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  Sai Pearls of Wisdom - 4
November 13, 2002

Professor Anil Kumar has presented this talk as an extra satsang. He has selected important messages Baba has imparted to the students gathered around Him during the afternoon sessions on the verandah at Prashanti Nilayam. These talks will continue.


“Sai Pearls Of Wisdom”
Part 4

November 13th, 2002


Sai Ram!

With Pranams at the Lotus Feet of Bhagavan

From June, 2002

Fourth Session on Sai Pearls

It is very nice to be among you all for the fourth session of ‘Sai Pearls of Wisdom’, covering the conversations of Bhagavan with students and teachers on the veranda of Prashanti Nilayam. I believe we have covered the conversations from September to October. And, to the best of my knowledge, there are still many more to follow. We pray to Bhagavan to give us sufficient time and strength in order to keep every one of you informed about what He says to His students on different topics, on different occasions.

Let me now refer back to conversations on the veranda from June 2002. Here we have many references from the summer classes that were held during the last week of May. Some of Bhagavan's comments I noted during that time when He shared these pearls of wisdom.

First Episode

Why the Difference?

It was a bright sunny day, and Bhagavan was on His way to give Darshan to devotees seated in Sai Ramesh Hall. He noticed everybody and instructed all the teachers, students and guests to move over to the college auditorium where the summer classes were held. Yes, the sessions were interesting, and in the evenings Bhagavan, as usual, came for the Divine discourse. As you know, every evening during summer classes, Bhagavan used to give a discourse to all the students, teachers and devotees.

On that evening, He was proceeding towards the dais, then suddenly He stopped and stood in front of an elderly gentleman. Here the name is not important, but the event is important. He stood in front of this elderly gentleman who wore the Indian dress of this state of Andhra Pradesh. You know dhoti? The pundits wear dhoti and also a lalchi (upper cloth). Do you know that?

He stood in front of that gentleman and said, “This morning I saw you with a vermilion dot on your forehead that was in plastic. (Laughter) Now you are here wearing the vermilion dot of kumkum powder. This morning you had plastic and this evening kumkum. Why the difference?” He asked.

I was wonderstruck because I know this gentleman was sitting far back in the auditorium -- he must have been in the 50th or 60th row. This good God notices even the plastic dot on his forehead and then asks about it in the evening, “Why the difference?”

Well, as usual I said, “Swami how is it that You noticed that small vermilion dot on his forehead? I know this gentleman was sitting far behind. What is all this? It is very mysterious!”

Swami laughed and said, “Nobody needs to tell Me anything. Everything comes under the preview of My notice and observation. Everything will come to My notice. Nobody needs to tell Me.” This was really a revelation!

Second Episode

Surrender to God Is Your Destiny

On another day, Bhagavan turned to me and asked, “How did you like My discourse?”

God wanting human comment on His discourse! Well, it is really a matter of fortune, a matter of good luck, to be privileged to comment on the Divine discourse to God Himself.

Well, then I said, “Swami, Your talk was fantastic! All our doubts are dispelled. All our doubts are clarified. It was a beautiful discourse.”

Then Bhagavan said, “Hmmm, you want Me to believe that all your doubts are now dispelled? No! Your body is full of doubts, top to toe. They will never be clarified.” (Laughter)

Then I said apologetically, “Swami, if my body is full of doubts that can never be clarified, what am I to do? What is my fate? What is my destiny?”

Destiny in Sanskrit is called gathi. I said, “Swami, what is my gathi, what is my destiny, what is my fate? If I'm full of doubts that cannot be clarified, what am I to do?”

Then Bhagavan said, “What? Repeat your question!” (Laughter)

I said, “Swami what is my gathi? What is my fate?”

He said, “Sharanagathi is the solution.” (Laughter)

Sharanagathi means, surrender.

“You surrender to Me. Sharanagathi, that is your gathi. That is your destiny.”

That’s what Bhagavan has said. So my friends, the only gathi or destiny for all of us is Sharanagathi, surrender to God. This is a nice statement that I wanted to share with you.

