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Baba’s Charitable Works

Source: http://www.saibaba-aclearview.com/contents2.htm

by R. D. Awle

[Copyright 2001. Dated August 2001.
This material may be downloaded, reproduced and distributed freely, as long as the source is clearly attributed.]

In addition to His ashrams, Sai Baba runs a vast network of charitable organizations, including two of the finest hospitals in India, where all services, including open heart surgery, are provided free of charge to all.  The hospitals’ success rate is phenomenal.  Someone asked Baba, “Why do You build hospitals when you can cure anyone with Your miraculous powers?”  He replied, “Yes, I can cure any disease instantly.  But for that the person must have total faith in me.  Most people in this age have more faith in doctors and operations than they have in God.  So I give them what they have faith in.  But it is My hand that does the operations!”  (Hence the success rate!)  

Baba's 'Super Specialty Hospital' in Puttaparthi   

In addition, Baba has created a vast water supply system for a draught-stricken area in South India, and also founded an extremely high-quality, comprehensive educational system, from kindergarten to post-graduate levels, with all tuition provided at no cost.  Each year the Sai Schools turn out the finest graduates in India, young men and women not only established in academic excellence, but rooted in self-discipline, integrity and spiritual wisdom. 

There are also Sri Sathya Sai schools operating in a number of other countries, and over five hundred schools around the globe utilizing Baba’s “Education in Human Values” curriculum.  A Sathya Sai School in Zambia has been dubbed “the Miracle School” by the Zambian press, because it accepts only students who have flunked out or been expelled by other schools, and yet consistently turns them into the best students in the nation.  How is it done?  The students do long periods of interfaith devotional singing each day, receive a steady dose of Baba’s ‘human values’ curriculum, and are disciplined only with Love.  (I'd bet they're also receiving huge doses of Baba's Grace, wouldn't you?)

Baba has recently constructed a beautiful College of Music near the Prashanti Nilayam ashram.  (Does anyone else hear harp music?)



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