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  Sai Pearls of Wisdom - 26
March 3, 2004

Professor Anil Kumar has presented this talk as an extra satsang. He has selected important messages Baba has imparted to the students gathered around Him during the afternoon sessions on the verandah at Prashanti Nilayam. These talks will continue.



"Sai Pearls of Wisdom"
Part 26

March 3rd, 2004


Sai Ram

With Pranams at the Lotus Feet of Bhagavan,

Dear Brothers and Sisters,


Swami addressed teachers from the Anantapur campus on 25th January 2004. The members of the faculty from the Anantapur campus had training there for three days. Bhagavan graciously permitted them to have their valedictory function here, in Prashanti Nilayam, so they all came here. Suddenly, I got the intimation that I was to make my appearance for my professional duty as a translator.

The most important points, which He informed the teachers of, will certainly be useful to all the devotees, in particular, those in the teaching profession. I would like to share what He said.

One: A teacher should love his profession. A teacher should love his students. With that, he will be able to discharge things expected of him to the best of his ability. Unless there is love, he cannot please anybody and his teaching will also be useless. Goods are better delivered with the spirit of love.

Two: The teachers have to teach the students the spirit of oneness. All are one; we are not divided on grounds of religion, colour and nationality. We belong to the caste of humanity. We should never allow ourselves to be divided. This point has to be made clear. With gold, you can make a ring. The same gold can be melted and you can make it in the form of an earring. The name and the form of the jewels change, but the gold is the same. Similarly, we may be different nationalities and different for several reasons. But, basically we belong to the human race and the human community. This oneness has to be taught to the students.

Three: The spirit of patriotism should be inculcated into students committed to our care. They may be from any country. Americans should be taught to love America. Germans should be taught to love Germany. You should love your country. You should love your culture. You should be committed to your country. The teachers should include the spirit of patriotism in the minds of the students whenever an opportunity comes. This is very essential.

Four: Unity is very necessary because all teachers, students, parents, management and administration, all sections have only one goal; that is the dissemination of knowledge. We watch our children's progress, their advancement and their character. There should be a unifying factor. Under no circumstances, should we be divided.

"I want you"

Then Bhagavan said, "I love you very much. If you start doing your duty, I am ready to give you anything that you want. Anything! I take care of you, your families and your health. Swami will always support you. Remember this point!"

This gives us a conviction and courage to stand by our own selves with the support of God, because that day, Bhagavan gave His assurance.

Then someone asked, "Bhagavan, how is Your health now?"

He said, "Nothing had happened to Me. I am fine! I am fine!"

Someone else asked, "When will You come to normal walk?"

"I am walking. I am fine," He said.

He says nothing had happened to Him. He says that He is fine.

Then somebody said, "Swami, we want You."

Baba replied, "I want you! I want you!"

Bhagavan also conveyed one thing to the teachers, which I want to bring to your notice. When He was just about to leave the interview room, He said, "Understand that God is in everybody in the form of 'I'."

When I say, "Who are you?" you reply, "I am so-and-so." Everyone says 'I'. This 'I' is Divinity in you. This 'I' is common to everybody. Once we understand this commonness of 'I' in everyone, we stand united.

Bhagavan also said to those teachers, "For three days, you have had a conference on education in human values. Do you think that you are importing values from anywhere? Where are the human values? Are you learning them? You are a human being, right! So, you were born with human values. A tree is not acquiring the quality of a tree. An animal is not learning the quality of an animal. So, also a human being need not learn human qualities, because he is already born with them."

What we are trying to do in a teacher's conference is just remind ourselves of these human values, which are latent in us, which have been there all along. That's all! The job of a teacher is to bring out those values, which are already present in the children.

Bhagavan also said, "This is the task for which I have come - to remind you of your value, to remind you of your Divinity. Whoever does this job will have My bounteous blessings." These are the things that Bhagavan told the teachers that day.

Bhagavan's wedding gift for a student's sister

I am also happy to let you know that Bhagavan did two important miracles that day. Having come out of the interview room, suddenly, He called one boy. Then, He just looked at him and took the wedding card he had for his sister.

The boy said, "Swami, this is my sister's wedding card."

"OK," He said and told the boy to go and sit.

The boy went and sat in the tenth or fifteenth row, which was his seat that day. At the end of arati, he finds there in another cover, the Mangalasutra, the sacred knot or the golden chain, which is given to the bride on the wedding day. The boy was thrilled and he told me.

I was very excited to hear this. I have been sharing this with as many groups as possible because you must have understood my temperament. I cannot be at peace unless I share whatever I know with everybody. Yes, it is the greatest delight!

Another Vibhuthi wonder

I can also share with you another miracle. There is a district by the name Khammam about a fifteen hours drive from here. There is a very small village close to Khammam by the name Chilukuru. Our seva dals went there and started doing some service. They noticed a Hanuman temple there, which was dilapidated and neglected. There was no priest, no daily worship, nothing whatsoever. So, the seva dals cleaned the whole premises; they whitewashed the whole temple. While they were there, they kept Baba's picture.

From Bhagavan's picture, vibhuthi started flowing continuously. Those seva dals were immensely happy for the kindness of Bhagavan, approving and accepting their service to Hanuman. In doing this, Swami was establishing that He and Hanuman are one and the same.

