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Reports of events from the Sai Baba Ashrams


Prashanthi Bullettin

June 2nd, 2005

Suddenly around 12 noon there were strong rumours that Swami was likely to come to Parthi today. This came as a real surprise and immediately, all of us started discussing about the various arrangements to be done. However, we were not very sure as Bhagawan had not yet left Brindavan and therefore, we were still wondering whether this news was true or whether Bhagawan was planning to visit some devotees house in Bangalore.

But at 12.45 p.m. Swami did leave Brindavan for Parthi. Mango leaves were tied across the entrances of the College, Hostels and even on the roads leading to the Mandir. Suddenly, there was joy and cheer in the air. All of us were smiling and feeling a surge of excitement and thrill in our hearts, maybe just as the residents of Ayodhya would have felt when Lord Rama returned from exile!

However, as there was not much time, no floral decorations or Rangolis could be made on the road leading to the Mandir, as the local Samithi members usually do. By 3.00 p.m. all of us were leaving to the Mandir. The Vedam group rushed with their red dhotis and the Poorna Kumbham. The young school boys dressed in colourful clothes, were rehearsing for the Bhangda dance to welcome Bhagawan. By 3.15 p.m. all were seated in the Mandir. Just a few minutes more and we could hear a lot of hush-hush. The siren of the escort group was already being heard. The school children in colourful attire came running and panting. Just as they reached the Gopuram gate and took their positions, the lead vehicle of the convoy entered the Mandir.

Within seconds, Swami's car made a grand entry into the Mandir. The Vedam group chanted Mantra Pushpam with a high pitch, the vibrations echoing in the sparsely filled Kulwant Hall. Bhagawan had arrived in the Mercedes Benz. The car proceeded slowly and took a turn towards the Poornachandra Hall. Brother Satyajit seated next to Swami, indicated for the Aarti to be given. Even as the welcome song had just begun, it faded away and the Aarti took over. The Benz moved towards Poornachandra.

We all continued to sit over there to participate in the Bhajans from 5.00 to 5.30. We were almost sure that Swami would rest for the day and we would get Darshan only tomorrow. But with Swami, who can ever predict anything! As the last few Bhajans were going on, there was a sudden movement near the Ladies side. All the devotees rushed towards the pathway. Bhagawan came in the Toyota Porte car. He was seated in the front with the window glass open. All of us could catch a nice glimpse of Swami. The car took a turn from the Ladies side and stationed itself near the interview room.

The Pujari performed Aarti and then Swami looked at the Vedam student holding the Poorna Kumbham. Bhagawan called him front and Blessed the Poorna Kumbham (which we had taken for granted would never happen this time!) Swami also spoke to him and asked him from which place he had come. The student was stunned and delighted at this shower of unexpected Grace! Slowly, the car reversed and moved out. Then instead of moving towards the Poornachandra, Swami passed through the Gopuram gate and went out. Many devotees rushed out to have yet another glance. We remained seated there, waiting for Swami to return. After a while, not seeing any signs of His immediate return we dispersed.

What transpired then is not clear but at 6.30 pm, most surprisingly, as mysteriously as Swami came to Parthi, the convoy went back to Brindavan. Yes, I'm sure you must be finding it hard to believe. Swami has returned to Brindavan. Now that is Bhagawan!! Who can ever understand His mysterious ways? We all wondered whether there was some great devotee waiting somewhere with a pining heart for whom Swami made this trip. But then, can we ever comprehend the mysterious ways of the Lord? Let us just experience and enjoy Him!.

Source: http://radiosai.org/pages/PB.htm

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