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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Stories and Parables

  The lesson of a saint

There was a saint by name Thiruvalluvar. Initially he was a weaver. He used to weave just one sari per day, sell it in the bazaar and earn money for his family. Good and bad would exist together. It would be impossible to separate them. In the same village there was the son of a rich man who was wasting his time wandering aimlessly. Where there is money there is ego. Ego gives rise to many bad qualities. Once the money is lost all bad qualities too disappear. One day the rich man's son came to Thiruvalluvar and asked for the price of the sari. Thiruvalluvar said it cost four rupees. The boy was known for his arrogance and pride. He picked up the sari, tore it into two pieces and asked for the price of one piece. Thiruvalluvar replied, it cost two rupees as he had made the sari into two halves. The boy tore it again into another piece and asked for the price. Thiruvalluvar replied that the price was one rupee. This brought about a transformation in the mind of the boy. He wondered how the businessman was calm and composed even after he tore the sari into pieces. Then the boy fell at Thiruvalluvar's feet and repented for his behavior. The boy said due to his pride and arrogance he made this mistake. Then he went to his father, got the required money, kept it at the feet of Thiruvalluvar. Many such great saints lived in Tamil Nadu who set an ideal to the society. Their statues are installed and adored. It is not their statues that are important, but their teachings. The best way to propagate their teachings is to practice them.

Sri Sathya Sai Baba

From the Divine Discourse "Devotion, Duty and Discipline." 12 Oct 1998, Prashanti Nilayam

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