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Experiences by Devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba


News from Connie Shaw's recent trip to see Baba

Forwarded by : Holly Spragens

Dear Friends, Family, Brothers and Sisters, Colleagues,

There were several unique features to our most recent trip to Sai Baba's Puttaparthi, India ashram. Rather than writing a lengthy report, I'll just hit the highlights to make the following very easy reading for you. Three of us from our center left about Dec. 16th and returned home to Colorado on Jan. 5th. The Indo-Pak struggles hit a new high - or was it a new low - while we were there but we felt utterly safe the entire time. Indiaphiles and Sai devotees will
appreciate the details of the following:

1. Crowds: Except for Christmas Day and New Year's Day, the crowds in Sai Kulwant Hall were so sparse that the hall was about three-quarters full most days.

2. Weather was unseasonably cold for India with lots of wool head-warmers and heavy shawls in sight.

3. War and Expansion of Consciousness for Humanity: An American physician (anesthesiologist from the Midwest) with whom I spoke had two interviews before we were graced with ours on our last day, Jan.
3rd. He reported in a group meeting of about sixteen people that Baba had said:

a. Bush is frustrated with the war and with his advisors who have special interests as motivations.

b. Baba will up the level human consciousness not in one step but by gradual stages.

c. In response to the doctor's question, "Swami, how do You manage it when Muslims pray five times a day, Christians pray to You,and all are bombing each other?"

Baba: These prayers are rote/automatic, not from the heart. I don't respond to such prayers. The way to deal with terrorism is not to kill people. Do you know who the real terrorists are? Hatred and jealousy in every heart. Deal with that in your own hearts, then we will have peace."

4. Healings: Another Indian-American family, with relatives in Delhi, had an interview the day after Christmas. (Dr. Sunny Ananda's parents and in-laws) Baba gave a Christmas Discourse as He always does (enjoining us to take the love of Jesus as our example).

5. Resurrection: On Christmas Eve morning after Baba's darshan and before bhajan singing, one of His attendants expired on the temple veranda. He was about twenty-six and just keeled over. There were still a few doctors and others who had not yet gone to breakfast. They ran for Swami, Who was in the area and said, "Swami! Your
attendant has just expired! Shall we remove the body and call his parents immediately?" Baba replied, "Don't touch the body! Bring me a glass of water." When the water arrived, Baba sprinkled a few drops into the mouth of the deceased and brought him back to life. After the resurrection, Baba told him to rest for ten days, not to come to
darshan, and not to give his name out to protect his privacy and the health of the subtle bodies. Just as newborns have to rest away from the harsh vibrations of worldly people upon entry into our plane of existence, resurrected people also must take strict rest. When our friend Bharosa Adhikari of Nepal was resurrected by Baba after dying
of a heart attack during devotional singing in Sai Kulwant Hall, Baba later made her stay in the hospital for 16 days. She couldn't speak for 26 hours after being re-born.

6. Other Resurrections: We now have knowledge of 19 resurrections and have personally met four people who have been brought back to life by Sathya Sai Baba.

7. Unconfirmed Resurrection Report: We were told on Jan. 3, 2002 by a friend of 20 years, who is a permanent resident in the ashram, that Mr. Suri was resurrected twice by Baba last year. Surely there have been countless resurrections, the details of which will be shrouded in mystery.

8. Our Interview: On Dec. 3, 2002, four of us Americans (purple scarves) went into the Interview Room with ten Italians (orange ribbons with gold medallions) and six Russians (blue, white and yellow scarves). Baba manifested a three-diamond ring for an Italian man; a large diamond ring for another Italian; a gold and silver watch for a Russian.

a. An Italian woman asked if the messages she had been receiving daily, and writing down, were from Him. He said "Yes, they are."

b. Connie showed Baba the recent photo making the rounds and asked if the so-called Krishna photo with Baba's face on it were legitimate, as it looked very suspicious to her and she suspected it was a computer rendering with a fraudulent story attached to the photo re its origin. Baba said, "This is artificial. It is (like a) painting." Connie asked, "You mean, as on the computer, Swami?" Baba replied, "Yes, I don't like artificial (things)." He tossed it down.
Connie thanked Him for confirming it.

c. Baba healed a boy with high blood pressure in the rear Interview Room. He said He would bless and heal others.

d. Connie asked Baba in the rear room, "Swami, NO JOKING NOW, how much longer will the war last? Really, NO JOKING!"

Baba: Really, no joking. (He made some invisible writing in the air.)
Five years more. In 2007 there will be no more war. Peace on earth.

Connie: Five more years?! Then really, truly the war will be over?

Baba: Yes, you will see.

Connie: Then what about the Golden Age (of Peace and Plenty which will last for a thousand years)? When will that actually be here?

Baba: The Golden Age must begin in each person's heart. Then only can we have peace on earth. Each must start now to make the Golden Age in his heart.

Connie: But Swami, we're all doing the best we can in that
(department) now. I mean when will (all of) humanity agree - This is the Golden Age, here, now?

Baba: In five years. 2007. By then. All must do their part. He
blessed the group, answered personal questions and specifically told Connie to do Sai radio, TV and to write (books, articles) consistently. She has been doing radio and TV off and on for decades.

9. Connie's friend, Mrs. Hejmadi, nearly died of cholera, but after 30 bottles of IV fluid and Baba's grace, she recovered and is back at work escorting devotees to the Interview Room.

While in India and since, I have received extensive guidance that the year 2002 will stretch all of us in every possible way. We must not waste any time or energy and need to pray constantly and to be watchful for ways to selflessly serve those around us who may be confused, uninformed, depressed, ill, lonely, fearful, overwhelmed or otherwise unproductively engaged. Meet them where they are (in consciousness, belief), rally them to action serving others, and train as many people as possible to lead others to the Truth of Being within, regardless of creed, culture, religion, caste, degree of ignorance or despair. Baba battery-charges us, we battery-charge each other.

Runners: At your mark! (Race-car) Drivers: Start your engines.
Light-workers: The count-down to the Golden Age and cessation of war has begun.
Let's make our time and our lives (consciously) count!

Lovingly, from the deep stillness of the I AM Presence Which suffuses all Being,
Connie Shaw

Source: http://www.geocities.com/saicenter_us/snl/snl_012802.htm
Sai Newsletter - January 2002

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