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  Sai Pearls of Wisdom - 17
February 19, 2003

Professor Anil Kumar has presented this talk as an extra satsang. He has selected important messages Baba has imparted to the students gathered around Him during the afternoon sessions on the veranda at Prashanti Nilayam. These talks will continue.


“Sai Pearls of Wisdom”
Part Seventeen

February 19th, 2003


Sai Ram!

With Pranams at the Lotus Feet of Bhagavan,

Dear Brothers and Sisters!

I thank Swami for making it possible for us to meet again. I have heard from others that these “Sai Pearls of Wisdom” are very well received the world over. This encourages me to continue further, and I promise to do so. As you have some homework while in Bangalore, I, too, have sufficient homework here. I have certain things that have not yet been published. They are records of Sai’s conversations from the year 1998, published by the boys. If they are read without editing, they might not mean much. They need some explanation. I’ll look into them and do sufficient homework during the coming vacation.


We have a few points to mention, which could not be covered yesterday. This is an episode from the Maha Bhagavatha. There was a character by the name of Sisupala. He was known to be arrogant and violent - a man of all vices with total hatred for God. He tried to face Krishna. He wanted to defeat Krishna, the Almighty. He went on attacking Him, calling Him names, criticising Him. Lord Krishna just smiled. He didn’t react.

Furthermore, He said, “I’ll tolerate a hundred of your mistakes.” A hundred - a very charitable God indeed! (Laughter) “I will tolerate a hundred mistakes. If you cross that, you will be finished.”

Keeping to His word, Krishna waited for Sisupala to commit a hundred mistakes. When he committed a hundred and one, Krishna beheaded him. How did He do that? He sent an electronic wheel, filled with a mantra that could travel at high speed. It could get close to Sisupala and cut off his head. At the same moment that this happened, his blood came out like a water spring or fountain, and fell at the Feet of Krishna. That is a strange thing! Sisupala was an idiot, violent and stupid; still, his blood fell at the Feet of God! What is the inner significance of this?

Bhagavan explained clearly the character of Sisupala. As I told you earlier, Bhagavan will raise the level of every person. He will never allow anyone to be viewed as low and mean. He said that Sisupala was a good man.

I asked, “Swami! Was Sisupala a good man?”

“Yes, he was a good man.”

“Then, why this rivalry with God? Why this hatred towards Krishna?”

Baba explained: “Krishna married Sisupala’s sister much against his will, much against his pleasure. That was the reason for his total hatred of Krishna. There was no other reason for him to hate Krishna. Therefore, Sisupala was not a bad person.”

How Bhagavan can take any role from our mythology to heights makes me very surprised! He alone can do this!


Next, I would like to draw your attention to the following episode: Bhagavan gave clear-cut instructions to the hostel wardens of the Prashanti Nilayam campus. What did He say? “The best way to please Me is to take good care of the boys. The best way to please Me or serve Me is to feed the boys well. Serve them good food. Serve them as much as they want. Then, tell the boys not to waste food. Tell the boys not to waste money. Tell the boys not to waste time. Waste of money is evil. Time wasted is life wasted. They should not waste their energy either.”

Then, with a smile, He said, "If the boys are happy, Swami is happy. Know this point and conduct yourselves accordingly.” Furthermore He said, “Don’t compare yourselves with the outside world. No, we have our own principles and values - Truth, Righteousness, Peace and Love. Let us follow our own principles. We should not compare ourselves with anyone.”

He also told the wardens, “Serve potatoes to our boys. Potato has a lot of starch; so the boys can put on some weight.” (Laughter)

Then He turned to the post-graduate students: “Boys, very soon you’ll be completing your course. Go home to your parents who educated you. Until now, your parents have brought you up. Now it’s time for you to serve your parents. You have to take care of them. You must please them. You should earn their blessings.”

My friends, you will agree with me when I say that there is no one in this world today who can speak to students in this manner. Is there any teacher anywhere who says, “Boys, take care of your parents; salute your elders and please you parents”? Who will tell them that? Only Baba, the ‘Godfather’, can do it.