Third Episode

Inquiry and Revelation

On another day -- I'm talking to you about all the events that happened in the month of June 2002, this is the third episode: Bhagavan, while moving amongst His students, looked at one of the boys and said, “Where do you come from?”

That boy said, “Swami, from Bangalore.”

Then Bhagavan immediately said, “How is your father?”

Bhagavan also wanted to know where the father was from. The next question was another one about his father. I didn’t know why all this curiosity? Why all this inquisitiveness?

And then Bhagavan put another question to the boy, “What is your father, boy?”

That boy said, “Swami, my father is a lecturer in Hindi working in Swami’s college in Bangalore.”

All of you know that I served as the Principal of Whitefield campus for six years. I know all of them. I was immediately shocked. “Your father is in Whitefield? I must know him. What is his name?"

Before that boy opened his mouth, God started speaking, “His father's name is Suresh Chand Jain.”

“Oh, Swami!”

Then Baba said, “You know what happened 20 years ago?”

“What happened, Swami?”

“His father was riding on a motorcycle with this little boy at a high speed, and met with an accident. The whole motorcycle smashed, but nothing happened to the boy and his father. He is the very same boy, you understand?” He said.

This is an incident, which I wanted all of you to look at it from this angle: Just because Swami asks, “Where do you come from?” that does not mean that He doesn’t know where we are from. He knows. But He makes such inquiries in order to give us the satisfaction and joy of being spoken to by Him.

Here is a typical example: “Where do you come from? Where is your father?” Then Baba explains what happened 20 years ago! See that! One is an inquiry; the other is a revelation. The inquiry is for your satisfaction. The revelation is an expression of His Divinity. Really, we were all wonderstruck that day when Swami explained all that had happened.

Fourth Episode

I Know Everybody

The fourth episode: One day, one of the boy’s was waiting for examination results that had not yet been announced. Baba began talking to the boys and said to this one boy, “Look here, your other brother is studying at the Whitefield campus. You are studying at the Prashanti Nilayam campus. I know both of you. And your sister is at the Anantapur campus, I know her also. Your brother got ‘O’ (‘Outstanding’) grade, and you got only ‘A’ (‘Excellent’) grade. "

Then I started saying, “Swami, You know his brother and sister?”

“I know everybody. Not only the students here. I know everybody all over the world. I know the students, their brothers, their sisters, their parents, forefathers -- everybody I know.”

And then this is an important statement that Baba made. Turning to the boys, He said, “Boys, you are so young, you don’t understand Me. You think that I am not talking to you. You think, ‘Swami is not looking at me.’ But I know everybody. I know the members of your family. I know your marks in every subject. Yes, that’s what I know!” That’s what Bhagavan said.

And in fact He said, “Never feel that you are away from Bhagavan. Never feel that I am not talking to you. I may not talk to you; I may not look at you; but I know every detail of everyone here.” That’s what Bhagavan has said.

Fifth Episode

Do It Yourself

Episode five: This is what happened: One morning Swami was talking to a student of the MBA class. This student had completed his engineering and was now doing his MBA, business management.

Swami looked at him and said, “You, boy, you applied for a job. Hmm, I know. But you didn’t get it. I also know that.”

Then I said, “Swami, since You knew, why did You not see to it that he got the job? (Laughter) Why do You say that he didn’t get the job?”

Then Baba turned to that boy and said, “Shall I tell him what had happened?” That boy said, “Swami, please, I won’t tell.” (Laughter)

Then Swami said, “You know, this boy did not fill out the application form. His mother filled out the form, so he didn’t get the job. Your mother can't fill out the application form on your behalf. You have to fill out the application form. So, never do that,” Baba said. “If you want to apply, you fill out the application form yourself. Don’t ask anybody else.”

And then He said, “If you are hungry, is it enough if your mother eats on your behalf? If your leg is broken, your mother can't have bandages, no! You have to put on bandages for yourself. So, each one has to work for one’s own liberation, for one’s own salvation. For one’s own moksha, we cannot ask somebody else to do it on our behalf.” This is an important note that Swami said.