The seva dals also did bhajans there in the temple premises. They saw Baba's face in the photo, full red in colour. Normally, Hanuman's face is smeared with the red colour (vermillion), as most of us must have seen. They noticed the same thing on Baba's face. I also wanted to share this had happened.

Spiritual conversations

Now, I want to bring to your attention to an interesting conversation I had with some friends on 7th February 2004. I was so happy to talk with them, and after it, I informed Swami about it. He was very happy. He heard all that I said, and at the end He said, "You learn from them. They are far better than you." I was happy to hear those comments from Bhagavan because it is so nice to be corrected.

Bhagavan always says, "Those who are under the lamp cannot see the light because they are standing under the shade. The lotus flower will be able to attract bees from a long distance. Yet, the frogs and snakes surrounding the flower do not know its value. Similarly, those of you who are staying with Me, you do not know My value. Foreigners coming from long distances, they know My value more than all of you."

This is not simply a compliment to foreigners. It is hundred-percent truth. I know because the places I visited abroad and the people that I talked with certainly certify what Bhagavan said.

As I said earlier, I do not mind repeating: No one is a foreigner here in Prashanti Nilayam. No one is a foreigner. It is the wrong thing to say. Those who have not come here are foreigners. Those who have not seen Baba are foreigners. We all belong to Him. He is our Father. How can you say that they are foreigners? I do not accept it.

Moreover, the Self in you, the spirit in you, the consciousness in you, the Atma in you is very much the same in everybody. We belong to the kingdom of spirit, the kingdom of heaven. How can there be a foreigner in the kingdom of heaven? We are all one. That's what I sincerely believe.

In this context, a funny thing happened. I met some devotees from different countries. Somehow, I was just passing by them for my usual evening walk. Suddenly they said, "Anil Kumar, why don't you spend some time with us?" Naturally, I went there.

I asked them, "If you allow me, I would like to interview each one of you. Would you like to answer my questions?"

They said, "Why not? We will happily do it."

Mind you, I informed Swami of these things. That's why I am sharing this with everybody here. The questions I put to our friends and the answers that they gave, I am sure, will be highly profitable to everybody.

I have nothing to ask - Fathima

The first devotee belongs to Brazil. Her name is Fathima. She is a school administrator. She runs some of the educational institutions there in Brazil. I asked her some questions and she gave wonderful answers. Swami was very happy to hear those answers.

The following are the questions and the answers:

Anil: "Is this the first time that you have come here? Would you tell me your experience please?"

Fathima: "Yes! This is my first visit. If you ask me to give my experiences, one experience is this: When I have Bhagavan's darshan, I feel as though I am receiving energy from Him. I am very energetic now. I am very enthusiastic after having had Bhagavan's darshan."

(When I told this to Swami, He was immensely happy. My conclusion to this answer is this: We should also be ready to receive that energy. We should be sensitive. We should be receptive. We should be prepared to receive. That lady, a great devotee, was so sensitive with an open mind and heart that she could receive Bhagavan's energy. That's really fantastic.)

Anil: "What desires do you have to place in front of Bhagavan if you are given the chance?" (Look at this. Ah! What an answer she gave!)

Fathima: "Truly speaking, Mr. Anil Kumar, I don't desire anything." (I don't think there is at least one in ten thousand who would say that.)

"I have nothing to ask; I am desire-less. And I do not even desire an interview. No! What I do desire is this – to improve the spirit of love within me, and share that love with everybody around. That's what I want. Nothing more is required."

(When I said this to Swami, He said, "See, those people don't have desires. You fellows are full of desires. There is no end at all. That is the level of their devotion.") (Laughter)

Anil: "Being this is your fist visit here, what are taking from here, Prashanti Nilayam?" (Oh! What a wonderful answer she gave!)

Fathima: "The sweet Name of the Lord and His beautiful Form, His wonderful teachings and a number of books on Sai literature. I am taking these things with me. That's all. I do not want anything else."

Anil: "Going back to your place, what do you want to do there? You have been here in Prashanti Nilayam for quite some time. You say that Bhagavan very well influenced you. What is it that you propose to do back in your native place?"

Fathima: "Mr. Kumar, I am very anxious to take to the process of meditation. I want to spend a long time in meditation. I am very much determined to transform myself. I have realised that I need purity of mind. I will work on myself. I have determined to turn my mind inward so that I will have the experience of my consciousness or Atma. I want to do this back in my native place."

That is the level of a devotee, I tell you. Really I was wonderstruck! I know that each and every one of you also is of that standard. This is only a random sample, which I am giving. You are also great. (Laughter)

Anil: "How are you feeling meeting me here now? This is North 5 block evening time. We are sitting under the tree. It is nice meeting you. How do you feel here now?"

Fathima: "Mr. Anil Kumar, I feel I am light; I am unburdened; I have no more worries and anxieties; I am very happy. My only wish is have this spirit of being light in weight, without carrying a head-load of worries. I want to experience the same thing at my native place. Let me be as light as possible even there also."

Anil: "What are the things that you have observed here which you want to implement there?"

Fathima: "Two things I have learned, which I want to faithfully implement there. One is faith in Swami, unwavering faith, steady faith in Swami. The other is love. These two things, I want to implement there. I want to share them with my colleagues all over the country. I want everybody to realise that we are all bound by Divine energy. We are all united by Divine energy; therefore, we should never be divided. Divine energy unites us. We should be conscious of this fact. This is the true relationship. Having been united by Divine energy, we are all one. This has to be realised and experienced by everybody."