In the meantime, an elderly, responsible man behind Swami came close to Him and whispered into His ear. Bhagavan said, “You don’t need to tell Me anything. I know everything! Where do you think I am? I’m everywhere! Why tell Me anything? All of you, remember one thing: Who taught fish to swim?” (Laughter) “Nobody taught them. Similarly, nobody needs to teach Me or tell Me anything. I’m born with the power to know everything. I know everything!”


Then I come to the next episode, which is an instruction to the teachers and the boys. “Teachers, be alert! When you ask a question, see whether the boys are responding properly.” Swami gave one funny example:

“In the classroom, one teacher was explaining. Finally, he said, ‘Boy did you get all that I said? Did it get in?’ “ (Laughter)

“The boy said, ‘Sir, everything got in except that thing behind you.’ At that moment, a rat was moving; it was trying to escape from the classroom. It got into a hole in the corner. Everything got in, but the tail.”

“So, the teacher asked, ‘Boy, all that I taught you till now, did it get in?’ “

“ ‘Sir, everything got in except the tail.’ ” (Laughter)

“So you should watch carefully.”

There were peals of laughter from everyone.


Then He said, “Boys, I have received a number of letters from you, but there were many spelling errors. (Laughter) There shouldn’t be any spelling mistakes. You should be very careful. The pronunciation and accent should also be good.”

Swami gave an example: “One little boy was practising spelling. He got up in the morning; he began practising and repeating the spelling of the word ‘milk’. Outside, his mother was cleaning the utensils. Because this boy was repeating the spelling of ‘milk’, she ran into the room and asked, ‘Boy, what’s happened? What’s wrong with you?’ ”

The reason for her anxiety was this: The spelling of ‘milk’ is ‘M’ – ‘I’ – ‘L’ – ‘K’. The boy went on spelling: “M - I - L - K, M - I - L - K, M - I - L – K.” His quick spelling sounded like “Amma, eluka! Amma, eluka!” In Telugu, eluka means ‘rat’. She thought that he was saying, “Mother, a rat is here!” Yet, this fellow was only practising the spelling of the word ‘milk’. So, Swami says that you should be very careful of your pronunciation.


Bhagavan further said, “Boys, I want to tell you that you should have individuality, integrity and honesty. It will bring you everything in this world.”

My friends! Just three days ago, a professor from California, from the Department of Economics, gave a talk in our Institute. I reported to Swami what he had said. This professor made a survey of about two thousand students who had participated in Sathya Sai’s ‘Education in Human Values’ training program. The survey showed that, in comparison to other boys, all these boys settled very well in life. Because of their sincerity, honesty, hard work and work culture, they held positions in leading companies. The professor from California said, “This is living proof that Sathya Sai Education in Human Values ensures prospects right here. It does not take you to paradise or heaven after death. No, no, no, right here! The Sathya Sai Education in Human Values training program is really fantastic.”

It is in this context that I draw your attention to what Swami said to the boys. To be men of integrity, honesty and reliable character, He gave this example: “Look here, boys! About forty years ago, Bhagavan happened to be in Bangalore. I was in My car and I was passing the Indian Institute of Sciences.”

You must have heard of the Indian Institute of Sciences. It is internationally known for its high standards. Many of the professors there are Bhagavan’s devotees.

One day Swami visited that campus. While He was there in His car, He saw a student standing under a tree. It was mid-day and that boy wore a long, serious face. Long, serious faces upset Swami. (Laughter) Long serious faces are ‘allergic’ to Bhagavan. (Laughter) He wants smiling faces. That’s why He always appreciates foreigners. They always have smiling faces. All of them smile well. Swami likes to see their faces.

Watching that young man, who had such a long, frustrated face, Bhagavan felt upset. He stopped His car and asked, “Hey, boy! Come here. Why are you so unhappy?”

“Swami, just now I appeared for an interview. They asked some questions. I could not answer them, so they asked me to leave. I am badly in need of a job. I’m very much disappointed. I pleaded with the director to reconsider my application. He said, ‘Get out of the room!’ I’m helpless, Swami.”

Swami took pity on the boy. “Act according to My advice.”

“Swami, I’ll do it.”

“OK! How did you come here?”

“Swami, by a bus.”

