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Reports of events from the Sai Baba Ashrams

Ayyavaarigudem Activity Report

It is said, "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." This is precisely what our brothers from Saroor Nagar did, in accordance with our beloved Bhagwan’s teachings; they have inculcated, in tens of youth & children, the good habits Swami wants to see in each and every one of us.  Below account is not limited to incidents that happened in a day or a week or a month; thousands of man-hours spread over several months have given shape to the results that are visible today.

Not many would have heard about Ayyavaarigudem about 60 km from Hyd on the Hyd-Sagar highway, save the long-term sustainable activity taken up by Sai Yuvak in this remote village. When our brothers first visited the village almost a year ago as part of the Gurukula Seva Yagnam, there was a lot to be done in bringing up the village and school infrastructure to acceptable levels.

At first it started with laying the pipelines for the water tanker which the government had constructed. This straight away gave respite to many thirsty families by bringing precious water to their doorsteps. As soon as the task was completed the villagers wanted a gate constructed for the only Govt. Primary School in that area. Our brothers also observed that there was no kitchen to prepare food for the 120 odd children under the mid-day meals program. Immediately, a kitchen was constructed. Not only that, the entire premises was white-washed.  Inauguration of the same was done on Feb 27, 2005. Villagers refer to this day in their conversations as the day when Swami came to their village.

The most important part of the activity- leaving the Sai Mark on the children did call for some strong willed Sevadal, not that the children were difficult but the task required our brothers to travel to the village every weekend for close to 6 months (60 km away…in case it skipped the eye the first time). They used to conduct Math, Sciences and English classes for 10th grade students and Commerce and English classes for Inter (11th and 12th)  Students. Personality development courses were also conducted; not to forget Vedam, Suprabhatam and Yoga were also taught.  And the efforts did not go in vain, the result of this is:

  1. 100% of 10th grade students cleared the board exams, first time ever!  
  2. They are now a motivated bunch that play a lead role in shaping up the future of the village and the villagers, young and old alike
  3. Bhajans are conducted in the village every Thursday - Children in the village not only sing Bhajans, but lead them

This May (2005) a 15 day camp was conducted in Saroor Nagar Mandir for the 10th and Inter students, 32 in number. It used to start at 4 am with Suprabhatam and end at 9pm. Activities in the camp included, but not limited to, lessons on Spoken English; Life after 10th; visit to the Railway station, General Post Office, high-tech city, software MNC; Salarjung Museum, etc…all this to make them worldly-wise. They also did in-depth study of Ramayana! Yes, all this in 15 days flat!!  If one questions the benefit of the camp, it can be summarized by what Kiran Kumar, a class 10 student said, "When we came here we were like a herd of sheep and now we are going back like Tigers, full of confidence and dynamism"

These 32 students after going back to the village voluntarily took ownership of about 3 children each. They communicate with each other in English and try to learn from each other…hats-off to them! One of the most commendable achievements of the little soldiers is, looking at the children some of the elders in the village stopped smoking. The transformation is to the extent that they now refuse to take any help from Sai brothers, in turn they volunteer to come for service activities in other villages…Mission Accomplished!!

Apart from the above activities Medical and Veterinary camps were conducted in the village with follow-up activity completed. 8 year old B.N Reddy had a dramatic turn of events in his life when an artificial hand was fitted; he is a very bright student and now can pursue his studies and other daily activities with ease. One of the 10th class students, Lava Kumar, is being admitted in a private college in Hyd; Bugga Rao, who was initially educating the children in the village is pursuing Law and our brothers are counseling him for furthering his studies and career.

All the children and elders alike are very eager to physically see Swami and get his blessings.  Swami, pray you bless them all with your Darshan-Sparshan-Sambhashan. Dearest Mother, bless us all with more such opportunities in the future too.

Jai Sai Ram

Source: Hyderabadcityyouth Yahoo! Group
Sent on 24 June 2005

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