Anil: "Madame, after you go home, what will be the first noticeable change that could happen in your lifestyle?"

Fathima: "I have one maid servant. She does a lot of work, cleaning and cooking. She is a caretaker; she does all the work. After having come to Swami, I have decided to love her, to have some sympathy, to have some kind of forbearance, to have the spirit of tolerance for her and co-operate with her. I have decided that I should help her more than I have been and I should also serve her now and then. She has been serving me. I should also serve her. This is what I will be doing immediately after going there."

Anil: "You appear to have learned many things here. We are very happy about it. But let me ask you one plain question. What is the thing that you observed, which will be difficult to practise there? Out of all that you learned, what is it that will very difficult to practise there at your place?"

Fathima: "To get rid of my ego. It is the toughest problem."

Anil: "How do you know?"

Fathima: "I had an opportunity to serve in the Westerner's canteen. I was serving and suddenly we came to know that Swami's car was coming to that side. I left my work and came out of the canteen, so that I could look at Swami and Swami could look at me. However, He did not turn His face towards me. He turned His face the opposite direction, as if I was a non-entity. For the first time, I learned that I should be egoless."

(She also confessed that it is the ego that stands between God and herself. To break this ego is a tough job.)

Anil: "I may be wrong, but I think, your country is full of people who are worldly, materialistic. Do you think that there is an over-dosage of spirituality in Prashanti Nilayam? How are you going to balance the extra dose of spirituality here and the over-dosage of materialism there? How will you establish balance?"

Fathima: " Mr. Kumar, I do not think that materialism and spirituality are contradictory. I don't think they are opposite. They are complimentary. They go together, hand-in-hand."

She gave one example from her life. She has three daughters. She holds a very big position, with status and she is quite rich, with no idea of what service is. Unfortunately, when she was travelling by car, she met with an accident and she was hospitalised for six months. Everybody served her. Her three daughters served her most faithfully and affectionately.

She told me, "It was the first time that I realised the value of service. Everyone needs to serve because later we may need to be served. The need of service, the importance of service, I have learned here. Furthermore, I am also convinced that if I serve, Bhagavan will take care of my family. If I serve Him, the Lord will take care of everything else. Therefore, if we move in the world with God in our heart, we will not find anything contradictory in His world. We will not find materialism and spirituality running in opposite directions. They are not opposite polarities. No! They are just parallel, running hand-in-hand."

I see Him in my heart - Jovan

Then I talked to a second person sitting there. His name was Jovan. He is a geologist. He hails from a place close to Croatia by the name Serbia. I also shared with Swami the answers he gave to my questions.

Anil: "Brother, how many times have you visited Bhagavan?"

Jovan: "This is my third visit. I feel like visiting this place again and again because I am drawn, I am attracted by His magnetic Love. I believe that I could visit this place repeatedly because of His grace. I pray to Him that He will bless me with many more opportunities of being here in the future as well."

Anil: "All right! Congratulations for having made three successful trips to this place. You are really a chosen devotee. Undoubtedly, you are quite a lucky one. But, I am inquisitive to know what had happened at the end of every visit? How were you benefited by each visit?"

Jovan: "The first time I looked at Bhagavan, I saw my father in Him. I felt as though my father had been waiting for a long time to receive me. I felt that my dream had been realised. In fact, the first time I saw Bhagavan's photo, tears started rolling on my face. I did not know how it happened! I could not control this until I made my trip to Prashanti Nilayam. That was my first experience here."

"In the second trip, I had the blessing of being granted an interview. Swami gave me an interview and I had padnamaskar seven times!" (This man counted also! Good!) "My joy knew no bounds that I could have that infinite happiness. How can I experience all this? During my second visit, I saw Baba as my mother. I experienced all the love, concern, care, everything."

"At the end of my third trip, I developed a feeling that no anxiety, no worry, nothing whatsoever would bother me. There is someone to rely on, someone to depend on and someone to take care of my life. At the end of the third visit, I am so happy."

Anil: "Well, OK! How do you experience Baba at your native place, Serbia?"

Jovan: "Again and again, Swami appears in my dreams. He conveys messages to me, giving me direction and guidance whenever I need it. He solves many of my life problems. In fact, I have no words to thank Him for all the guidance, for all the direction that He has mercifully given to me. I also remember one statement that Baba made to me, which is ringing in my ears until this date."

Anil: "What is that?"

Jovan: "'Long life is not important. Divine life is important. It is not important how long you live. It is more important how spiritually you live, how religiously you live, how you practise your sadhana during this life span. That is more important.' Since then, I decided to practise His teachings both in word and deed."

(Swami was telling me, "See how those people are reacting. Because of their devotion, they are getting such wonderful feelings. You fellows are empty.")

Anil: "Sir, if there is no objection, would you like to share one of your experiences with us?"

