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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Service Activities

  Hospital Statistics, May 2005
Statistics of the Sri Sathya Sai Hospitals


Cumulative Statistics from 19th Jan 2001 to 31st March 2005.
Cardiac Surgeries: 5,228
Cardiac Catheterisation: 9,833 [4,595-Diagnostic; 5,238-Interventional]
Neuro Surgeries:4,628
CT Scans: 15,071
MRI Exams: 17,261

Cumulative Statistics from 22nd Nov 1991 to 31st Jan 2005.
Heart Surgeries: 14572
Cath Procedures: 14987
Urology Surgeries: 25490
Ophthalmology Surgeries: 25140
CT Scans: 4000

 A Story


This is a unique case pertaining to three members of a family: two sisters and one brother, all three having congenital heart diseases. Basheer, Fauzia and Zohra are all patients in the SSSIHMS for acyanotic heart disease. This is a rare case where the same congenital abnormality has affected three of a family. The condition was diagnosed to be Patent Ductus Arteriosus commonly called PDA. Like any disease its progress only foretold a limited quality of life for all the three.

They are from a very poor family hailing from the village Perla near Kasargoud. The father of the family has four children, two boys and two girls. Imagine his condition when he knew that three out of his four children suffered from a malady that could only be cured by medical intervention. All three of them had breathing problems and difficulty while walking.

Further, they had to run from pillar to post for raising funds to obtain treatment. They had to go to Mangalore, about 80 kms away to consult a cardiologist. It was at this juncture, they came to know about SSSIHMS, Bangalore through some devotees.

The three patients arrived at the hospital on 27.12.01 for check up and treatment. Basheer was operated on for PDA or Patent Ductus Arteriosus on 25.01.02. The second sister Fauzia was operated on 21.06.04. The other sister Zohra also has undergone operation for PDA on 25.06.04.

Here is a case where all three siblings have benefited from Swami?s benevolence and have been able to improve the quality of their lives.


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