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Reports of events from the Sai Baba Ashrams


Prashanthi Bullettin - March 23rd-24th, 2006

March 24th, 2006

This morning the sevadal members who had finished their duty were seated for darshan as a group, and some of them were also seated in the Bhajan Hall for bhajan. Bhagawan came down the upper portico on His chair, interacting with some of the people seated there, coming into the Bhajan Hall from the front just as Bhajans started at 9 o'clock. After some time, He gave a smile, and asked to be wheeled to the interview room. And when He returned, He came walking and sat on the Throne for the rest of the Bhajans.

After His Darshan round in the evening, Swami spent a few minutes before 3.30 pm in the Bhajan Hall interacting with the students seated there. There were three groups of them: the Hindustani vocal singers from the Music College, the students who had presented dances for Swami on earlier occasions, and the singers who rendered the Ramakatha for Gurupoornima. After speaking to them for a few minutes, Bhagawan went into the interview room. A few minutes past four o'clock, Swami moved in His chair down the upper portico speaking to many seated there. Taking nearly 15 minutes to reach the end of the portico, He then turned into the Bhajan Hall and started moving along the center aisle towards the front of the hall. Stopping and talking to quite a few on the way, and even materializing a chain for one of the ladies, it was 4.40 by the time He reached the front of the Bhajan Hall. Then He went into the interview room.

Bhagawan had a surprise for all the students. He sent word that the singers and dancers should be seated outside in the Sai Kulwant Hall .... meaning they were to put up a presentation! All the students trooped out. Swami arrived onstage in a few minutes with the Vedam going on in the background, and after a few minutes, asked the singers to begin. They sang 'Mere to Giridhar Gopal', 'Pag ghunghru baandh', 'Darshan deejo aaj' and other Meera bhajans. Then it was the turn of the dancers. They presented the first dance based on the one they presented in the 2005 convocation drama and their second dance was set to the Ramakatha song 'Ramanna Ramudu'. After this, Bhagawan asked for bhajans to begin, and after a few Bhajans, at 6 o'clock, He retired to His abode.

March 23rd, 2006

This evening, Swami came outside to the stage area and sat there for quite a while with the Vedam chanting going on. In the morning also He had done that, with the Primary School students chanting the Vedam. At one point, He enquired from one of the Vedam teachers who in the group could chant well. Some of them raised their hands, and some of them moved to the front of the group. Bhagawan called one of them, who also has presented dances in front of Swami earlier, and presented him with a ring. Then it was the turn of the Computer Science teacher of the Higher Secondary School, who also got a ring. Evening bhajans were in the Bhajan Hall as usual.

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