientific discoveries according to the rules of Universal Human Values and Divine Harmony where spirituality and science is integrated into one entity.

     Namaste - Reet

Source: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/saidevotees_worldnet/message/920

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