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Reports of events from the Sai Baba Ashrams


Prashanthi Bullettin - March 9th-15th, 2006

March 15th, 2006

Today, the devotees from Bihar and Jharkhand were blessed by Bhagawan to celebrate the festival of Holi in His Divine Presence. The Sai Kulwant Hall wore a festive look with banners carrying some of Swami's pithy sayings, and the ceiling of the central part of the Hall was decorated with brightly coloured reflective festoons. The morning program commenced at 7.45 as soon as Bhagawan came onstage after His darshan round. The first item was a Navagraha Stuti dance. The songs which followed all reflected the joyous mood of the Holi festival, and some were depicted in dances too. Devotees seated on either side of the central clear area of Sai Kulwant Hall threw coloured powder into the air at regular intervals, adding to the Holi atmosphere.

Bhagawan was very pleased with the hour long program. Bhajans commenced after the program, and Bhagawan came down from the stage in His chair to give group photos for all the participants. Prasadam was also distributed. Not content with giving group photos to only the Balvikas children who performed the dances, Swami went towards the ladies' side and had group photos with the ladies from Bihar and Jharkhand seated there. Then the gents too got an opportunity. After all this, at the conclusion of Arati, Bhagawan Blessed the entire congregation with both His hands.

In the afternoon, the Holi program continued with the presentation of a play on Bhakta poet Vidyapati of Mithila. Lord Shiva Himself comes as a servant of Vidyapati moved by his devotion. Bhagawan was very pleased with this performance too. In fact, He paused the play for a minute or so near the end, to give a ring to one of the main characters! After the drama, Bhajans were sung by the Bihar and Jharkhand devotees, and prasadam was distributed to the performers.

March 14th, 2006

A group of devotees from Hungary had been seated in the Bhajan Hall before evening darshan. After His darshan round, Swami went into the Bhajan Hall and interacted with the Hungarian group, a group interview.

March 13th, 2006

This evening also, Bhagawan came onstage after darshan. After Bhagawan had some interaction with the Senior Hostel Warden, some of the Music College students scrambled to get their instruments. Bhagawan had agreed to have their Hindustani vocal musical program. The song program commenced at 4 pm and went on for an hour. Many pleasing and well known songs including Meera bhajans were sung by the students to the enjoyment of all. After the music program, bhajans commenced in the Kulwant Hall, following which Bhagawan returned to His Poornachandra residence.

March 12th, 2006

This was the last Sunday before the examinations commence for the students of the Sri Sathya Sai University. The final year students of the Anantapur womens' campus had come to seek Bhagawan's blessings. In the evening, Bhagawan asked two eminent devotees to speak. Sri Chitti Babu, educationist and former Vice-Chancellor of a number of Universitites was the first speaker. He spoke for around 20 minutes, mentioning how he had come to Swami afflicted with illness and how we should share our experiences with others. The second speaker was Dr. Jayalakshmi Gopinath, Warden of the Anantapur campus Hostel, a devotee of Bhagawan for the last 57 years. She spoke for around 45 minutes, with references to some of the leelas of Bhagawan she had been witness to in her long association with Him. After these speeches, Bhagawan sat onstage for a few bhajans and then retired for the day.

March 9th, 2006

After Bhagawan came for evening darshan, He went walking upto the stage area and asked some teachers seated there about what program was arranged for that day. In fact, the students were preparing for exams and no program was planned. But a Burrakatha - traditional narrative interspersed with songs - had been planned by some of the students a few days back, which could not be presented then. Now, those students came forward and Bhagawan gave them the green signal to present the Burrakatha, complete with costumes. In just ten minutes, the students got ready to start their 45 minute presentation. Prof. Anil Kumar made an introductory announcement, mentioning the short notice and the approaching exams of the students. The Burrakatha was introduced as "the History of Shirdi Bhagawan as narrated by Parthi Bhagawan". Bhagawan was very pleased with the crisp Burrakatha and bountifully blessed the three main participants along with their accompanists after their performance.

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