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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Stories and Parables

  Stories of Rama and Krishna
(Sai Baba materialized historical relics of Rama and Krishna)

Here is a newsletter from a Parthi student. Please relish.



We used to sit with Bhagawan to listen to the stories of Rama and Krishna.

Bhagawan narrated some stories which were not recorded in the Puranas. Surpanaka after being punished by Lakshmana did tapas and her desire was fulfilled when she was born as Kubja and was blessed by Lord Krishna in the Dwapara Yuga. The dhobi who spoke ill of Sita in Rama Avatar was born as a dhobi in Dwapara Yuga and was killed by Krishna when he was taking clothes from Krishna's palace. In the kingdom named Avanthi, there were six powerful and ferocious bulls, which were harassing and killing many people. The king made an announcement that whoever would subdue the bulls would be given half the kingdom and the king's daughter Bhadra in marriage. One day Krishna along with Satyaki single-handedly subdued the bulls by the horns, swung and hit them on the ground and killed them. The king gave his daughter in marriage to Krishna and presented a ring. Bhagawan created the ring and showed to us. It had bullhead shape and there were 18 gems (diamonds) studded in it in making horns, eyes, nose etc. Bhagawan mentioned that the figure 18 is very significant in Mahabarata. There are 18 chapters in Bhagawat Gita and 18 Akshaunis army participated in the Kurukshetra battle.

One day Bhagawan narrated the story of Revathi. Her father Kushasma was the king of Kushasthali. Once he was defeated by Rakshasas. He went to forest and performed Tapas. Brahma appeared and the king prayed for the bright future for his only daughter, Revathi. Brahma gave a medallion, which contained a golden Hamsa fixed on a gold base. "Ask your daughter to wear this. The person who defeats your daughter in a single combat will be her husband. He will bring back your kingdom." Revathi learnt both secular knowledge and martial arts under Sandeepani. Revathi was an expert in mace fight. Balarama was the only one equal to her. He defeated her in the combat. Along with Krishna, Balarama defeated the Dhanavas and gave back the kingdom to Kushama. Later Balarama was weded to Revathi. Bhagawan created the Hamsa ornament and showed to us. In the stomach of the Hamsa Bhagawan's head was there! One day Bhagawan narrated the story of Kamsa. His father-in-law Jarasandha performed Aswamedha Yaga. He requested Kamsa to go behind the Yagnasva to conquer the opposed kings. He gave a ring Vijayanguli (given to him by Lord Shiva) to Kamsa. The person wearing it will be victorious in the battle. After the Yaga the ring was with Kamsa. Bhagawan materialised this ring also. It was a big ring with a green gem.

(from SAINANDANA by Swami's students)

Love all serve all.

Source: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/saisruthi/message/197

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