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Reports of events from the Sai Baba Ashrams


Prashanthi Bullettin - March 31st - April 4th, 2006

April 4th, 2006

This morning also Swami went on a round in His chair a few minutes past 8 o'clock, and stopped for a few minutes outside the interview room talking to someone there. After this, Bhagawan came into the Bhajan Hall and asked those students who were going home to come forward - as they came up in a line, He gave each one vibhuti prasadam, spoke a few words with some, and gave padanamaskar to most. This went on till 8.50 am when Swami went into the interview room. Later He returned for the Bhajans.

April 2nd, 2006

In the morning, Swami came just before 8 o'clock and sat onstage for some time. Then He asked to be wheeled in His chair along the ladies' side, and completed a full darshan round again in His chair. After that, He went inside the interview room and came later to the Bhajan Hall for bhajans. In the evening, after a full darshan round, Swami went inside. Just past 3.30 pm, He went on a round of the upper portico, interacting with those seated there, and slowly came into the Bhajan Hall from the rear door. Inside, He spent nearly an hour, interacting with some students and teachers there. Later, He went inside the interview room and came out during bhajans.

April 1st, 2006

This morning, the Vizag group once again got a chance to sing for Bhagawan, this time in the Bhajan Hall. Swami came for darshan at around 8.45 am, and soon came into the Bhajan Hall. After a bhajan or two, Bhagawan got up and moved among the Vizag youth, talking to some and taking letters from a few. This was their cue to start singing group songs, including the Pallaki song which they sing when they go for village sevice activities. At the end of their nearly hour long song/bhajan session, Swami Blessed roses held by many of them and retired after Arati.

In the evening, again Swami wanted songs to be sung during the Bhajan session, and this time it was the Hindustani vocal singers of the Music College who got the chance to sing. After the first Ganesha bhajan, they began with Meera songs and also sang popular songs by Hari Om Sharan and others. This session also lasted for nearly an hour.

March 31st, 2006

Youth groups from Hyderabad and Vishakhapatnam (Vizag) had also come prepared with musical programs for Yugadi. This evening, Swami gave the Vizag youth the chance to present their hour long song programme, starting just after five o'clock.

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