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Reports of events from the Sai Baba Ashrams


Prashanthi Bullettin - March 7th-8th, 2006

March 8th, 2006

This morning, Bhagawan did not come for darshan. But in the evening, He came out of Poornachandra by 3 o'clock, and went into the new building opposite, which is to be His residence. After spending more than half an hour there, He came for darshan in the Porte car. After a full darshan round, parking the car near the interview room door, Bhagawan emerged from the car, and to the delight of the devotees, stood up and walked a few steps towards the stage area to excited applause. Then, Bhagawan called some Organisation functionaries from Tamil Nadu and walked to the interview room.

At around 4.20 pm, Bhagawan came walking into the Bhajan Hall. He interacted with some students and also some ladies seated near the front and started walking, with support, down the Bhajan Hall aisle. It was letter-collecting time once again for Swami! His hands were soon filled with the letters He collected. Filling all those seated there with joy, Swami sat on His chair and moved back to the interview room, later coming in for Bhajans. After Arati, Swami once again went into the new building, and we see quite a lot of preparatory activity going on there even after Swami retired to His Poornachandra abode.

March 7th, 2006

Nowadays, Swami has been coming for darshan both in the morning and in the evening, and has been calling people for interview from the upper portico. Usually He comes out after the interview around bhajan time. He has been taking Arati and returning to His abode after bhajans, and has also visited the new residence opposite the Poornachandra several times, and some preparations are going on there.

This morning, Swami came for darshan around 8.10 am. After a full round in the car, alighting in front of the interview room, Swami took a round of the upper portico on His chair, going all the way to the stage area and back, interacting with the people seated there. In the evening also, after a full darshan round in the car, Swami went in His chair to the rear of the portico.

Last morning too, He had gone all the way to the end of the upper portico and had also come inside the bhajan hall. The ladies waiting to come into the bhajan hall for morning bhajan had a bonus close darshan as Swami interacted with the Primary School Headmistress and others there for some time.

Both today and yesterday, prasadam was distributed in the evening. Last evening when the boys came up to Bhagawan to get the prasadam blessed while bhajan was going on, He took some and threw them to a fortunate few sitting in the first rows in the bhajan hall. After that, He indicated to the students to distribute the prasadam. After some time, Bhagawan noticed that the ladies inside the bhajan hall were not being served the prasadam. He called some students and made them keep prasadam for the ladies in the front part of the hall.

Two days back, some more ladies were blessed by Bhagawan when He came into the bhajan hall before the bhajans began. He sat on His throne and enquired about some of them, including Mrs. Paramahamsa whom He indicated to come up to Him and speak to Him for a while.

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