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  Giving Life and more...

Source: Radio Sai E-Magazine, November 1, 2003

Talk a while to her, and you will realize that, 18-year-old Noor is a bright girl. She never had much of schooling, though. After her fifth class, she labored as a farmhand, to support the family, to get her older sisters married. Work in the village fields was never easy for her. The slightest bit of exertion would lead to bouts of gasping and palpitations. Fatigue would wear her down, and even eating became arduous. The doctor in the nearby town sounded the death knell for Noor, when he said that, she had a serious heart problem- an obstruction to blood outflow from the heart. How could a family that earned barely Rs.50 a day, afford a heart surgery that cost over a lakh? But the very same doctor asked the family to rush to Baba's Hospital in Puttaparthi (The doctor was a Sai Devotee, himself!). Today, after her surgery in the SSSIHMS, Noor smiles and says that she is all set to support her family again. " We owe it all to Bhagawan. If not for His Hospital, our daughter would have had no future. I can think of her Nikah now, and get her to start a family of her own!" says Noor's mother, with a newfound hope in her eyes. This devout Muslim lady loves Prasanthi Nilayam, and even attended the Vijay Dashami celebrations, to have the Darshan of the Lord, who gave her love and hope, though His Hospital.

Tulasi's pain was almost unbearable. But even more, was the fact that she could not cook for her husband and three sons. Tulasi's oldest boy did the cooking, while she watched and writhed. Her blood pressure rocketed and she often became breathless. Her husband, a farmer, spent a fortune to get her angiogram done in the district hospital, only to find out that her heart was normal. The CT scan that followed shocked the couple. Tulasi was found to have a potentially malignant tumor in her kidney- a Pheochromocytoma. The cost of the operation, in the cancer center at Hyderabad, was far from affordable. They returned home in despair, to wait for the possibly life-threatening tumor to take its toll. Tulasi's younger brother had heard from the "Sai Bhajan Group" in his village, about a Sai Hospital, where all were treated for free. He came to Puttaparthi with his sister. Two days of consultation and tests in the Department of Urology were followed by immediate surgery. The tumor was excised. Her brother can't hide his joy. "I now know why they call Him, God! It is like a temple here. The doctors, sisters and volunteers are so wonderful." The housewife is now happy on the road to recovery. She just can't wait to get back to her village in West Godavari and do some cooking!

A kerosene lamp tipped over on the bed of an 18 day old baby…. "That was the fateful moment that charred me for a lifetime. I don't even remember what my face was like, before that!", says Binoy. Binoy's village in Orrisa did not have even a dispensary, where his parents could take him, to treat the second-degree burns, on his face. "Growing up was never easy. I had a very few friends; a burnt face, without a nose, is unsightly to look at!" Binoy decided to wait till he was old enough, to undergo a reconstruction surgery for his nose. He taught students, to earn money for his college education and also save up for the expensive plastic surgery that he planned to have. " I went to various hospital's in my state and saw that the results of reconstruction surgeries there, were far from good. I had lost all hope of finding a good surgeon. It was then that I met Sri.Naik, the Convener of the Sathya Sai Organization in my town. He told me to go to the plastic surgeon in Baba's Hospital. The word is around that he is excellent!", Binoy recounts. Today the young software engineer is grateful to Dr. Reddy, for his skilled hands, and Swami, for His miraculous Hospital! He smiles with a confidence he has never known before, and says, "Baba has given me this nose…and a lot more!"

Chiran is a cherubic boy from Madhya Pradesh. This smart and active 11-year-old had trouble catching up with his friends at play. He would sit down breathless and exhausted when he tired to do so. Father was devastated to learn that little Chiran had a hole in his heart, made worse by leak of the adjoining valve. Yadav could not even dream of earning the exorbitant sum he would have to pay for his son's operation. At work in the field, the next day, he told his fellow labourer and friend, Hari Lal, about his son's condition. Hari Lal revealed that there was a Hospital in South India that treated totally free, and confessed that he had himself been operated for kidney stones, in that Hospital! He asked Yadav to take his son there immediately. Yadav had to save for three months before finally making it to the 'Free Hospital', with his son. Today, after his operation, Chiran is all excited and ready to beat his friends at play. He softly whispers into his father's ears, " Papa, I want to become a doctor!"…
With tears in his eyes, the father can only exclaim, " This place is Heaven!"

(Names have been changed to protect the patients' confidentiality)

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