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Reports of events from the Sai Baba Ashrams


Prashanthi Bullettin - February 27th, 2006

February 27th, 2006

The Akhanda Bhajans went on with full gusto throughout the night. The hourly slots were taken up by different groups and hence the tempo was kept high throughout the 12 hour vigil. At around 4:30 AM, the students started making arrangements for shifting the Prasadam from the canteen to the Mandir. The Hyderabad youth, as usual, were were involved in assisting in cooking the Prasadam and also helped in shifting the huge vessels to the Sai Kulwant Hall.

By 5:30 AM, all the Prasadam was ready near the Rama Statue Block. Suprabhatam chanting commenced and subsequently the Bhajans resumed. Around 6:25 AM, Swami made His appearance in the Kulwant Hall. The car took a full round and Swami was wheeled onto the dais. Once Swami sat on the dais, He immediately asked for the Prasadam. He wanted all the Prasadam to be arranged in front of the dais and also on the inner Portico. The students arranged all the Prasadam accordingly.

Swami was interacting a lot with brothers Nitin and Satyajit. After a while, He asked for the leaves to be distributed to all the students and devotees. We thought that maybe Aarti is about to be performed and therefore, Swami wants all the leaves to be distributed. But it was not to be so. The leaf distribution was over but Bhajans went on. As it neared 7:15 AM, it became clear to all that Bhagawan - our Lord Sai Shiva was going through the Cosmic Labour. He was drinking water, glass after glass. Minutes passed by but there was no sign of any relief.

Swami then asked for some fast tempo Bhajans to be sung. He signalled to the Eradi brothers to start singing. They started their usual fast Shiva Bhajans. This went on for quite some time. By now, Swami was going through intense discomfort - at the physical level - as was perceived by us. Often, He would bend down and sit like that for some time. Then He would again sit back and drink a few more glasses of water.

Time ticked by but the Lingam still did not make its appearance. Swami then asked brother Ravi Kumar to start singing. He began with some fast Shiva Bhajans. Bhagawan indicated that they should keep singing the name of Shiva. Om Namah Shiyaya Shivaya Namah Om, it went on and on for a long long while. All devotees were spell bound to witness something inexplicable right in front of their eyes.

Here was our beloved Bhagawan who was always smiling and showering His joy and Bliss on one and all, going through such immense physical suffering to bring forth the Lingam from His body. This year the 'struggle' was very intense and went on for a very long time. All along, brothers Nitin and Satyajit were massaging behind the neck to facilitate the emergence of the Lingam. Of course this was done at the behest of Bhagawan. Swami was even explaining to them how to massage. But all that did not bring immediate results.

Minutes ticked by and devotees were wondering how long they would have to see their Lord going through such a phenomenon for the sake of humanity. Very frequently, Swami would put His head down on the table and literally lie down with brother Satyajit supporting Him with his hand. The massaging went on, glasses of water went in, one after the other. It was close to 8:00 AM.

Inspite of all this discomfiture, Bhagawan was at ease. He at times kept tapping His hand to the beat of the Bhajans. After lying down on the table for a while, when He would get up; He would give a beautiful smile looking at the students sitting in the front. He, as usual was in full control of the situation, as He is with the entire world! But to the onlookers it looked as though He was going through lot of pain and suffering. At one point of time He even looked at the clock and made some comments.

Finally, as all hearts melted at this scene and no eyes were left dry, as the clock moved close to 8:25 AM, Bhagawan started throwing out the water that He would drink. This was an indication that the time was closing in. Around 8:25 AM, to everybody's delight, Bhagawan held the gold Lingam in His Hand. There was loud applause and the Bhajans went on at full peak.

But how could the Cosmic Mother be satiated with this. She now wanted to present Her new creation to all Her children. So Swami asked our brothers to help Him shift to the Porte chair. On that chair, Swami was wheeled around Kulwant Hall. Swami was holding the Lingam in His Hand for all to see. First He took a short round around the dais and then once again went onto the Ladies side and proceeded to move along the path on which the car drives during Darshan. He came to the corner of the Gents section, but then on account of an unmanageable crowd, He went back and cut across at the centre of the Hall and moved back to the dais.

We thought that Swami would take Aarti and retire for the morning. But can we ever predict what He would do? The very next moment we saw a deep red coloured Hyundai Accent car being driven to the front of the dais towards the interview room. This was similar to the ones gifted by Bhagawan yesterday. Now who was the lucky soul today? Sri Sanjay Sahni was immediately summoned. Bhagawan gave him some instructions.

He ran to the mike and started the announcement. The recipient of Bhagawan's Grace this morning was Mr. and Mrs. Paramahamsa. Mr. Paramahamsa is an IAS officer of the AP cadre and has served in various positions at the state and central level. Since a decade, both husband and wife have settled here at the Ashram and their major role is playing the 'parent substitute' for the 60 odd orphans who have been lovingly brought by Bhagawan and sheltered in the Deenajano Dharana Pathakam. After Swami gave them the car keys, He praised them a lot.

Meanwhile, all the children came running to the scene and surrounded Swami. Bhagawan gave Himself away to these loving children for the next half an hour or so. He was seated amidst them on the Ladies side of the interview room. After a lot of interaction, the children started chanting Vedic Mantras. At this point, the mikes were shifted to the spot. Bhagawan started speaking on the mike praising the children and the yeoman service of Mr. and Mrs. Paramahamsa. What went on for the next few minutes was a heart touching scene. The Divine Mother pouring Her infinite Love on Her children and they in turn expressing their gratitude and love to Swami.

As Swami praised them and Mr. and Mrs. Paramahamsa for being their parents, the children started saying that Swami alone was their Mother and Father. Swami was deeply touched by their spontaneous love. He said that these children, when they came here were just 10 years old, some were even 10 months old. Now some of them were ready to write their intermediate examinations.

They chanted Vedic mantras proficiently. One of them spoke in English and yet another sang the song 'Dandallaya Dandallaya Koti Dandallu'. After this, these children even started singing Bhajans very well. Swami asked all of us to follow. As this went on, Swami distributed some gifts to Mr. and Mrs. Paramahamsa. After this Divine outpour, it was already close to 10:00 AM. Bhagawan came in close to the interview room and took Aarti.

As soon as the Aarti commenced, the Prasadam Distribution also began. All the devotees and students and everyone assembled there were served Puliyora (Tamarind rice) and Sakar Pongal (sweet rice). Subsequently two more batches were assembled inside the Hall and served Prasadam. It was close to 11:00 AM by the time everything had been wound up.

In the evening, we all came to Kulwant Hall at 3:30 PM. However, Swami chose to come only at 5:40 PM. Bhajans had started at 5:00 PM. As soon as Swami came to the Mandir, He called some devotee sitting in the VIP Portico for an interview. Bhajans went on and on until the interview concluded. It was 6.40 PM, when Bhagawan received Aarti and retired for the day.

We conclude by once again wishing you all a very Happy and Holy Sivaratri.

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