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Reports of events from the Sai Baba Ashrams


Swami Madurai Visit

Posted on 22 May 2005

Sai Ram

      Swami Sri Sathya Sai Baba left Kodaikanal on 07.05.2005 at 8.00 am. Arrived Madurai at 12.20 pm. To Ananda Nilayam gave Dharshan for public. Lunch was arranged at Srininvasan Chettiars house for swami and students. After lunch Swami went Bangalore at 3.00 pm. By a special aeroplane.

Sai Ram

      At 10.30 a.m. a pooja of chanting 1008 mantras of Sai Baba at Sri Sai Nivas (omkumar's house) was done. Different kinds of fruits Apple, oranges, mangoes, sweets, flowers and biscuits with a plate for arati was taken. In a mini bus & Dr. Tim car all the trustees and others went to airport to see Swami all stood on line in front of gate for Swami. At 2.20 Swami came to airport our people offered the prasad and arati to the Divine and gave a warm send off.

      My brother Mr. Chary (senior officer, Indian Airlines, Bangalore) arranged 5 V.I.P pass to enter inside airport. Mt. Chary was blessed on 19.4.2005 when Swami came to Kodaikanal in the airoplane Swami materialized a ring of 9 different colour stones in his right hand. Dr.Tim, omkumar, kumutha, Dhanalakshmi and master Vishnu went inside near aeroplane its capacity is 150 people. Students were arranged to get in through back door. For Swami front door was arranged by mini bus with left to raise up to the door. A chair sofa was there in the bus with red
carpet. Only we five people with chary were inside the bus.

      At 2.25 Swami came inside airport by car with the help of lift Divine came slowly inside and sat on the sofa chair with a smiling face looking Vishnu. Mr.Chary introduced Vishnu. Swami asked what is your name boy? What, its kidney problem? Then kumutha told about Vishnu's disorder to Swami and asked for His Blessing. Swami allowed us to touch His Lotus Feet for our prayers telling "ROMBA SANTHOSAM" (very happy in Tamil).

1. Vishnu did pada Nameskaram to Swami when he was raising from the foot swami starched His arms to touch his stomach. Kumutha lifted up his shirt Swami blessed touching his belly.

2. Then kumutha has pada Nameskaram Swami said "SALA SANTHOSAM" (very happy in Telugu)

3. Dhanalaxmi Touched the Divine feet with hand Swami blessed her "ROMBA SANTHOSAM" (very happy in Tamil) then she stood near Swami.

4. Dr. Tim touched the Divine feet with hand Swami Blessed her VERY HAPPY.

5. My self kept my head at Lotus feet Swami was very happy and touched my head and back. "ROMBA SANTHOSAM" (very happy in Tamil) 

I gave the report of M.C.T and Vishnu. It was really feeling is unable to express in words. Then we had some photos. Swami slowly stood and went in the areoplan. We people touching his back  (supporting) went till the door.

Jai Sai Ram



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