“Did you spend your own money?”

“No, Swami.”

“How did you come here?”

“The Institute paid a travel allowance. With that money, I could reach here.”

“Was that money enough for you, or do you need more?”

“Swami, they sent me enough money. I still have a balance of eight rupees.”

“Oh, I see. Now I will tell you: Boy, stand here. The Director of the Indian Institute of Sciences will come by here in his car. You say, ‘Sir, Sir!’ Then he will ask you, ‘What do you want? Get out! You are not eligible for a job.’ He will say that to you; but you tell him, ‘Sir, I am not asking again for a job. You paid me twenty rupees toward my travelling expenses. I spent twelve rupees. I still have a balance of eight rupees. I have been waiting here to give you that balance.’ You tell him that and then you’ll see.” (Laughter) Swami left, the mischievous God! (Laughter)

As expected….“Director, Sir!”

“Get out of here!”

“No, Sir. I am here to give you the balance left from my travelling expenses.”

Then the Director said, “We want just such boys in our Institute. (Laughter) We want boys of honesty and integrity. Come and join our staff this afternoon, OK?”

Swami had stopped His car at the end of the road to watch the boy. This boy ran and fell at His Feet. “Swami, I got the job!”

“Yes, when you follow My command, when you follow My principles, when you have character and integrity, you’ll get a job anywhere. You’ll be successful anywhere.” That’s what Bhagavan said.


Then, He looked at one student who was working for his Ph.D., the doctorate program.

He said, “Boy, what are you doing?”

“Swami, I am doing research.”

“Oh, OK. How are you doing with your research?”

“Swami, very nicely.”

“Have you started writing your thesis or dissertation?”

“Yes, Swami, I’ve started writing.”

“What are you writing?”

“Swami, I am writing all that You have said.”

“You are not supposed to write all that I have said. You have your research guide. You should act according to the instructions on the research guide. In your thesis, you should not write what I say. Know this.”

Then He looked at the boy and said, “At the time of a wedding, the priest will be there. The priest will give instructions; but only the bridegroom will put the wedding ring on the finger of the bride. Similarly, I am only the priest. You have information from your guide. You should follow this guide.”


While speaking about the last episode of this series, the Divinity and the Awareness, which is present everywhere, I was tempted to ask a question. “Swami, is there any definite path to Awareness and Divinity?”

Baba said, “When there is a path, there must be a name and a form. Divinity is beyond name and form, so there is no path to Divinity. The only thing is realisation. If you know this, that will sufficient unto itself. There is no path.” With that, we close the series relating to that period.


Now I pass on to the next issue - January 2001. For your information, these months correspond to the months of the Telugu Sanathana Sarathi magazine containing my articles, which cover these conversations of Baba with His students. No one has any copyright; so don’t worry about it (Laughter). I wonder why people want to have copyrights? Maybe it is because other people are interested in misusing the material. To prevent its misuse, one can have a copyright.

In reality, God is free; Nature is free; the message is free; you should be free and I am free. Christ had no copyright on the Bible (Laughter). Krishna has no copyright on the Bhagavad Gita! For one book, do I want to have a copyright? What a Himalayan ego I have! Yet, I’m not against them. Sometimes a copyright is necessary, so that others don’t misquote you.

Anyway, let us now note a few episodes from January 2001.


It was the time of the Sports Meet and the boys were preparing for the event every morning - jogging, jumping and all that.

One evening, Swami commented, “Boys, look here. Two things are necessary to be successful. What are they? One is enthusiasm; the other is commitment. Enthusiasm and commitment are necessary for anybody to be successful. Now, if you have mere enthusiasm without commitment, you will be a failure. If you have commitment without enthusiasm, you’ll surely be a double failure. Therefore, enthusiasm and commitment should exist hand-in-hand. This leads to success in life.”

Then He said, “Boys, for anything in life you need concentration. Without that, you cannot achieve anything.” Then Bhagavan added (and this applies to everybody), ”When you do anything, do it with full concentration and attention, without thinking of what others are feeling about it. Don’t go by others’ opinion. Do it all by yourself with full concentration. You should not be bothered by others’ impressions and opinions.”

