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Reports of events from the Sai Baba Ashrams


Prashanthi Bulletin - October 4th - October 6th, 2005

October 6th, 2005

This morning all the Pundits had assembled in the Mandir Bhajan Hall for the initial rituals to commence the Veda Purusha Saptaha Jnana Yajna. Bhagawan came out at around half-past seven and proceeded into the Bhajan Hall. Vedic chants were going on both outside in the Kulwant Hall and inside the Bhajan Hall by the Pundits. After the preliminary rituals were completed, the Pundits came outside to commence the procession to the Poornachandra Hall where the Yajna Kundam was ready for the Yajnam to begin.

Meanwhile, dear Sai Gita, Swami's pet elephant, decked with all her favourate ornaments, was waiting in Kulwant Hall for a pat from Swami. However, Swami decided to Bless her from the Bhajan Hall itself. As the Pundits assembled outside in the Kulwant Hall, Sai Gita moved forward to lead the procession. At 8.30 a.m. the procession to the Poornachandra Hall began. Thereafter, Swami instructed all the students and staff also to proceed to the Yajnam venue.

By the time we assembled in the Poornachandra Hall, Swami was already there and the Pundits had begun their prayers. The privileged couple - the chief priest and his spouse - was seated near the Yajna Kundam to make the Yajna Sankalpam. The Vedam teachers and students were seated dressed in bright orange Dhotis with cream Angavastram at the rear of the stage behind the Yajna Kundam. At one end, Swami was seated in His Chair while at the other end was the Devi Puja venue. Beside the Vedam students were seated the other Pundits who perform different forms of worship and chant different Mantras in parallel with the Yajnam.

The process of creating fire by friction from churning of two wooden pieces began. Normally every year it used to take quite some time to generate the fire in this sacred manner. However, this year, within seconds the fire was generated. It was taken to Bhagawan, and Swami also waved His Hand over it along with the Pundit to enable the fire to spread faster. The Pundit returned to the Yajna Kundam and in a few seconds the fire burst forth in a spectacular manner for all to see. There was loud applause and the Yajnam began formally.

At 9.15 a.m. Swami went inside and the students dispersed to carry out Grama Seva in Puttaparthi village. In the evening Swami came out at 4.00 p.m. By 4.20 p.m. He came outside and sat on the dais. At 4.30 p.m. the proceedings of the Prashanthi Vidwan Mahasabha began. The first speaker was the Vice Chancellor Sri Gokak followed by Dr. Deepak Anand and Dr. Ravi Kumar. By the time all of them completed their talks it was already 5.50 p.m.

Swami asked for an announcement to be made that as it was already very late, Swami would speak the next day. But in a few minutes, Swami signaled for the Discourse table to be brought. He stood up amidst loud applause and spoke for just a few minutes and concluded saying that today just by standing up He gave so much joy to all devotees. Tomorrow He would give much more joy to all of them.

We will come back to you with details of the next few days of Dussera celebrations at Prashanti Nilayam.

October 5th, 2005

Today again, the closer villages of Puttaparthi Mandal were covered in the Seva. The pattern remains the same. The students and teachers go from house to house and distribute Puliyora and Laddu as per the number mentioned by them. In addition to this, each household gets one Sari and one Dhoti. The response has been very encouraging as usual. The Sun God has been very kind not to shower his fury on the students. It's been a pleasant experience serving the innocent and child-like village folk.

Today, the first lady of Kazakhstan visited Prashanti Nilayam for a few hours and Bhagawan Blessed the team with an interview.

October 4th, 2005

Today is again an auspicious day marking the beginning of this year's Sri Sathya Sai Grama Seva. The Brindavan students arrived here on 2nd evening. The classes for the semester concluded on Saturday the 1st of October. Grama Seva will continue until the 12th of October and will conclude coinciding with Vijayadasami celebrations at Prashanti Nilayam.

This year too the village seva is being planned to cover the more than 150 villages in the three Mandals of Puttaparthi, Kothacheruvu and Bukkaptanam forming the unit that was called earlier as Puttaparthi Taluka.

On the evening of the 2nd, white T-shirts and caps were distributed to all senior students. The T-shirts have the quote 'Help Ever Hurt Never' printed on the back. On the 3rd, in the evening, Swami sat outside for a while energizing all of us. He commanded Sri S.V. Giri, the former Vice-chancellor, to speak a few words on Grama Seva. Sri Giri Garu is taking a lead role in the organizing of this Grama Seva. He explained the inner nuances of the Grama Seva and the spirit in which the Seva must be carried out. Swami spoke to him from time to time giving him certain points which he elaborated to all of us.

Today, the villages farthest away in Puttaparthi Mandal were covered. The outside-in approach is being adopted in every Mandal. The students begin from the periphery and progress inwards. Subsequently Bukkapatnam Mandal will be taken up and finally Kothacheruvu Mandal.

In the evening, as we all settled in the Kulwant Hall, Swami was inside the interview room. After a while around 4.00 p.m. He came out and sat amidst us on the dais for a long time. It was a great Darshan. Meanwhile, the doctors in the General Hospital were eagerly awaiting Swami's visit there to mark the Golden Jubilee of the Hospital. However, Swami stayed in the Mandir and Bhajans began.

At that point of time, Dr. Alreja and Dr. Gopinath came to the Mandir with a rose in their hand to personally invite Swami to the Hospital. Swami had already entered the Bhajan Hall. Looking at them, Swami came outside after a few Bhajans and started talking to them. Around 5.20 p.m. He signaled to them to go to the Hospital. It was clear that Swami had consented to Bless them with His visit. After another Bhajan, Aarti was given while Swami had already left for the General Hospital.

At the Hospital, Bhagawan was welcomed with group songs by the staff. After the group songs, a Golden Jubilee Souvenir Volume was Blessed by Bhagawan. After blessing all the staff, Swami prepared to leave. Then the doctors pleaded with Him to bless the food they had prepared for Him, and again our Lord agreed. After partaking a small quantity of the Naivedyam offered by them, Bhagawan returned to His car, moving through the ranks of the staff members who were trying to give Him letters and submitting their prayers. Swami admonished some overenthusiastic staff pushing forward with letters, but once in His car and ready to leave, He again smiled, waved, blessed all of them, and returned to His abode by 6.15 pm.

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