Sixth Episode

It Won't Rain

Then the sixth: It was a cloudy day. The clouds were all over, and it also started to rain.

Bhagavan looked at the clouds and said, “Stop.”

And He told all the boys, “Don’t worry, they are only passing clouds. It won’t rain; everything will be perfect.”

Believe me or not, the rain stopped immediately! When He said ‘stop,’ that ended the matter. Why? Who did He ask to stop? Maybe the rain god, maybe the clouds to stop their business -- that’s all! Immediately it stopped!

It is a matter of knowledge and awareness for all of us to know that Baba is the Master of the five elements. He can control rain. He can control fire. He can control any of the five elements. Most of you know -- most of you must have heard this. Well, I'm a witness to that. Many times it so happens that it rains everywhere in Puttaparthi, but not in Prashanti Nilayam. Many times it has happened that rain starts at the end of a discourse, when all devotees have already returned home. When all the devotees have dispersed, when they have all returned to their homes, then the rain will start. It has happened many times, I am a witness. So, Bhagavan controls all the elements -- the five elements.

Most of you must have also come to know of a miracle that Indra Devi wrote about in her book. There was a fire everywhere, all over in Los Angeles, California. Indra Devi was conducting yoga classes there and said to her students, “We’re helpless now -- the fire is all around us. Just sit down where you are and chant, ‘Sai Ram’.”

They were all chanting, “Om Sri Sai Ram, Om Sri Sai Ram.”

What happened? After ten minutes, the fire got extinguished on its own! Many things had happened all around the area, but the building where the class was held was safe and secure. This is proof that Baba is the Master of all the five elements.

Seventh Episode

Cured of Heart Disease

Now, the seventh episode: There is one student here who you must have observed. He’s a Sikh boy, of the Sikh philosophy. Not ‘sick’. It is ‘Sikh’, a follower of Guru Nanak. When I say he is a Sikh boy, don’t feel that he is a hospitalised fellow, no! (Laughter) I mean Sikh, like Sardarji. You must have seen this one student. That day Swami asked him to speak. So, the boy began speaking.

Well, the Sikhs have very good, well-built bodies. Most of them are in the North (a wheat-eating place), in the border areas, protecting this country.

The boy said, “Twenty-three years ago an old lady visited this Prashanti Nilayam along with her little grandson. Why? To receive Baba’s blessings. What happened there?”

“The doctors said that this little grandson had a hole in his heart, and that he must be operated upon. The doctors also said that this little boy had no hopes of survival even after the operation. So, this old lady, the grandmother, prayed to God, ‘Swami, you should save my grandson because the doctors said the situation is critical, and all the doctors have confirmed it is a heart problem.’”

“Swami blessed and gave vibhuthi to that little child. The child was cured because of the vibhuthi. That little boy has grown up and completed his schooling. He completed his college studies and that little boy is the one talking to you now,” he said. “The one whom you see now is the very same boy who was cured of heart disease 23 years ago, when he came along with his grandmother to visit Swami. That is the power of Sai vibhuthi.”

And further, as I said earlier, most of the Sardarjis are army people.

He said, pumping his chest, “Look here, I declare that Guru Nanak and Sai Baba are one and the same! The head of a strict philosophy - Guru Nanak, and Baba, yes, I say that. I declare it.”

All clapped in joy.

And then Swami said, “Hey boy, nice talk, good! Hmm. I know your father is in the Kashmir area. Now a lot of fighting is going on there. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of him, don’t worry!”

And then He turned to every one of us and said, “Hey, poor fellows! Do you think there will be a war now? No, no! No war will take place now. Don’t be afraid of that. It is only a threat -- a war threat -- but not actual war.”

“Nothing will happen to your father. He will come for Swami’s Darshan next month, don’t worry.”

That’s what Bhagavan told him, “Be happy.”

This is an incident of the miracle of the boy and Swami’s blessing to the boy’s father, working in the border area, protecting this country.