Further He said, “Once ego finds a place in you, you lose your concentration.”

There are sports and games meets everywhere. Who will convey this message to the boys? Who will convey this message to the youngsters? As I have told you before, every occasion and every situation is an opportunity used by Bhagavan to convey His Divine Message.

The next day, He looked at a boy and said, “Hey boy, last night I saw you. You were wearing a red shirt and jumping around (Laughter). I know.”

That boy looked at Swami and said, “How do You know?”

He said, “I know your colours and how you change your colours. I also know you in your true colours (Laughter), because I am everywhere!”


In that same context, I can also bring another instance to your attention. Most of you must have attended the Sports Meet. At the commencement, they had a big, massive mascot. It was in the front below, and it was taken to the hilltop with the help of a wire. You must have watched. Did you notice the mascot? To prepare the mascot of the year, usually the boys go to Swami and receive His permission and blessing. The boys take a number of pictures and many drawings, and they ask Swami to select the best.

Please believe me - it is on record. Without looking at any picture, Swami said, “That, this, this, that.” He mentioned all ten names! Then He said, “I don’t have to see. I know the pictures you’ve drawn. All right, for this year’s Sports Meet, have the tiger as your mascot.“

In this context, I happily recall what Rama Brahmam of Bangalore had earlier said to me. It will be a piece of information for everyone; it will serve as a guideline. He told me, “Mr. Anil Kumar, note that whenever you start writing, Swami already knows it. Never doubt whether Swami knows. Never wonder whether Swami has gone through your letter. As you hold your pen and start writing on the paper, He knows it. This is very much true.” These are instances, which fully support what He said.


Some boys from Brindavan happened to be here in Prashanti. Swami asked the boys, “What are you doing?”

A boy said, “Swami, we have gliders. We fly high - five thousand feet above the sea level!”

“Oh, umm. How do you fly?”

One boy said, “Swami, there are trainers in Bangalore. They test our students, select a few of them and give them special training so that they can fly.”

Baba said, “Good! Tests are very necessary. Even in spiritual life, tests are necessary. A test is God’s taste! Don’t grumble; don’t complain that God is testing you. Instead, tell God, ‘Oh, God, I welcome Your test. Please test me very soon.’ (Laughter) Why? So, you can be promoted to a higher class! ‘Oh God, I know that it is not possible for You to promote me without testing me. Therefore, I welcome the test. I pray that You will test me sooner than You had planned.’ That should be your temperament.”

I started shivering in my shoes (Laughter)! “Swami, I’m not prepared for a test (Laughter). If there is a back door, I’ll try to get through it. I don’t want to be tested.”

Baba said, “No, no! As a teacher, don’t you test your students? Do you give marks? Does the doctor give a prescription without testing the patient? So, tests are necessary. You cannot avoid them. Why do you want to run away through the back door when there is a main door? Walk through the main door! Don’t find an escape and run away. Even if you manage to run away, the so-called benefit you get is only temporary. Be careful.”

While that Bangalore boy was telling Swami, “We fly high - five thousand feet above the sea level”, Swami looked at me.

He said, “Anil Kumar, can you fly?” (Laughter)

“Swami, I cannot. I can remember flying at the height of five hundred feet, but not five thousand feet. At that height, Swami, I had full concentration - total prayer to God (Laughter), an unwavering mind and steadiness of faith; but it was born out of a total fear of flight.” (Laughter) Then all the boys asked me to go up.


In gliding, you are tied to a rope. There is a canopy on the top and there is a three hundred-foot rope connected to a jeep. The jeep will move in front. Zoommm…it starts going fast (Laughter). Zoom…zoom…I felt so badly. I began thinking, ‘Why do those idiots unnecessarily ask me to fly high like this!’ (Laughter) I was also thinking of my family, my children and everybody. (Laughter)

The man in the jeep seemed to know my feelings. He told me, “Don’t hold that point so tightly. No, just leave it. Nothing will happen.”

Still, I was holding it tightly (Laughter). From a distance, he saw my feelings; so he slowed down the jeep and I was brought back safely to the ground.