Jovan: "Once I had to land at Frankfurt to catch my next flight. As you know, Frankfurt is a very big airport with so many gates and so many flights just going and coming, like mosquitoes over here. Believe me, the gate I had to go to happened to be 108. This thrilled me. Then another time, I missed my flight and I could not have my baggage with me. I missed my baggage. It took two days and Lufthansa Airlines paid me some amount towards the delay. They paid in Deutschemarks, 108 again! Well, I was speechless. Then I joined a new company. Every employee has a number, and my number is 108! I do not think all this is a matter of coincidence. No! It is all Bhagavan's will. That's what I believe."

Anil: "Sir, would you tell me your first change or transformation after being here?"

Jovan: "Look here, Mr. Anil Kumar, the first change was that small mistakes in me started appearing as big, gigantic. The big mistakes of others started looking very small. I also learned how to pardon everybody. I learned that in every need I should transform and reform myself."

Anil: "You look so happy. I am so happy to see you. Good! If one cannot be happy here, where else can anyone be happy? Impossible! This is the place of bliss. I am so happy you are in a blissful mood. I have one small question. If you don't mind, please answer. Do you ever feel frustrated and depressed?"

Jovan: "Why not? I am also a human being. There have been many moments of depression and frustration, but one thing makes me feel very much pain."

Anil: "What is that problem? What causes you pain?"

Jovan: "Every year, I make so many resolutions, so many decisions. Each time, I fail to implement even one. I feel so bad about this. In spite of so many resolutions and decisions, I am not able to implement even one. This is really painful! I think it is a sign of mental weakness. This point frustrates and disappoints me."

I want a lasting change - Dubravka

Then I met the third person, a man by the name Dubravka. He hails from Croatia and he is a businessman with vast experience.

Anil: "Sir, I don't think you have come here for the first time. As I look at you, I think you are a senior devotee. You must have come here many times. Would you please let me know how you came to know Swami?"

Dubravka: "Yes! This is my second trip. It is all Swami's grace and His will. In Croatia, I participate actively in Sai centres. There I have heard many of Bhagavan's cassettes. I have heard several of Bhagavan's discourses. I am familiar with Sai literature. I have also seen many of Bhagavan's videos. As I watch those videos, I feel as though I am transported to Prashanti Nilayam. These things really amaze me. These things have drawn my attention quite a lot. Bhagavan's service to humanity is unimaginable, beyond all dimensions. His spirit of sacrifice attracted me."

Anil: "Sir, would you please tell me one important personal experience?"

Dubravka: "Mr. Anil Kumar, I do not know whether you are going to believe me, but what I am telling you is a fact. In Croatia, as we sit in the bhajan centre, immediately after one bhajan, I see Prashanti Nilayam in front of me and Baba giving darshan to everybody. I see the whole of Prashanti Nilayam at the end of the first bhajan, just as you see any film projected on the screen."

"Another thing has also happened. After returning from bhajans, I wanted to visit one of my relatives. When I decided to go, I saw His form right in front of my eyes. Then the next morning, as I was about to go and visit him, what happened? When I opened my door, I saw this relative at the doorstep. I did not need to go to him. He already came to see me. All these things happened because of Bhagavan's grace. I think it is all His will. I could narrate many experiences that you might not believe. In fact, I am quite astonished and surprised at my own experiences."

"I will tell you, something else. My life partner is a Muslim and she had no faith in Bhagavan. She had no idea of ever visiting this country, but slowly she too has become a devotee. She started desiring to visit this place and have Bhagavan's darshan. This is Sai's miracle!"

Anil: "When you saw Bhagavan for the first time, how did you feel?"

Dubravka: "Somehow, I felt nearness. Not only that, when I saw Swami, I felt cosmic energy coming into my body. I felt that I was as strong as an elephant. Yes, I feel very strong now. I feel that my intellect is awakened. I feel an outburst of my devotion. I also feel a sense of detachment and discrimination within me. This is all because of Bhagavan's compassion and mercy."

Anil: "After going home, how will your influence here in Prashanti Nilayam manifest?"

Dubravka: "Mr. Anil Kumar, you may call it anything – self-evaluation, self-assessment or self- enquiry. I want to audit my own life. I want to evaluate my own life. I want to proceed along the path of self-enquiry. That's what I have decided. I pray that I should be kinder and more compassionate, that I show concern for everybody. From this day, I want to talk more sweetly and softly than ever before. I am just examining what change could be possibly brought within me, having been here. I should strive hard for spiritual advancement, not for worldly things."

"As I see many of our devotees, I find a change in them which is temporary, which is momentary, which is emotional. I do not want such a change. I want an everlasting change in me, a change that will be permanent, so that I can be an evolved soul. My immediate concern is how to be free from this bondage? How to attain liberation? How to mould my life in accordance to these ambitions of mine?"

Anil: "What each of you has said is true. Everything goes as per Bhagavan's will. Yet, we have our own plans; we have our own ideas. Don't you think that we should also put in our own effort? Don't you think so? For our effort, we pray for His grace." One more question, "When would you like to come back to Prashanti Nilayam?"

Dubravka: "Mr. Anil Kumar, that thought does not arise in my mind at all. Why? I experience Swami in my country. I experience Swami there at my residence. I experience Swami in my heart. So, the thought of my next trip does not arise. Everywhere, I feel Divine vibrations more powerful than electro-magnetic waves. We are all experiencing them. To tell you honestly, we experience nearness there more than here. I cannot estimate the Divine energy that we receive from Swami. All of our experiences and the miracles in our country are strengthening our faith day-to-day. We are stronger in our faith than ever before. Would you please tell me where Swami is not in existence? Swami is everywhere, whether it is Croatia or Malaysia. He is everywhere! The moment I start singing His glory, I immediately feel Him. What more do I want?"