Eighth Episode

Examinations Are Advanced

Now, we think of the eighth episode: He asked another MBA boy to speak. His name is Sashank. This boy spoke in front of Swami for the first time -- quite fair enough, with big eyes, nice to look at -- a boy from the city, delicate, quite sensitive, well dressed and handsome too.

The boy began talking like this, “I wanted to be a student of Sathya Sai University. It had been my long-cherished dream and a desire. But I could not get admission all these years, though I really wanted to be here. There is one genuine reason. I was a student of Bombay University. After the examinations, by the time the results were announced at Bombay University, the classes would begin here at Sathya Sai University. So, I had no chance to apply because the examination needed to be completed there and the results published before I could apply here. Only then it would be possible to join here. So, it was not possible. I was very desperate. I was very disappointed.”

Then that boy said, “Look here, my friends. The Bombay University has five lakhs students on its rolls. It is one of the oldest universities in this country. In response to my prayers, for the first time, examinations were advanced -- for the first time!”

In India, examinations are always postponed. (Laughter) Of course, boys want total cancellation (more laughter) – but that’s only a dream. It will never happen! But here, for the first time, examinations were advanced. So, he could write his examination, appear for the entrance test, get the seat and then talk to everybody. Really, can you imagine a university advancing examinations? It never happens! Believe it or not, it did happen.

And the boy said, “The whole thing happened because of my prayers to Bhagavan.”

Reversing the Train

Here my friends, I may tell you a personal story. I was travelling from Hyderabad by train. And I have this weakness -- I lose track of the time when I start speaking about Swami. This is my weakness, but I can't help it. It is too late to repent or correct it, and I feel it’s not necessary! Why? When devotees are so eager to hear me, when I have so much stuff with me, why can't I share it? After all, it doesn’t matter.

So one time, it so happens, I was travelling by train and somebody -- the stationmaster, said, “Anil Kumar, I heard that you gave a beautiful talk this evening in the city. I could not attend the meeting because, as you see, I'm on duty. Why don’t you have a cup of coffee?”

He asked me into his air-conditioned office. There was some time before the train was due to arrive, so I accepted his offer and was enjoying the coffee. I always like a hot cup of coffee. (Laughter)

As I was drinking the cup of coffee, that man said, “What did you speak about? What was the topic?” That was enough for me! (Laughter)

Then I began to speak. (Laughter) Suddenly, that man looked at his watch and said, “Anil Kumar, I think it’s time for the train. Let’s go and check.”

We both went to the platform and found that the train had not only arrived, but it was also in the process of leaving the platform.

“Ah-re, what a fool I am! The train left already.”

Then I told the stationmaster, “Sir, you are responsible. I have to wait for the next train. That train may arrive, or it may not. Trains always run late here -- that is 'punctuality'. So what is it I can do?”

That man said, “Don’t worry, Sir!”

I replied, “Sir, it is very nice for you to say, ‘Don’t worry’, however, I have to ‘bear the cross’.”

I was feeling so badly. “Swami, please help me because I must go to the college. Please help me!”

To the best of my knowledge, it never happened before. For the first time, the train started reversing! (Laughter) I never saw a train reversing. It came back and stopped. I got in the train – yes! -- and then it started moving again.

“Baba, hey! You are capable of reversing the train also! Ah!”

It has happened in my case, so I am the witness. Most of the people will tell you this story if you talk with them. There is one place by name Kajipet near Hyderabad -- all of them there speak about this miracle. It happened. The train that had left the station began reversing. That happened, yes!

Ninth Episode

I Want Your Love

And the ninth episode -- what happened was this: Swami sat there on the chair with a bunch of letters, and then He said, “Hmm. Pick up this letter.”

I picked up that letter.

“See what is there inside.”

I opened the envelope and saw a cheque for Rps. 37,500. It was a check sent by a student to Bhagavan. It was his first month’s salary, as a token of love and gratitude.

Swami said, “The boy who has sent the cheque is also here, but I won’t tell his name because that boy will feel embarrassed. He will start crying. I won't tell his name, but look here, boys and teachers! I'm telling you now. Hear me! I don’t want your cheques; I don’t want your money. This is not the thing that I want from you.