I told Swami, “That is enough. I don’t want any more.” (Laughter)

He said, “Look here. You said that your head was reeling. If you had real steady faith and true devotion, this would not happen.”

“Swami, I can’t help it. Please leave me out of this! That’s all.” (Laughter)

Swami said, “Worldliness is responsible for that fear. Understand! Look at that boy. He could easily fly at five thousand feet. Why? For the past several years, he has been with Me. He never went back home. This gave him the courage and conviction to fly so high. He knew very well that Swami was by his side - that nothing could go wrong.”

“Oh, OK, Swami. That’s true with that boy, but not with me.” (Laughter)


Then Swami turned to the Prashanti Nilayam boys and told them, “Boys, I have seen you on motorcycles. I’ll tell you one main principle. Swami knows about the motorcycle. I don’t have to ride a motorcycle to know. I’ll tell you a secret. In the beginning, you go at a high speed; toward the end, you slow down. This is not the way. To win in a motorcycle race, in the beginning, you should go slow; later you should go faster.” Swami was leaking information to the boys so they might win in the match.

Then Swami said, “Hey boys, look here. In My school days, as a student in a race, I always came in first. Who were the other competitors? Big boys, who were taller than Me! But I came in first. Do you know why? In the beginning, those big boys started running very fast. Later, they became exhausted and started gasping for breath. On the other hand, I started slowly, picked up speed and came in first! These are the secrets to winning.”

Bhagavan was in a reminiscing mood. “Boys! When I was in Kampala (you know that Swami visited Africa), I saw many giraffes with long legs walking very fast. Giraffe can walk faster than a car. A zebra walks very slowly. You are not zebras. You should be like giraffes.”


This next story relates to another day. That morning, Swami came to the college and saw the boys marching in a parade. He saw all the boys marching, one school after another, one batch after another, passing the dais. Swami was watching. We thought that Swami was happy, but in the evening, He told everybody, "For proper marching, training and discipline are very necessary. While teaching this march, the trainers should be very tough with the students. They cannot be lenient. They should be very strict.”

Then Swami told us what had happened to Him during His school days in Kamalapuram. In the district of Cuddapah, there is a place called Kamalapuram where Swami studied for some time.

Swami said, “In My school days, there was one drill teacher who was very strict. When anything went wrong, he would cane (hit) the boys. He would whip the boys. Very strict! The parents came to complain, ‘Why did you beat my son?’ Immediately, the drill teacher would say, ‘You have sent your sons to be trained by us. If you don’t want this training, take them home.’ Modern teachers are very lenient. Therefore, children are not able to learn anything from them.”

Swami also told us how to march: “While you march, you should not bend your legs. Your hands should swing freely on both ends. When you put one leg forward, the hand should go backward totally; marching is - left right, left right. So, the hands should move freely. That is the proper way to march.”

Next, Swami said, “There are two styles of marching: British marching and German marching (Laughter). The method adopted in India is the British type of marching. So you should do it perfectly. While marching, the heel should just touch the ground. It should not totally touch the ground. Just like that…just like that.” Swami showed the boys how to march. I’m not acting in front of you. (Anil Kumar demonstrated what Swami had done) (Laughter) He was showing us what to do - what a slow march is.

While Swami spoke about marching, His hands were swinging and all that. The trainers and the army people lifted their eyebrows, watching Swami as if to say, “Does Swami know marching? (Laughter) Oh, I see!” But, my friends, we should know that Sai is Awareness. Awareness is total understanding, not just a little, fractional or segmental knowledge. In fact, Swami will make the whole world march - left, right. Why would we think that He does not know how to march? He knows everything!


Another day, Swami had been to the primary school. He saw the boys’ program and He commented, “Look here! The primary school children will always do the best that is possible. Why? Children are highly devoted. You fellows have your age and your muscles; you also have egos, so you are not that devoted. Little children have no ego. They are very good; they are innocent. You boys are more concerned about the outcome of the program: it is going to be a success. You concentrate on the result, but little children look at Swami and start doing everything. That gives them success. Understand this! Your programs are not as interesting as the programs from the primary school children.” (Laughter)

Then He told the boys, “Boys, see those children! They have no fear. They can climb anywhere - like monkeys; whereas, you fellows have a lot of fear. You know how courageous Napoleon and Churchill were! You know how brave they were! They said, ‘Be clear. The rest will follow. Be clear. The rest will follow.’ This means if you have a clear idea of what you’re supposed to do, success will necessarily follow. So, boys, without any fear, pray and be courageous.”

