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Reports of events from the Sai Baba Ashrams


May stay in Prashanti Nilayam
June 18th-20th, 2005

Sairam All..!

Here is an account of my 3 day stay at Parthi. I thought I'd send this to you as it happened but I didn't have time. So, here it is..

June 18th -

After lunch, around 12:30, we left for PSN to join my niece in the primary school into grade 1. My plan was to go to BLR the next day and meet Swami and have darshan. But, when we were on our way at around 1:00 PM, I received a call from my cousin saying Swami had left for PSN about an hour back. We weren't very sure if it was true or if it was one of those rumours. Anyways, we proceeded on. As we arrived in the suburbs of the city, we saw festive decorations and banners tied on the roads. Our doubts began to melt away and we slowly came to realize that Swami had actually left for PSN..! A little later, as we passed by the institute, we saw students coming back from the mandir. We stopped and asked one of the people there if Swami had arrived or not. He replied that Swami had already landed in PSN and that they were heading back from the mandir after having Swami's darshan. WOW. What a coincidence..! This reminded me of the incident that happened when we first landed in India. Quick recap of this - When we landed in Mumbai, we got news that Swami left for PSN from BLR and then stayed only for an hour and came back to BLR. We were sad when we heard the first part as we had a connecting flight to BLR in the next couple of hours. Our intention was to see Swami first and then only proceed on. But, when we heard Swami came back to BLR, we were overjoyed and we felt Swami came back just for us..! Now back to PSN on June 18th. So, now too we felt the same way.

After getting down from the car, we saw people forming lines for Darshan. So, instantly I went in and sat in the old students section. We waited for about an hour. I could sense the restlessness amongst people. People were getting a little cranky. And the hot afternoon sun added to the already existing frustration. Suddenly the OMMMMMMMs reverberated through the hall. The music too started playing. All the heads turned westward. Slowly, the Toyota Porte glided in gently at about 0.5 MPH. Now I could see the joy in people's faces. The mood changed all of a sudden. Lo..! It felt like a cool breeze of the arctic in the highlands of the Amazon. The car made a slow turn to the left and into the main stage. We were sitting right across the passage. The car came forward and halted. I could see people moving in front and beside me. WOW. My excitement level shot up to an all time high. Swami wanted to drive past the old students block! So, we made way for the car and Satyajit drove the car in the slowest of the speeds. The car passed right by me. I was in the first line. I could very clearly see Swami's face, radiating in all its effulgence. The car was right in front of me. It was so close that the distance was less than 5 feet..! This I thought, was one of the best darshans I ever had. Now the car turned left and went off into the gents and then onto the ladies side. Suddenly to all our astonishment, the car made an U-Turn and came back into the old students section. This time, there were not many old students as a significant number of them left after the first round not expecting Swami to come back. So, I managed to get on the other side (Swami's side of the window). Again the car came right in front of me. This time, much closer than before. I was at the pinnacle of my excitement. The car just glided past me. Now the distance was so close that if I stretched our my hand, I could touch Swami's window. If the window was open, I could easily touch Swami's body..! So, with due devotion and reverence and with folded palms, I was kneeling and watching Swami's car, enjoying every millisecond of it. Boys next to me were shedding tears of joy at this greatest opportunity of Hs darshan. Yet another surprise - Swami looked directly into my eyes with that innocent smile of His..! This was a real feast to my eyes. Something I was longing for two long years. I had His darshan to my utmost satisfaction. What else can I ask for now? HE had granted me His darshan from a distance of less than 2 feet AND he looked at me..! After it all ended, I said in my mind, one BIG Thank You to Swami. I am so grateful and thankful to Swami for giving me such a good darshan. My body was filled with a sense of gratitude and thankfulness to Swami.

Now Swami slowly went back into His residence through the ladies side. For me, it was time for another blissful enrapture. Bhajans ! It was sharp 9:00 AM. There it came...OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM..It was none other than our own current "Parthi nightingale" - S. Ravi Kumar. The OM was so sharp and clear that it had the power even to crack the biggest of the mountains. The Ganesh bhajan started "Tumho Vigna Vinashaka Ganesha". Here is the bhajan that everyone was waiting for - the second bhajan. "The harmonium cued "Nataraja Hey Tripurari". Then began Ravi with the first line "Nataraja..". Such beautiful lines masterfully woven into a fabric. Simplicity at its pinnacle. This was the best 4 minutes of the whole bhajan session. Then followed all the other bhajans. It was time for "Om Jaya Jagadisha Hare..".

Thus ended June the 18th 2005 in Prasanthi Nilayam.

June 19th -

People were gathered in lines from 6:30 AM onwards. Time ticked away and no sign of Swami's darshan. It was 9. Bhajans started. People felt this 30 minute bhajan session substituted for the darshan this morning.

June 19th Afternoon -

Aha. As you probably have figured out, it's Darshan time. Veda started with "Sahasra Sirsha Purushaha. Sahasraksha Sahasrapaat..". I felt these two lines were the most suitable ones for the introduction. I imagined in a movie how the hero is introduced. Same way, here too, those two lines offered the best introduction to Swami. And yes, Swami did come out in the car. This time, he got out of the car and sat on the dias. (He did not stand up and walk. The car had an detachable seat that could be moved around with its wheels. The Veda chanting continued for about 10 minutes and then when it stopped, people were bringing out mics. The whole Sai Kulwant hall was taken by utter surprise. People waited and watched reminding themselves of Swami's quote "Love my Uncertainity". This was no festival. So, people were ruling out the option of a discourse. Amongst this thinking, the mics turned on and we could hear voices. Swami wanted to make an announcement. Prof. Anil Kumar went up and Swami started speaking..! Wonder of wonders. This time no "Premaswarupulara..". This talk by Swami was not a very pleasant one. As you might be knowing, something has been in Swami's mind for the past 2 months that no one to date is able to fully comprehend it. Something somewhere was going wrong. Swami spend the first half explaining how we should serve the mankind and how education must be put into real use. After all that, here came a thunderous announcement. Tomorrow (Monday) there will be a Grama Seva kind of a thing that will be started in the morning. This is a project of magnanimous scale. Swami invited everyone to be a part of this project. He said food will be prepared in humongous quantities and distributed with water to people. He said the halls will be so full that devotees will not even have space to sit. He said "students who are present her today are very lucky. This is a rare opportunity. Embark upon it with all the will and faith". Swami even called primary and secondary children in the hall itself and assigned them tasks individually! He said every person above age 10 should participate in this. In short, this was a very surprising announcement of humongous magnitude that will be undertaken by everyone, not just students in the next coming days. Swami said that the work will begin tomorrow itself (Monday). And it truly has. This morning I saw warden, GSS sir and other faculty members presenting a draft of the activity. The survey has already begun today. The real work will begin very soon. In fact, this was such a surprising announcement on huge scales that it even appeared on the local media today. Work has begun. You will hear more about this in detail soon...

June 20th -

Swami came out around 8:10 AM. Veda continued on for 15-20 minutes. The draft for the project was presented to Swami. After staying for some time in the hall, Swami left. He then came back for bhajans and stayed for a while.

Thus ended my short 3 day trip to PSN which was a very great one. Once again, thank you Swami for letting me have your darshan and be a part in your mission. The same afternoon, I came back to my home town. I will be going back to PSN on June 26. This time I will be there till July 9th. Will try to keep writing. Until then, Sairam..


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