He is already there in me - Feverin

Then I met the fourth person, a man by the name Feverin. He hailed from Slovenia. He was a young man and very much reserved. While all others had been laughing, enjoying and joking, this man was quite serious, quite reflective, meditative and contemplative. Oh! I thought he might not like me to put more questions.

When I turned to him, he said, "Sir, I don't feel like talking much. Please don't put too many questions. My desire is to learn from the devotees here and from this place. That's all. My only sadhana is to recapitulate, to remember, again and again, the happy moments of my stay here. That's all."

I said," All right! But, I'll just ask a few questions, not many; don't worry!"

Anil: "Young man, what you said is quite right. You say that you do not feel like talking much. Swami wants us to work more and talk less. Swami really appreciates that. You are really following Swami's teachings. I can understand. In fact, as I look at you, I feel that you are practising Swami's teachings more than all of us put together. I am very happy to note that. But, out of curiosity, I want to know your spiritual experiences, briefly, if you don't mind."

Feverin: "I have been visiting this place for the last ten years." (He was quite a young man! Wow! Good!)

"There in Slovenia, I saw Bhagavan's video. On the video, we could watch Bhagavan doing Abhisheka, the pouring of vibhuti on the Shirdi idol from days gone by. I also watched Swami materialise kumkum (vermillion) and turmeric and shower it on the Shirdi idol. That scene drew my attention. That brought me to Bhagavan the first time."

"Then I developed interest in spirituality. I wanted to know spiritual truths. I read almost all the books of Bhagavan. I have heard His messages and I actively participate in Sai centre activities. I necessarily visit Prashanti Nilayam every year. I have been doing this most religiously for the past ten years."

(Since he said that he had read Baba's literature and had been visiting this place for ten years, I could understand that he was on a different level. Then, I wanted to put another question.)

Anil: "Would you please let me know how Swami entered into your life?" (See the answer; he said it like a bullet. I could not open my mouth after listening to it. You know what he said?)

Feverin: "Mr.Kumar, you ask me how Swami entered my life! No! Swami was already there in me. Where is the question of Swami entering into my life? He is already there." (It was almost an electric shock to hear that answer from him. Hats off to his intellect! May Baba bless him!)

"When Swami is inside and outside, when Swami is everywhere, your question is out-of-question, because He is everywhere. It was wartime and we had to shift our family. Swami protected all the members of our family. We are very grateful to Him; we are highly indebted to Him. If we are safe and secure today, it is because of Bhagavan's grace, because we had to run away from our homes during the war. In those challenging, testing moments, Swami came to our rescue. I personally feel that Swami is guiding me. Every day, He is leading me."

Anil: "Young man, I know, in the beginning itself, you said that you were not prepared to answer many questions, so this is the last one. Please answer me. What are your future plans?"

Feverin: "I want to practise and experience all that I have read until now, so as to be nearer and closer to Bhagavan. What is it that takes me closer to Him? What is it that makes me feel Him? What concerns me now is that more and more, I want to develop Sai-awareness, Sai-consciousness."

"In fact, in Sai darshan, there are so many advantages. You just think that you had darshan this morning, but you do not understand the real depth and the significance in Swami's darshan. I feel that we are not richly benefited by His darshan because of our own faults, deficiencies and mistakes. We should be pure so that we will be one-hundred-percent benefited by His Divine darshan. Our attachment, our ego, our possessiveness, hatred and envy are all there in our head. Therefore, we are not totally benefited by Bhagavan's darshan. That's my opinion. Our immediate sadhana is to get rid of these faults, and I have already started on the job."

"Finally, I would like to conclude with a note: Until now, many people have interviewed me - journalists, radio and TV people, but I have never interviewed anybody. How could I meet a person from Bosnia, Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia, who were kind enough to have responded to my questions? I sincerely trust that it was Bhagavan's grace and Bhagavan's will that made this possible."

Ego – the worst enemy

Because of all that I heard, I have come to some conclusions. The first conclusion is this: To think that I am a great devotee is nothing but illusion; it is a big mistake! Moreover, to hear others' experience is nothing but a great epic, like the Bhagavatha. The Bhagavatha is filled with stories of devotees. When you let me know your experiences, I am privileged to hear Bhagavatham, stories of God. This is my conclusion. It was Parikshith from the Bhagavatha, who attained liberation through the sage Suka by listening to the experiences of devotees.

I understand that life is a long, continuous journey; that life is an eternal journey, and that we have to advance and advance. I am fully convinced of the fact that Swami may convey His message through anybody here. Anyone whom I meet, anybody whom I come across, may have some message to convey to me, which is Swami's inspiration and Swami's will.

Therefore, the idea that I had achieved something, better be given up immediately. We have to try to remove all the obstacles along our journey, along our spiritual path. Even in our dreams, let us not consider that we are superior to anybody or that we are more knowledgeable than anybody. That ego is our worst enemy. These are the lessons that I learned talking to these Sai brothers and sisters.