I want your Love. I want your Love, that’s all. And this Love is not your property. I gave you this Love at the time of your birth. You are born with Love. Why? It is My gift to you. So I want you to give Me that which I gave you. Give it back to Me, that’s all. Not the money. I don’t want anything.”

And then what happened? He tore up that cheque! He tore it into a number of pieces, and He went on tearing it.

Then I laughed and said, “Swami, one tear is enough! (Laughter) You don’t need to make so many pieces like that. If you tear it once, that’s enough. The cheque is invalid.”

Then He laughed, “I'm doing it to let you know how I dislike these things.” (Laughter)

My friends, what is the position today in society, all over the world? Many gurus want money. Most of the gurus all over the world give discourses in the name of spirituality, and collect money. But here is a place, Prashanti Nilayam, where there is only one God, by the name of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, who says: “I don’t want your money, no! I want your Love.” This is really unique.

Tenth Episode

Two Muslim Boys

The tenth episode: Here in Sathya Sai University, we have students of all religions. There are two Muslim boys here.

Swami called one boy, “Hmm, what is your name?”

He said his name.

“Hmm, good!”

He waved His hand and materialised a chain for him. It was a gold chain, and at the centre there was a crescent -- a half-moon of diamonds with a star, which is the symbol for Muslims. Because this boy was a Muslim, He gave him the symbol of the Islamic faith.

And then, He looked at me and said, “Did you see that?”

“Swami, I saw it.”

“What did you see?”

“Swami, I saw the crescent and the star -- the symbol of Islamic faith.”

“Hmm, come here, come here. Take it. See what is written on the reverse side of the locket. It is written in English -- read it!”

‘Allah Bismilah’ was written on the reverse. It means ‘Have faith in God.’

And Baba said, “You see, I promote, I encourage, all religions. All religions are Mine. I don’t believe in conversions. I don’t believe in changing your religion. Follow your own religion -- you will reach Me.”

That is what Bhagavan has said.

And then He called another Muslim boy and He said, “Boy, are you feeling jealous that I gave him a chain? Jealousy?”

The boy replied, “No, Swami.

“Don’t worry.” And then, He materialised a ring for this boy -- a chain for one Muslim boy and a ring for another Muslim boy. So, He made everybody happy that day.

That’s the reason why, during bhajans, we sing loudly:

Sarva Dharma Priya Deva,
Sathya Sai Deva.
Allah Yesu Buddha aur Nanaka

Have you not heard that song, “Sarva Dharma Priya Deva”? It means “Oh God, all religions are Yours. All religions are acceptable to You.” That is the substance of that song.

Eleventh Episode

You Belong to the Whole World

Now, let me share with you the eleventh episode. One day in the course of conversation, unknowingly, I committed a mistake. I said, “Swami, people of our region, of our area, don’t act like this. They don’t speak like this.” I made this remark on one of the occasions.

Immediately, Bhagavan said, “What? You said ‘our area’, ‘my area’. No, no, no, no, no! You should not talk like that. You belong to the whole world. You should not say ‘my area’, ‘my region’. Why did you say that?”

Then I said, “Swami, I'm sorry. I will not repeat it. In fact I want to give up this feeling of identification with the place where I was born. I'm attached to my native place. I'm sorry. I'm trying to give it up.”

Swami said, “Trying? No, no, no! ‘Try, try, try’ -- it becomes dry, dry, dry. (Laughter) No trying! You must do it! Give up that regional feeling.”

“Swami, I’ll do it.”

Then He said, “You know, when you understand that what you hold in your hand is a serpent, what do you do? Do you play with it? Do you continue to hold it? No! You immediately drop it because you know the snake is poisonous. Similarly, when you know this regionalism is bad, you should drop it immediately.” That’s what Bhagavan said.

It is a beautiful message for everybody. The world is divided on grounds of religion, region, language, politics -- narrow, silly, stupid considerations, when, in fact, we are all one. The whole world is one. We belong to the family of the universe. We are not separate. So Baba says, “Give up that regional feeling. You belong to the whole world.” And, we should never say, “I will try to give up”, no! You must do it, as the message given by Bhagavan so nicely conveyed.