The Sports Meet for the year 2001 concluded and Swami granted an interview to all the military trainers who came to train our boys. There were nine trainers. “I see you listening to Me in rapt attention.” Then Bhagavan waved His Hand (as He does when He materialises something). At once, nine watches were materialised. (Laughter) Nine at a time! (Laughter) He started distributing one to each of them.

Everybody was saying, “Ahhh! That is Baba!”

Swami started making jokes. Then, while saying good-bye, He materialized nine rings at once! He gave one to each of them, and it was a correct fit to the finger of every one of them! (Laughter) That is Bhagavan Baba!


Then I said, “Swami, I’m so happy to report to You that people are praising our boys for their wonderful performance at the Sports Meet this year.”

Baba said, “Don’t let yourself be broken! Don’t let yourself be carried away by praise. Let people praise you or blame you. If your conscience is satisfied, that is everything. This is important. You should not be elated when you’re praised, and you should not be depressed when you receive blame.”

I said, “Swami, I am not capable of that. I feel much pain when people blame me for no fault of mine. Naturally, I also feel encouraged when people praise me. After all, I am a human being, you know! If someone says, ‘Anil Kumar, you are doing a good job’, then I feel good. (Laughter) I feel encouraged to do more. On the other hand, if someone says, ‘What is this? It’s not up to the mark’, then I feel discouraged, Swami!”

Baba said, “In this world, there’s nothing like ‘good and bad’. What is good for you may be bad for another person. What is bad for the other person may be good for you. So how can you consider the other man’s opinion? Don’t think like that.”


Then Swami gave this example: “A marriage function was to take place at one residence. Near by, a farmer was waiting for the rainfall in order to sow the seeds so that he could harvest a crop. This other fellow, who was preparing for the wedding, was praying to God, ‘Oh God, let there not be any rain tomorrow as there is a wedding function at my residence.’ At the same time, the farmer down the same street was praying, ‘Oh God, let there be a heavy rain (Laughter) so I can sow the seed grains. Then the field will be ready and I will have a crop and enough to eat.‘ One is praying for rain. The other is praying for the absence of rain.”

“Oh, Swami! You have given a very good example. Therefore, what should I do? (Laughter) Because something is not good for someone else, should I stop praying to You? Can’t I pray for what is good for me?”


“Swami, then what should I do?”

Baba said, “Pray for everybody. If you pray for everybody, your wish will also be fulfilled. There’ll be rain to satisfy the agriculturist. At the time of the wedding, there will be no rain. If your prayer is selfish and you are praying like the farmer for rain, everywhere it will be dry. Or, if you are selfishly praying for dry weather, there will be a downpour of rain and the wedding function will be a failure. Always pray for the good of everybody. That way your wish will also be fulfilled.”


Then I said, “Swami, it’s very satisfying to note that all these military people have come here and fit into this system very easily. They found themselves very comfortable here.”

Baba said, “No, no, no! Our system made them fit to stay here. (Laughter) They are not fit enough to stay in the system. It is the system that made them change - that made them fit to stay here.” Then He looked up and said, “Prashanti Nilayam is a big workshop. All these ‘cars’ come here for repair. I repair them and send them back, so that they are no longer broken.”


“Swami, I have one last question.”

“What is it?”

“Swami, now that the Bangalore hospital is being built, many people are saying that You will be staying in Bangalore for more time than what You have been doing till now.”

Swami said, “I did not tell anybody that. (Laughter) Why do you spread rumors like that? (Laughter) Look here, Anil Kumar, whether I’m here or there, wherever I am, I want all of you to be happy. I want all of you to be very, very happy. I want all of you to be peaceful. That is what is important for Me. I may be physically there, but I am spiritually everywhere.”

With that, the episodes for that month in 2001 came to a close.

Om Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu
Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu
Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

Jai Bolo Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba Ji Ki! Jai!

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