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Reports of events from the Sai Baba Ashrams


Prashanthi Bulletin - October 7th - October 12th, 2005

October 12th, 2005

This morning, Swami came out for Darshan at around quarter past nine. He spent some time in the Mandir. The Pundits too had come to the Bhajan Hall for performing some rituals as a prelude to the Purnahuti that was to be conducted at 10.00 a.m.

Sai Gita, Swami's pet elephant, was decked with all her ornaments. Swami had stopped His car on the Darshan round and had fed her with some apples amidst loud applause from the public.

At 9.40 a.m. or so, the Pundits came out of the Bhajan Hall and the procession to the Poornachandra Hall began. All of us too followed them into the PC Hall. Swami too came onto the stage after a while. The sofa on which He sits was wheeled in front of the Yajna Kundam. As performed every year, the Purnahuti was conducted with Swami as the Purusha seated in front of the fire. The Pundits circumambulated Bhagawan and then Swami materialized a ring for the main Pujari.

Very unexpectedly, Swami came down on His chair and started sprinkling the sacred water on the people seated in the front rows. Now this came as a pleasant surprise. No one expected this. This is Bhagawan's Love. With all His physical limitations, He chose to Bless as many as possible with the sacred water. Finally, when He was wheeled up, He again asked brother Satyajit to bring Him down to Bless a few more devotes on the ladies side. His Love knows no limits.

Prasadam (apples) were distributed to all of us and by 11.00 a.m. we moved out of the PC Hall after Swami retired. An announcement was made that Prasadam would be distributed to all the Ashramites in their respective houses. As usual, the Anantapur sisters carried out the task of distributing Dhotis and Sarees along with Puliyora and Laddus for the permanent residents of the Ashram. With this, the Grama Seva comes to a close for the present.

This evening, we had three speakers - two lecturers Sri Ruchir Desai and Dr. M. Sainath, and Sri Jagdish Chandra who is currently doing his M.Phil. programme in the department of Physics.Following this, we had a wonderful play Bhakta Surdas put up by the Brindavan Campus students. It was a very moving presentation, filled with soul lifting songs and music. There were a couple of dances too that added to the variety. It began at 5.15 p.m. and went on till 6.15 p.m. At the end, Swami called the student who acted as Bhakta Surdas and spoke to him. Aarti was given and Swami retired for the day even as Laddus were distributed to all in the Mandir.

Thus the Dussera festival for this year drew to a close leaving all of us saturated with His Love. The various talks of speakers dwelling on His teachings and Bhagawan's Discourses provided us with so many insights for pondering over and assimilating.

October 11th, 2005

This morning, all students and staff sat in the Poornachandra Hall until the morning Yajnam concluded with Aarti. Only then, did they all leave for the Grama Seva. However, since the villages were close by, they could complete all scheduled tasks by 3.00 p.m.

In the evening, we had a few words by the Vice Chancellor - Sri Anil Gokak, followed by Sri S.V. Giri, Dr. G. Venkataraman and finally Sri B.N. Narasimha Murthy. Swami began His Divine Message at 5.40 p.m. The highlights:

God has no desires, no mistakes. All that we perceive is in our own mind. Enta Maatrame Evvaru Teluchino Anta Maatrame Neevu. God manifests only to the extent to which each one perceives Him.

We can transform anything in this world but not the mind. God alone can change the mind. One may be able to bend and straighten a tree but never the mind. Therefore, surrender to Him. Mano Moolam Idam Jagath. Strong faith in God is very necessary.

God is not a specific Form. It is a power. This power can bring about any type of change. Atma is one and the same in all, just like the current which remains the same whether it is A/C or D/C. Mind cannot be changed either by Mantra, Yantra or Tantra. God's Will alone can change the mind.

God is only One. He can do anything, anytime anywhere. He can go anywhere. Ekam Eva Adviteeyam Brahma. God is changeless - Only One - whether you call Him Rama, Krishna or Sai Baba.

God's Will is most powerful. If He Wills anything can happen. God's Mind is steady and strong. We may sometimes think that we have changed God's Mind but this can never be true. The Universal Mind can Will anything and bring about any change. The Lord if He wishes can give His Darshan at one instant to everybody, simultaneously.

Today, you all have known the secrets of Divinity. Once you know these secrets, you will be able to know the whole world.