Twelfth Episode

I Visited the Home for the Aged

Now, I move on to the twelfth episode. It was the time when Bhagavan had just returned from Bangalore after the summer course, and He was standing there.

“Anil Kumar, do you know why I am late? Do you know the reason for the delay?”

“Swami, how am I to know? I don’t know.”

Swami said, “On the way, I visited the home for the aged. The local Samithi people started a centre for old people, and they are all staying there. I visited that centre.”

And then, Swami started speaking about it.

“I spent one hour with the old people there. I gave them clothes and sweets. I joked, and made everybody happy.”

So nice to hear Swami, so nice! And then Swami started telling us a few details.

“Those people who are running the centre there, the home for the aged, they are facing so many problems. There is some opposition from the locals. There are some people who are not cooperating.”

Then I said, “Swami, what is to be done then? When the local people pose a threat, a challenge to the authorities, how do they run the centre for the aged – this centre for senior citizens? How?” (Or what, in USA, you call a ‘young adult centre’ because no one wants to be called ‘old’. No one is old -- no all are young, ever young! Young adults, that’s all.)

“So Swami, what is to be done?”

Then Baba said, “Any good program will have to face challenges. Because of opposition, you should not run away. Because of criticism, you should not be fear stricken. You should resist all the problems, all the difficulties, all the obstacles, and proceed ahead. You will have God's blessings.”

This is a message to all of us: We should not be carried away by blame, by insults, by assaults, whatever it may be -- losses, criticism, or whatever may happen. But, in the name of God, we should start doing something good, and we are bound to be successful because there is God above, who will bless our attempts.

Thirteenth Episode

You Cannot Escape from My Notice

This is the thirteenth incident: One day, the music started -- it was Darshan time, morning time. Well, I was late for Darshan. What is to be done? My place, the place where I sit -- though it is very convenient, though it is a very good position, an advantageous position -- it is also an embarrassing position. If I am late, I will be caught. It will be noticed. So therefore, it is a very risky position.

Seeing Swami had started already, and the music was on, I ran. I didn’t come in by way of the front. I started walking from behind, across the veranda. Swami was walking this way and I was going that way -- management, you know (Laughter) Then, silently, slowly, softly, walking amongst -- in-between the devotees -- cautiously, I sat in my usual place. I just sat there, adjusting my collar and adjusting my hair, thinking that I was a very successful manager, if not manipulator.

Our dear God started Darshan. He crossed the ladies line, and started moving amongst the gents. Slowly, slowly, He came towards us.

He stood in front of me and said, “Hmm, you came from behind! (Laughter) You came late and sat in the front, chi! Are you not ashamed to do it?”

Then I simply said, “Swami, I thought that I would be able to escape from Your notice. I thought that I would be able to manage.”

Then Swami laughed, smiled and said, “Your grandfather also cannot do it! Your grandfather also cannot escape from My notice, I tell you! You want to manage? Impossible! I will know whatever you do. Your intelligence is nothing. I can easily detect it and find out your plans.”

That’s what Bhagavan said. Here I am reminded of a statement from the Bhagavad Githa, the “Song Celestial”, which says that God's Feet are everywhere; God's Hands are everywhere; God's Eyes are everywhere; God's Ears are everywhere. So that He can hear, He can watch, He can go, and He can pick you up. So, I could not escape the Divine notice. I had to face the music that morning, along with the usual music. (Laughter)

Fourteenth Episode

Change Your Qualities

Fourteenth episode: Well, I made a casual remark, “Swami, the Andhra Pradesh State Government is trying to bring in some reforms in the Department of Police.”

You call them ‘cops’ in USA, right? ‘Constable’ in UK, police people, ‘cops’.

“So, the Andhra Pradesh Government is trying to make a change in the uniform of cops,” that’s what I said.

And Baba said, “Oh, oh! It’s not enough if they change their dress. They should change their qualities. Changing the dress is easy, but to change the qualities is tough. So, I want you to change your quality -- to change your mentality -- not merely your dress.”

