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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Service Activities

  Chollammarri project 

With Bhagawan's direct guidance and instructions, our GST started its trust activities in Chollammarri village cluster of Roddam mandalam in Anantapur district. Historically the activities included (1) cultivation of animal fodder (2) repairing a 4 km stretch of the access road (3) reviving the defunct telephone access (4) repeatedly conducting medical camps (5) repeatedly conducting veterinary camps (6) developing a rural seva center (7) working with youth on self employment matters etc.

In continuation of this infrastructure and long-term oriented projects, and in keeping with Swami’s directives, agricultural activities were also cognized and planned. When we received word that ICRISAT, a Hyderabad based UN organization which does arid land farming research, showed interest in working with the GST, we immediately leveraged this opportunity and proposed to conduct some experimental programs in village cluster of Chollammari. To get a feel for the interest levels of the farmers, two - three months ago we conducted a "raytu mela" (a farmer's meet). The attendees showed great interest in agri technologies like (1) bio fertilizers, (2) vermi composting, (3) intercropping, (4) replenishment of micro nutrient etc. Coupling the interest levels of the Chollammarri farmers with that of the ICRISAT scientists we developed a agri pilot program.

After informing Swami, on July 2nd, 2005, this past weekend, we yet again visited Chollammari and signed up farmers for a few pilot activities. Briefly the idea was to earmark about 10 acres of farmland in Chollammarri and grow crops like Ground Nut, Pigeon Pea and Castor, with new seed varieties, and that too in ways that would increase their yields.

On July 3rd, 2005, we got ICRISAT scientist to visit the village(rs) and deliver the new breed of seed. By organizing another "raytu samelana" (a get-together of farmers) we were able to instruct the farmers about the project and its expectations. After having their buy in, we, in collaboration with ICRISAT scientist, distributed a new variety of seed. Overall we were able to reach out to 24 farmers for this type of agri experimentation. The expected completion period for this project is 6 months. In the meantime, GST will track the progress and give timely agri advice to these farmers.

The uniqueness of this project is that it directly connects with and involves the farmer. Unlike our other projects, the major doer of work in this project is the beneficiary and not the sevadal!

While this agri pilot program in Chollammarri is far from over, even at this early stage we are thankful to Bhagawan for giving us this opportunity, and pray to Him for continued strength and guidance in making this (and other projects) fruitful.

Jai Sai Ram!!

Courtesy: Hyderabadcityyouth, Yahoo! Group -  July 15, 2005


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