The talk at Krishnadevaraya University, Anantapur

On the 23rd February 2004, I went to Anantapur. Bhagavan asked me to address the youth studying there in the Krishnadevaraya University. I gave a talk for about an hour and a half, as directed by Bhagavan. Naturally, if you carry Baba's banner, you will be a successful speaker, a successful singer. You will also have a good audience. Swami will take care of everything. The talk was quite successful. They put some questions, which I want to share.

After my return from Anantapur, Swami said, "Did you not ask the following questions?" He went on telling me all the questions put to me! Then He said, "What answers did you give?"

I said, "Swami, You know the questions and You know the answers that I gave." (Laughter)

He said, "How do you know?" (Laughter)

"Swami, I know the answers because of Your discourses. I have also gone through Your literature, sure that I would find more answers there. You have dealt with all topics under the sun. What could we run short of?"

He just pinched my cheeks and said," Good! Good!"

The key is with Him

At the end of the meeting, the Vice-chancellor of the Krishnadevaraya University came to me. He told me, "Mr. Anil Kumar, for the first time in the twenty-three years' existence of this university, the students behaved in a very nice way, in a disciplined way. Never do they listen peacefully to the talks. Usually we find a pelting of stones, heckling, slogans, loud talk and lack of discipline. For the first time, I am so happy to notice silence in the auditorium!"

Then I said, "Sir, shall I tell you the secret?"

He said, "What?"

"We kept Bhagavan's six foot long picture on the dais. He will see to it that nobody can open his mouth!" (Laughter) "Everything was kept under lock and key. That's all. Tomorrow, they will be normal again."

Then he said, "Sir, when His photo could control the whole audience, can you imagine if He were here in physical form? What an impact He would bring among the youth of this place?"

I said the same thing to Swami. He was very, very happy. Then He said, "Anil Kumar, did the students behave properly? Did they hear your talk in rapt attention?"

I said, "Swami, everybody heard my talk in rapt attention because of the President of the meeting."

"President? Who presided over the meeting? Was it the Vice-chancellor?"

"No! No! No! The President of this universe, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, presided over the meeting!"

"Oh, that is a good answer," He said. (Laughter)

"Swami, I feel that You locked the lips and mouths of everybody and kept the keys here in Prashanti Nilayam. Therefore, nobody could open his mouth."

"Oh! You enjoyed it!" (Laughter)

"Yes, Swami! I felt Your Presence." He was so happy.


Now I want to share with you the questions that the audience put to me there. These questions and answers have been brought to the Divine notice. He, Himself, told me the questions in a sequential order and endorsed my answers, so I am sure that you will also appreciate them and be benefited by them.

These are questions from youngsters, post-graduate students and research scholars. Some are students of Computer Science; some are students of Business Management. Most of them were non-devotees, who were exposed for the first time to a talk of this kind. Please note that.

One person among the audience asked me, "What is the theme of your talk?"

I responded, "The theme of my talk is: University to Universality." Of course, Anil Kumar is known for talking. What I said there, we can think about that later. The questions will be of some interest to you.

Secret of happiness

Q: "Mr. Anil Kumar, we see you very happy. Please tell us how to be happy, like you."

Anil: "Young man, I understand. Instead of asking me how to be happy, please ask yourself, 'Why am I unhappy?' In my case, the very same reason holds true for being happy. But, I am not going to give you an escaping answer. No!"

"To be happy:

One: We should stop comparing ourselves with others.

Two: We should stop competing with others.

Three: We should not be egoistic.

Four: We should not be jealous of others.

Five: We should find some time for good humour everyday.

Six: We should find some time to make others happy.

Seven: We should be ready to accept anything given to us at any point of time, not necessarily according to our preferences and choices. Let us have this temperament to consider everything as God's gift. Let us develop this choice-less awareness; it will make us happy."

Because this applies to everybody, there was thunderous applause to this answer.

Controlling anger

Q: (The second question came from a big man.) "Mr. Anil Kumar, I have anger in me. I am angry with everybody. It is very easy for me to loose balance. I am always an angry man. Please tell me how not to be angry."

Anil: "The answers are all from our Bhagavan.

"The first point: When you are angry, stand in front of the mirror and look at your own self. You will see how ugly you are." (Laughter)

"The second: Drink one glass of cold water. That will pacify you."

"The third: Come out of the house. Move freely in the open space. Anger will be pacified."

"The fourth: Know the root cause for your anger. What is the root cause for your anger? The root cause for your anger is ego. You want everybody to follow you; you want everybody to listen to you; you think you are right and the other person is always wrong. You think that you are superior to everybody and that others are inferior. This is ego. Once this is known, then you will feel that there are times that you may be wrong. Once you understand that others can also be correct; that others are as good as yourself; that others are as decent as you, then there will be no place for ego to exist. You will never be angry with anybody."

"When you try to understand the other person, when you step into his shoes, you will know his viewpoint. The best way to lose anger is to think from the other man's point of view, not from your viewpoint." What I said seemed to be widely appreciated.

How to deal with criticism?

Q: "Sir, many people criticise me. Many people make fun of me. This really disgusts me. I am a Sai devotee. They make fun of me saying how I am a Sai devotee in this modern age. When they heckle me, well, I loose my balance. How do It tackle this situation?"

Anil: "Young man, that is easy!"