After this Swami went on to narrate the story of His visit to Rishikesh and how He had met Purushottamananda and Sivananda over there. He spent the next half an hour or so on this topic and gave us a graphic description of the yearning of these great saints for Bhagawan. He concluded with the passing away of Purushottamananda in the cave and mentioned that at that time, the whole cave was full of Vibhuti.

Later, the disciples of Purushottamananda came to Parthi to visit Bhagawan and witness their Guru in Swami as they had the firm conviction that their Guru had merged in Bhagawan to which Swami also agreed.

In conclusion, Swami said that was the yearning that these sages and saints have for Bhagawan; you have this type of yearning.

He left it that for us to wonder at what He meant by that. Was it a caution to remind us of His True Reality and our great opportunity and intensify our yearning for Him? Swami left us with this food for thought and retired at around 7.00 p.m.

October 10th, 2005

Ayudha Puja was performed this morning. All the cars and the Golden Chariot were placed in front of the car garage on the gents side of the Kulwant Hall for Blessings from Bhagawan. Around quarter past seven, Swami was out in His car and He came towards the garage. Sitting in the car itself, He Blessed the coconuts and the staff managing and driving the cars. He looked at the Golden Chariot for a long time and spoke to Sri Srinivasa Chettiar Garu who was standing next to the car. As Swami proceeded towards the interview room, chocolates Blessed by Bhagawan were distributed to all.

This evening, being Durgashtami, Swami had given the opportunity of speaking to the Anantapur staff and students. Dr. Rajeshwari Patel and a student from the III Year B.A. class shared their thoughts and experiences with the audience.

Swami began His Discourse at 5.15 p.m. He started by talking about Education and Educare. Education comes from outside whereas Educare has to come from within, from the heart. The former is the Aadheyam while the latter is the Adharam.

Then Swami went on to explain in minute detail the episode of Lava and Kusha preparing to fight with their own father Lord Rama. They were not aware that Lord Rama was their father and they were very angry for the injustice that He had done to Sita. They were also not aware that their own Mother was Sita Devi. After elaborate descriptions of the event, finally Swami said that the children who were very agitated and who could not be consoled even by Mother Sita and her explanations were finally transformed by the loving words of Sri Rama Himself. It is only God who can transform the mind!

If you all pray you too will be transformed. In a very short while, the whole world will live in harmony, true to the saying - Saha Na Vavatu Saha Nau Bhunaktu??This will happen sooner than you may expect. Individual differences will disappear in our Bharath. Now there may be many such differences, but in future all these will disappear and all will live in peace and harmony.

Soon there will be the Purnahuti of the Veda Purusha Saptaha Jnana Yajna. What is the meaning of this Purnahuti. You must bundle and offer all your sins into the fire.

Swami concluded His Divine Discourse at 6.10 p.m. with the song Rama Rama Rama Sita?.

October 9th, 2005

This morning, the State Finance Minister Sri Rosaiah Garu had come to Parthi to invite Bhagawan for the inauguration of the Tourism Complex near Yenumulapally. As soon as Swami came out for Darshan Sri Rosaiah Garu proceeded to the Tourism Complex. Smt. Geeta Reddy, Minister for Tourism for the state of Andhra Pradesh, was also present. Bhagawan graciously went to the complex, inaugurated it and gave joy to all the functionaries.

In the evening, as part of the Veda Purusha Saptaha Jnana Yagna and Prashanti Maha Vidwan Sabha celebrations, we had two speakers, Prof. V.E. Ramamurthy - Faculty Member in the School of Business Management and Sri Sanjay Mahalingam - a Research Scholar in the same department. Their talks concluded at around 5.40 p.m. Yet, our merciful Lord stood up and gave a wonderful Discourse. The highlights are as follows:

Talking all the day aimlessly, eating three times a day, breathing continuously day in and day out; do you think these are spiritual practices? Do you think being lost in deep sleep is a spiritual practice? Is this the purpose of God's Creation?

Divinity is present in all beings. Elders always advise that we must think of God every morning and night so as to make our hearts sacred. God is in everything - in mankind, in insects, birds, - in all beings. To see God who is everywhere, does one need to meditate?

God cannot be experienced by merely following spiritual practices. All Sadhana that we undertake is only for Chitta Shuddhi - cleansing the mind, purifying the mind. Purity of heart has to be attained. We think that fasting and observing vows takes us closer to God. This is a false notion. God is always there everywhere. To see and experience this omnipresent God, one must have Chitta Shuddhi.

