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Reports of events from the Sai Baba Ashrams


Prashanthi Bullettin - February 5th, 2006

Darshan and Music Program at Brindavan....


February 5th, 2006

Today being Sunday, the Seva Dals were in the first block, ready for the day-long Bhajan session. The Bhajans started at 9:30 a.m. At 10.15 a.m., the usual hustle started on-stage, heralding Swami’s arrival. In a few minutes the screen next to the Krishna statue parted and there Swami was, giving the most benign of his smiles. He came walking to the railing near the end of the stage and stood for a while. The Porte chair was trailing him. Swami sat down on the chair for a few Bhajans.

After a little while, Swami got up from the chair and indicated that He wanted to go down amongst the devotees. Swami made His way towards the lift, came down, walked a few steps to where Sri H.D. Deve Gowda, the former Deputy PM of India, was standing, blessed him, and started walking amidst the students. Watching Swami walk was thrilling as this was the first session when Swami actually walked amidst the devotees during this visit.

Swami crossed the first block, then turned left and crossed over on to the ladies’ side, all the while accepting letters from the devotees. Two brothers had the blessed opportunity to support Swami throughout. Once He reached the end of the first block on the ladies’ side He turned to the left and made His way back onto the stage. Only when He reached on-stage did He sit down on the chair. There were few more Bhajans after which Swami asked for the Arati to be performed and then retired to Trayee Brindavan.

The whole session lasted almost an hour and there was so much of Love radiating from Him and the whole audience was reverberating with joy.

In the evening, the Seva Dal Bhajans were going on and Swami arrived at 5:30 p.m. He came walking onto the stage and sat down on the chair. The Brindavan Hostel boys had prepared a cultural programme. As soon as He sat down, He indicated to the students assembled in the front that they could begin. As soon as Swami gave them the permission, two boys ran up the stage with a huge card, seeking His blessings.

The programme titled “Ocean of Devotion” was based on the Nine types of Devotion: Shravanam, Keertanam, Vishnusmaranam, Padasevanam, Vandanam, Archanam, Dasyam, Sneham, Atmanivedanam; and how the great devotees of all times had used these different types of devotion to merge with the Lord. Parikshit had used Shravanam to reach the Lord, whereas Meera Bai and Thyagaraja had used Kirtanam and so on.

There were anchors for each form of devotion and they explained the significance of each type of devotion, and gave examples of the devotees of the Lord who followed that form of Bhakthi. The presentation was interspersed with beautiful songs, all chosen appropriately to that form of devotion.

During the programme, the Hon’ble Vice-President of India Sri Bhairon Singh Shekawat and the Hon’ble Governor of Karnataka Sri T.N. Chaturvedi arrived. They were seated near the stage and sat through the remainder of the programme.

There was so much feeling in the songs being sung that Swami appeared moved by the programme. After the programme Swami took Arati, got up, walked behind the stage and retired to Trayee Brindavan.

Source: http://radiosai.org/pages/PB.htm


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