"Point one: What did Baba say? When you receive a registered letter and you do not accept it, but reject it, the post will go back to the sender. Similarly, when anyone criticises you, if you do not hear, if you are not affected, it will go back to that fellow who is critical towards you."

"Point two: If that fellow criticises loudly, all of his words will go into the air. If he criticises you silently, it will apply to himself. Don't worry!"

"Point three: If his criticism is true, then correct yourself, reform yourself. If the criticism is a false allegation, don't bother yourself. Baba said, 'I will not be irritated, if anyone calls Me bald-headed because I am not bald. If anyone says that Baba has a mop of hair or a halo of hair, I am not insulted because I have lots of hair!'"

"If what is said is not in you, you do not have to be disturbed. If what is said is in you, even in that case, you do not need to be disturbed. That's what Baba said."

True meditation

Q: "What is meditation? How to do it?"

"Point one: Eating, writing, walking, talking, reading -- everything is meditation, according to Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba."

"Point two: The true sign, the true indication, the success of genuine meditation, the result of meditation is arriving at a thoughtless (thought-free) state. The withdrawal of the mind is the result of any meditation."

"Point three: This meditation has to be taken in three steps. The first step is concentration, the second step is contemplation and the third step is meditation."

"Suppose you want to have a rose. What do you do? You go to the garden. There are so many plants there -- jasmines, chrysanthemums, dahlias and so many other flowers. Because you want a rose, what do you do? You avoid all the rest of the plants and walk straight to the rose plant. That is concentration. Am I clear in this?"

"When you stand in front of the rose plant, what do you do? With the help of scissors, you cut only the flower, avoiding leaves, branches and thorns. That is contemplation."

"Then you collect the flower and enjoy its smell, enjoy its beauty and you are lost in it. In watching the flower, you forget yourself. That is meditation."

"We think that concentration is meditation. Wrong! We think that contemplation is meditation. No! Meditation is forgetting yourself."

Experiences are personal

Q: "Many people question my experiences. What shall I do?"

Anil: "Why do your share your experiences with everybody? I am not here to share my experiences with everybody. No! Unless you are genuinely interested, unless you want to know positively, why should I share my experience with you? I am not supposed to share my experiences with critics, with people who question me or with people who doubt me, because that will damage my life. That will weaken my faith. That will make me weak spiritually. Therefore, we are not here to share our experiences along the street with everybody. No! So, your mistake is to tell everybody. Therefore, they are questioning you."

"Swami will send you a genuine man, who needs your support, who needs your advice, who requires your personal experiences, so that he will be enriched."

"Why are you sharing your experiences? Have you questioned yourself? Is it for publicity? Is it an ego trick? Is it for name and fame? Why do you do it?"

"Experiences are personal, while messages are universal. Share the message with everybody, be it a devotee or a non-devotee, because the message is universal,. Only share personal experiences with another trusted devotee."

Correct yourself and the whole world will be corrected

Q: (From a young man, a research scholar) "Sir, so many are dying in Kashmir. The whole of Afghanistan is washed out. The whole of Iraq is bombed. There is continuous war between Palestine and Israel. What is Baba doing? Why is He silent?"

Anil: "First, Baba wants you to correct yourself. You are not peaceful with yourself. How do you expect peace everywhere? You are not happy with your own self. How can you find happiness everywhere?"

"A simple example: A father brought a map of India for his son. The son saw the map of India and started playing with it. Unfortunately, he tore it to pieces. His father was very much upset. He scolded his son like anything. After sometime, the son brought back the map as-it-was. The father was surprised. He asked his son, 'How could you bring this map back?'"

"He said, 'Dad, on the other side of the map, there is a picture of a man. I put the first piece where the head should be. Then, I put the two pieces where the hands are. I put the fourth and fifth pieces where the legs are located. As I assembled the man, the map was set right.'"

"So, if you correct yourself, the whole world will be corrected. Don't worry about Iraq and Afghanistan. First, worry about yourself."

All work is Swami's work

Q: "When I am busy with my research, how can I think of God throughout? It disturbs my work. Is it possible to do?"

Anil: "Baba said one thing: 'Why do you consider that you are separate from God? Why do you think that research is your work? Why do you think business is your work? Why do you think teaching is your work? There is nothing like your personal work. Everything is God's work. Once you begin your day with a word of prayer, everything is God's work!'"

"What are we doing now? This is Swami's work. Our friends are recording. You are listening and I am speaking. This is God's work. We are not making any business. We are not doing it for any name and fame. We want to share the matters of devotion with the world of devotees so that they will be happy. That's our job. This is Swami's work. This is not our personal work. Once you do your work in the name of Swami, that becomes God's work. There is nothing like personal work verses God's work."

Remedy for negative thoughts

Q: "Sir, I have so many negative thoughts. What is the remedy?"

Anil: "When you know that your thoughts are negative, it is in your hands to turn them into positive thoughts. You are comfortable with negative thoughts. Therefore, they are coming in sequence, all these years. Once you understand that negative thoughts are dangerous, they will not come to you again. If what you are holding is not a rope, if you know that it is a snake, you will drop it immediately. You will not play with it. Is it not? Similarly, once you know that negative thoughts are dangerous, you will not entertain them."

"How do we give up negative thoughts? By developing positive thoughts, negative thoughts can be given up, because God is positive. Only a positive mind can experience God, never a negative mind. When you are clicking my photograph, if I turn my back, can you take my picture? Impossible! I should turn my face towards the lens so that you can take my picture. Similarly, you should turn towards the lens of God; that is the positive mind."

