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Reports of events from the Sai Baba Ashrams


Prashanthi Bullettin - January 29th, 2006

Darshan and Music Program at Brindavan....


January 29th, 2006

As you all may know, Swami has not been giving very regular Darshan at Brindavan. Therefore, all devotees and students were very eager to have a glimpse of their Lord and quench the incessant thirst in their hearts.

On the 27th, Friday, Bhagawan came out for Darshan after a long gap. It was 3.30 p.m. when He came onto the dais from the centre door on the Shanti Vedika. He sat on the stage for around 20 minutes listening to the Bhajans and then went inside the Trayee compound. To the delight of those assembled inside the Trayee premises, Swami went around the building for a long stroll, talking and interacting with many devotees including some of His family members.

After a while, He specifically asked for somebody and all were wondering who it could be. The Gopala was so concerned about the cow that He was enquiring about its welfare. Soon the Trayee dog and a cow were brought to Swami’s Presence. He Blessed both these fortunate animals who were deserving to draw the Divine attention upon themselves. Swami retired into the building at 5.00 p.m.

The next day, the 28th, Saturday, was also a lucky day. Bhagawan came out in the afternoon for Darshan at 3.45 p.m. This time, He came out on the wheel sofa from the main gate and proceeded straight to the Sai Ramesh Hall. He went along the central pathway right until the end of the Hall and returned along the same path, filling the hearts of devotees with joy. The sofa was then wheeled onto the lift and Swami came onto the stage and sat for a full 40 minutes amidst loud Bhajan chanting and Blessed all devotees. He then retired for the day.

The best came on the 29th, Sunday. Swami most compassionately came out in the morning at 9.55 a.m. Bhajans had started at 9.30 a.m. itself and the chandeliers came on lighting the Hall brightly as Swami came out. The difference was that Swami appeared very bright and smiling with Bliss! He was on the sofa and behind Him were a team of members including brothers Divij, Nitin, Dr. Padmanabhan, Mr. Balaram, Mr. Jain and Sri C. Srinivas. The Bhajans were going on in full swing and Swami sat on the dais enjoying the Bhajans and even waving His Hand as was so common in the past.

Bhagawan was looking very splendourous and glowing with Divine Grace and Bliss. A footrest was placed to make Swami more comfortable. A couple of Bhajans were sung and then at 10.05 a.m., to everybody’s delight, Swami signaled to Sri C. Srinivas for the sofa to be taken down. Bhagawan came down on the gents side. There was an excited hush amongst the devotees as the sofa started moving through the Hall. Bhagawan showered His Divine Drishti on all assembled in the Hall. First it was the turn of the students to soak in His Divine Love. He moved slowly along the pathway, taking letters and talking to many of them.

He proceeded further, moving past the old students block and went till the end of the Hall. He received many letters and talked to almost every third or fourth devotee in the lines. Mr. Seshan the former CEC was also seated on a chair and had a brief audience with Bhagawan. Swami reached the end of the Hall where all the devotees were standing, craning their necks to have a glimpse of His Divine Form. From there, Swami took a turn and returned along the central path towards the Shanti Vedika. The devotees were charged as Bhagawan moved along with a Blissful smile. He interacted mostly with the devotees on the gents side. When He reached the front end of the Hall, He took a left turn and went along the ladies side, towards the Kalyana Mantapam.

Over there, the security men signaled for the car to be brought. Some commotion was there but Bhagawan had other plans. He gave a signal for ‘about turn’ and came back to the Hall to quench the never ending thirst of the devotees for His Divine Darshan. This time, as He moved along the ladies side, He interacted with the lady Bhajan singers. Crossing the dais, He once again went towards His students and spoke to some of them. Finally the sofa stopped at the elevator and brother Ravikumar was ready to switch it on.

But O the Love of our Lord and God!! When He wishes to pour His Love He just soaks us with it. To everybody’s amazement, Bhagawan signaled for the sofa to be taken on a U-turn. And there He was repeating the whole Darshan once again. This time, He went zig and zag crossing the blocks on the gents side and reached the end of the Hall. While returning, He chose to come again on the central pathway, talked to a few devotees and taking a left turn, crossing the lady Bhajan singers came to the lift on the left end of the Hall.

He went up the lift, sat down on the dais. The Ladies too were singing Bhajans alternately. Swami was waving His Hand and enjoying the Bhajans. It was 10.40 a.m. when finally our Lord, having saturated all hearts with His Love and Grace, chose to retire for the morning. Aarti was given and the sofa was about to be taken back to the centre door. But Swami wanted to give more of Himself to His devotees! The Divine Mother was at her best! He wished to stand up and Bless the devotees. Swami got up catching the railings in front of Him. Having supported Himself well, He Blessed all the devotees with both His Hands! Immediately, there was loud applause from all assembled in the Hall. As though that was not enough, He turned to the Ladies side and Blessed them with one Hand, then turned to the Gents side and also Blessed them with one Hand! He then walked with support towards the back door leading to the Trayee compounds. Thus the Lord had shown how He was ready to go to any extent to give joy and happiness to His devotees!

Bhajans continued as is the normal practice every Sunday. A few minutes later, an announcement was made both in English and Kannada that there would be a public function this evening. All were excited because this meant another wonderful Darshan and something more!

The lights went on at 5.05 p.m. as Swami came out in the evening. Bhajans were on for quite some time. He came walking on the stage and sat down on the sofa. All devotees clapped as He came walking in. Swami received the card made by the Brindavan boys and Blessed them. He signaled to them to start the Music programme which they had prepared for this occasion. The Governor of Karnataka, Sri T.N. Chaturvedi made his appearance and after taking Pranaams sat down behind Bhagawan’s sofa.

The Music Programme commenced at 5.10 p.m. and went on till 5.50 p.m. – a good collection of devotional songs. Swami enjoyed every bit of it. Some of the songs were 'Maa Prana Daivam Nija Divya Matru Rupam', 'Kaise Jiyun Mein Tere Bin', 'I Keep Feeling Your Love In Me Over And Over Again', 'O Sai Maa', 'Sai Maata Biddalame Andaram', 'Maa Sai Mana Bangaru Baba', and many others. Students were anchoring the show by interlacing the songs with brief commentary and prayers to Bhagawan. The theme being Divine Mother and Her Love. The commentary was delivered in different languages like Hindi, Bengali, Malayalam, and English. As the students stood up and spoke, Swami Blessed them from the dais.

At 5.50 p.m. the programme concluded and Bhajans followed. There were 6 or 7 Bhajans and then Bhagawan stood up, received Aarti at 6.05 p.m. and walked back to the centre door at the rear of the stage and into the Trayee dwellings.

Thus the curtain came down on the beautiful day lifting all hearts up with joy and thrill!.

Source: http://radiosai.org/pages/PB.htm


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