Just as a utensil when washed again and again becomes shining, so too by persistent spiritual practice, the heart starts shining with Divine effulgence. Once the heart becomes sacred, Divinity can be seen and experienced. This is the way to see God, not by mere meditation.

We must convince ourselves that God is in all beings. But nobody is doing that. Whomsoever we see is verily God. I am present in everybody but not attached to anybody. Gopikas alone understood this Truth. The Cosmic Self is Divine but is seen as the individual self.

Whomsoever we come across, be it a businessman or a farmer, we must consider them as God only, not as a farmer or a businessman. God is present in all forms serving you. From today onwards, have this strong faith and you too will see God everywhere.

Once you please God, everything will be added on to you. You think that I am God, but you too are God. We all are forms of God. Think like this and you will see God alone. Yad Bhavam Tad Bhavati.

Truth is One. Now the question may arise that if the individual self is verily the Cosmic Self, then why do we die? It is because we have not yet realized our Cosmic Self. I am You - You am I. Tat Tvam Asi.

Ekam Eva Adviteeyam Brahma. God is Only One, Not Two. Recognition of this Truth will give you the experience. Strongly hold on to the Truth that you and God are one. Differences arise only in our mind. God is not separate from us. He is in you. I am ONE, without the second! No Two. This Truth is made apparent gradually to seekers. Once you strongly hold on to the Truth that God and you are one, He will manifest in you.

Ten ones make ten. Therefore, 'one' is most important. 'Ten' is not the reality. 'ONE' is the reality. You can add any number of zeroes to 'One' and increase the number value, but zeroes by themselves have no value. 'ONE' is the Hero!!

All forms are Sai Baba only. Go by this Oneness alone. Whatever Bhagawan is telling is the Truth of Truth. Have full faith in this Truth. All scriptures talk of this same Truth. Once this Truth is known, there will be no doubts. Do not accuse anybody or blame anybody. Never entertain any doubts. Doubt means duality. There is no 'He' and 'I'. All is 'I' only.

Oneness is the Truth of Truths. If you cannot experience this, give it up but never argue that God is two. Ekatvam Sama Jeevatvam. Never have the view of separateness. For worldly purpose we may consider many numbers but in essence we are one. Today you may not understand this clearly, but slowly it will become clear. Truth is One and not Two! Look at this kerchief, there may be many yarns / threads but the cloth is one.

Bhagawan concluded His Divine Message with the Bhajan Govinda Krishna Jai Gopala Krishna Jai? Swami retired at around 7.00 p.m. after Prasadam Distribution.

October 7th and 8th, 2005

Grama Seva has been going on as per schedule. The students have completed Bukkapatnam Mandal and have now moved on to Kothacheruvu Mandal. In the evening, Swami has been coming out at around 3.45 p.m. The proceedings of the Vidwan Maha Sabha begins at 4.15 p.m. or so. The normal pattern is talks by a few speakers and then Swami's Discourse. Yesterday there were two speakers followed by Bhagawan's Discourse for an hour and a quarter. The Discourse of Bhagawan revolved around the Pandavas and how they were an ideal for the entire humanity.

He spoke at length about the episode of Lord Krishna leaving His mortal frame and Mother Kunti passing away as soon as she hears about this. Then Swami described how the equanimous Dharmaja was able to perform so many activities at the same time. On one side he prepared for the funeral of his mother Kunti, on the other hand he made arrangements for the coronation of Parikshit as the king of Hastinapura and yet on the third front all the Pandavas got ready to leave for the Maha Prasthana. Only Dharmaja was capable of carrying out all these tasks at the same time.

This evening, we had four speakers. Sri Sanjay Sahni, Principal of the Brindavan Campus of SSSIHL, Karthik Ramesh, a student from the I MBA class, Sai Giridhar, a student from the II M.Sc.(C) class and finally Sri Ajit Popat. All talks were very inspiring. It was already past 5.30 p.m. But still our compassionate Lord chose to shower on us words of Divine Wisdom. He spoke at length about the greatness of King Parikshit. At such a young age, he was coronated but he ruled his kingdom very well. Swami described how Dharmaja and Draupadi instilled courage and confidence in Parikshit to rule the kingdom and also convinced the public about his capability in performing the task. Swami said that all of us should be courageous like Parikshit and all women should be as bold and confident as Draupadi. These were the true role models for humanity today. It was 7.00 p.m. by the time Swami retired to His abode.

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