Think of God to remove ego

Q: "How to give up ego?"

Anil: "Say this sentence: 'Oh, ego! Let you go!' First, you say that. Then, you can give up your ego by thinking of God. God is greater than you are! God is mightier than you are! God is more powerful than you are! God is omniscient! God is omnipotent! In front of Him, we are nothing. When you think of God, you will be humble. When you think of yourself, you will be egoistic. When you walk towards the sun, your shadow will be behind you. When you walk against the sun, the shadow will be in front of you. Similarly, walk towards the sun, towards God. Then there will be no ego at all. You are walking against the sun, against God, so you are guided by your own shadow, the ego."

How do I become Baba?

Q: (This question is from a mischievous young man.) "You say that everyone is God. You say that Baba is God. Now, tell me, how to be Baba now? I want to be Baba!"

Anil: "Why do you say, 'how to be'? You are already Baba, but you have not known it. How to know it?"

"A simple example: You are a post-graduate student. You are a university student. Baba is giving free education there in Prashanti Nilayam. You give free tuition, free tutorials to children in the neighbouring villages. You are a Baba in miniature. Baba is giving free medicine there. You organise medical camps here. You bring doctors and you bring patients. You help them. You are a mini-Baba. Baba loves everybody. You start loving everybody. You are Baba. Baba is one of sacrifice. In your own way, when you learn to sacrifice, you are Baba."

"By cultivating godly qualities, you are God. Being worldly, you cannot know that you are God. So, cultivate Baba qualities. Then you are Baba. You are not going to become Baba. You already are Baba."

Let us live Sai

Q: "How to influence others?"

Anil: "You don't need to influence anybody. You cannot influence anybody because influencing others is a political game. Influencing others is a matter of business. Let us not influence anybody. If at all you want to influence anybody, you should be an example to others."

"In spite of all the problems, if you are still smiling, if you are still happy, if you still maintain a balanced state of mind, people are influenced by your example, not by your words. So, how to influence others? Be the best example. Live the principles of Sai, but do not preach the principles of Sai. Let us live Sai, not speak about Sai."

Your heart is Prashanti Nilayam

Q: "Sir, is it possible for all of us to go to Prashanti Nilayam and stay there? We are here in the university. Do you expect all of us to come there?"

Anil: "Gentlemen, Prashanti Nilayam is not there. Prashanti Nilayam is your heart. A peaceful heart is Prashanti Nilayam. A blissful heart is Prashanti Nilayam. A heart of love and compassion is Prashanti Nilayam. It is not just a geographical place. You do not need to come there. Wherever you feel peaceful, that is Prashanti Nilayam. Wherever you feel blissful, that is Prashanti Nilayam. Don't think of shifting over there."

Give love and take love

Q: (This question is from a professor.) "Sir, I am a Sai devotee and I saw you there a number of times. I saw you talking to students and happily moving with all of them. How are you able to control them and be close to them? You are cheerful and very close to them. At the same time, how do you control them in the classroom and teach them?"

Anil: "Sir, it is very simple! When your students know that you love them, they will run after you. When your students know that you are their well-wisher, they will be with you. Once students know that you are sacrificing your life for them, they will be ready to sacrifice their life. When students receive your love, they love you in turn; everything is nothing but reaction, reflection and resound."

God will always pull you out

Q: "Sir, are we in delusion? Have we pushed ourselves into this delusion? Or has God pushed us into delusion?"

Anil: "This is the only spiritual question I have received until now. I am glad that at least this session is ending with a spiritual question!"

"God will never push you. God will take you away from bondage. He will pull you out, but He will never push you in. Please understand this. In fact, there is no delusion. Delusion is your own imagination."

"When you stand under a tree, you find a shadow. There is no shadow above the tree. Below the tree, there is a shadow. Why? The tree has leaves (desires). The tree has branches (attachment). Human life is a tree with branches of attachment and leaves of desires. So, the leaves of desires and the branches of attachment of the tree of life are responsible for this illusion, for the shadow. Once, you come out from under the tree, above the tree there is only light and no shadow. Similarly, when you look up to God, there is no delusion. When you look down toward the world, under the tree of life, you are in illusion. So, you have gone; God has not pushed you. Instead, He will pull you out!"

Swami expresses his happiness

When I said these things to Swami, He was immensely happy. I told Him, "Swami, these are all the answers from Your Divine discourses."

He said, "I am very, very happy."

At the end, He asked, "Where did you have your dinner?" (Laughter)

"Swami, I had dinner there in the Sai centre at Anantapur."

"Did they serve all the items you wanted?"

"Yes, Swami! They fed me very well. I am very thankful to them. It was 12 o'clock by the time I returned home."

Bhagavan said, "At least it is good that you returned. I thought you would settle there." (Laughter)

"No, Swami."

He was so happy.

The next morning He was also asking me, "How was the Anantapur trip?" (Laughter)

"Swami, excellent, by Your grace!"

With that, I conclude this session. Thank you very much! May Sai bless you!


Asato Maa Sad Gamaya
Tamaso Maa Jyotir Gamaya
Mrtyormaa Amrtam Gamaya

Om Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu
Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu
Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

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