That’s what He said, which is also a lesson for all of us.

Fifteenth Episode

A Few Students Are Privileged

I will close for this evening with the fifteenth episode:

Bhagavan started to say something special one evening.

He said, “Out of so many students, a few students are privileged. A few students are specially blessed because they stay with Me at My residence. They sleep by My bedside. They sleep in the anteroom. They are very, very close to Me.”

And Bhagavan said, “Do you know that? Some people sit and sleep very close to My bedroom.” Please listen carefully and attentively. These are the boys who are working in the Super Speciality Hospital -- Swami's college students.

Bhagavan said, “One day, these boys got up around midnight. What did they see? Only the bed -- Bhagavan was missing! These boys started shivering. Their bodies were literally shaking, and immediately these boys got the other boys up -- about five boys all together. ‘Where is Baba? Baba is not here -- only the bed!’ They were all talking, and very much surprised and worried. Some of them even started crying. Then, immediately, all of them gathered and went into the bedroom again. This time they saw Swami sleeping there on the bed.”

“And another time, what happened was…” These are all Baba's words. I am putting in the words of Sai, quoting Him literally.

“Another time what happened was this -- Swami was resting. The boys were sleeping there in the anteroom. They started hearing some conversation. Immediately they thought that Swami was talking to somebody. However, they did not see anybody. Swami was simply talking. They were very much surprised.”

Swami said, “My mother comes to Me now and then. I talk with her. These boys were wondering, ‘With whom is He speaking? We don’t see anybody!’ They see Me talking to somebody, but there is nobody. Sometimes they don’t see Me in the room. They have many experiences like this, and quite often they cry.”

“But,” -- this is an important statement -- “I see to it that they forget these experiences.”

Then I said, “Why, Swami? Why do You do that?”

Baba said, “If I didn’t do it, all the newspapers will publish these experiences! (Laughter) The whole thing will come to everyone’s notice. I don’t want that.”

That’s what He said. Really speaking, if Swami allows these things to be known to the whole world, we’ll not have space here at Prashanti Nilayam. The whole world will start pouring in.

And so, what I said was, “Bhagavan, it is really surprising that You manifest and You express Yourself to some, and You hide Yourself to many!”

Bhagavan said, “It is out of compassion for you all. Because of compassion for you, I see that many people don’t understand Me. It is also My leela.” That’s what Bhagavan has said.

Sixteenth Episode – July 2002

I Watch the Thoughts in Your Head

And then, I would talk to you now about the sixteenth episode: This is from the month of July. (From now on, we think of July episodes.)

It was the time of Guru Purnima, and all the preparations were going on in a hectic way. You also know, this year we had an exhibition in the Hill View Stadium. Many of the foreign countries had their own stalls, and many of the states from India also had their own stalls.

I said, “Swami, the crowds are gathering; the population is increasing day-by-day, as Guru Purnima is fast approaching.”

Swami said, “Good, good. You will not be put to any inconvenience. Don’t worry. You don’t worry. You will not be put to any inconvenience! Let any number come here,” He said.

Then I said, “Swami, somebody told me around 50,000 people are expected for Guru Purnima. Am I right?”

Then Bhagavan said – this is a very important statement -- “Look here, you go by the numbers, by the count of heads, of how many people are here. No, no, no! You go by the count of tala, the head -- talalu, heads. But, I go by the talampulu, the thoughts. I watch the talampulu, the thoughts in your heads.”

This is an important thing. The crowds, or the number who gather, do not carry Swami away. He goes by the feelings, by the thoughts, of the devotees who come here.

And further, He made a remark, “One spoon of cow’s milk is better than barrels and barrels of donkey’s milk.”

That’s what He said.

“I'm not for publicity. Even if there is only one genuine devotee, it is enough for Me.”

That’s what Bhagavan said. We’ll proceed next time with the rest of the episodes from July 2002.

I'm very, very grateful to you all for this wonderful opportunity given to me, in sharing these episodes with you.

May Bhagavan bless you.

Sai Ram

Thank you very much!

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