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Reports of events from the Sai Baba Ashrams


Prashanthi Bullettin - September 3rd-4th, 2005

September 4th, 2005

Sunday morning, there was no Darshan. Delegates dispersed at 8.30 a.m. from the Mandir for attending the sessions at the College Auditorium. In the evening, the Valedictory function of the Conference was scheduled.

Bhagawan came out for Darshan at 4.00 p.m. After taking a full round of the Kulwant Hall, Swami sat on the dais, with four VIP delegates seated next to Him one either side.

At 4.10 p.m. Dr. Goldstein introduced the speakers for the evening. The first speaker was Dr. Michael Rakoff, medical director for an Health Maintenance Organization in Maryland, who has been providing consulting assistance to Hospitals. The highlights of his talk:
* Our job is to change ourselves and not the world.
* Guidance given by Bhagawan to the speaker - Spirituality is only an idea in our mind. Focus on Truth, Compassion and Love.
* When any person becomes sick, they first fold their hands and pray. Doctors must take note of this point.
* Whenever we serve others we are actually changing ourselves.

The second speaker was Dr.Venktaraman Sadanand, Fellow in Paediatric Neurosurgery at the Childrens' Memorial Hospital at Chicago and adjunct Professor of Game Theory at the University of Guelph. The highlights of his talk:
* Swami says He is always in our heart. Then can we not give Him an audience in our mind?
* Let us not ask how many patients have we seen or how many talks we have given, but let us ask how much have we given away while serving the patients?
* What is most dear to us must be sacrificed. Love till it hurts.
* Being a physician is a double edged sword. On one hand is the opportunity to act as an instrument of the Lord to serve the sick and needy and on the other hand is the temptation to associate ourselves with the feeling of doership and become egoistic.
* Bhagawan is the real Doer. He is the beginning of even the Big Bang.
* Spirituality is a Science. One cannot ignore it. It impacts our lives.
* An event can become an experience only when it transforms us permanently.
* We can be either active or passive proponents of Bhagawan's Message. Passive by just being good and being a role model and active by communicating to others how Values and Love can be integrated in one's actions.

Swami materialized a gold chain for this doctor and put it around his neck amidst loud applause.

At 4.45 p.m. Dr. Safaya came onto the dais and gave his concluding remarks. The highlights:
* Medicine is at crossroads. When there is tremendous scientific development in the field of medicine on one side, there are millions still suffering from ailments on the other side. When we have microsurgery and nano-technology coming into medicine on one hand, there are simple diseases troubling many millions on the other hand.
* There is a global change required in the direction and approach to Health Care.
* Greater Visibility is required for the marvelous work done in the two Super Specialty Hospitals at Parthi and at Bangalore.
* How do we remain connected to exchange our knowledge and our experience?
* A new project started at Bangalore Hospital is the follow-up research on patients after their discharge. To identify whether the treatment has really made an impact on his life, whether he has actually started supporting his family or productively contributing to the society after his cure.

At 5.05 p.m. Dr. Goldstein delivered his concluding remarks. The highlights:
* He recalled how Swami made him reduce his fat by starting with a 'gentle word' followed by a 'bitter pill' and then 'operation'. The worst part came when once Swami, while he was entering into the interview room door, told him that next time if he grew fatter, he would not be able to enter that door. This was the turning point for him.
* The most important principle of Sai Health Care is Love.
* Economic status or strength of an individual should not determine the quantity and quality of healthcare given to him/her.
* There is a need to draw up a global feasible plan to promote Sai Ideal Healthcare.

At 5.15 p.m., when all the talks were over, Bhagawan distributed Mementos to all the speakers and members of the Working Committee of the Conference. Brother Ashwin, our former student, working in the Bangalore Hospital was the Master of Ceremonies for this event. Subsequently, Swami asked Dr. Goldstein to invite the VIP delegates seated next to Him to come and share their impressions.

Punch lines from each speaker:

Dr. Anil Nanda, Professor and Chairman, Department of Neurosurgery Louisiana State University Health Science Centre - Matru Devo Bhava, Pitru Devo Bhava, .....add Patient Devo Bhava for a doctor.

Dr. Ramachandran Coopen, Assistant Clinical Professor of MedicineHarvard Medical School - When we doctors serve a patient, let us remember it is the Divine who serves the Divine.

Dr. Kanwaljeet S. Anand, Professor of Paediatrics and Neurobiology at Arkansas Childrens Hospital - There are four pillars of pediatric care - Purity, Prema, ....

Mr. Kalyan Ray, Senior Advisor, office of the Executive Director of the UN - 'Sai Net' project is a story of Love and Compassion, reaching out to the poorest of the poor in Kenya. Swami has shown an alternative feasible healthcare working model for the whole world! With a pure heart and an intention of selfless service, nothing is impossible.

Bhajans commenced at 5.50 p.m. Prasadam was distributed to all. Bhagawan took Aarti at 6.10 p.m. and drew the curtain down on the International Sai Medical Conference leaving all the delegates in sheer joy and thrill.

September 3rd, 2005

The Sai Kulwant Hall was beautifully decorated to mark the International Sai Medical Conference. There were beautiful floral decorations on the dais and the pillars at the front of the dais. Floral hangings were also beautifying the rooftop of the front part of the Hall leading towards the middle of the Hall. Chairs were placed in the front blocks and even in the area leading to the Gopuram gate to accommodate the 800 plus delegates coming from across the globe for the Conference. There were doctors, nurses, administrators, and other health care professionals attending this Conference.

Bhagawan came out at 8.10 a.m. for Darshan. As the car approached the center of the Hall, it took a turn and Swami went out into the Ashram Premises. Bhagawan went to the Double-Decker Hall adjacent to the Books and Publications Building and inaugurated an exhibition on Sai Medical Care. The car returned to the Kulwant Hall at 8.40 a.m. Swami then sat on the stage amidst Vedic chants.

Dr. Goldstein, Chairman of the International Sathya Sai Seva Organization, began the proceedings with his introductory remarks. Few highlights from his talk were:

* Human life is a gift given to us to realize our innate Divine Nature.
* Body and the mind are tools to be used by the spirit.
* Doctors must first have faith in spirituality.
* If the doctors are full of Love and Compassion, God will work through them.
* Selfless service, means doing the best we can with our abilities. This transcends the worldly and mechanical flaws and leads to perfection.
* Our goal as part of His Grand Mission must be to uplift God Consciousness of the world through Selfless Service.

At 9.05 a.m. Dr. Safaya, the Director of the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences (Prashanti Gram and Bangalore), addressed the audience.

Highlights of his talk:
* The basis of Sai Health Mission is Love - Divine Love.
* Doctors should learn to see a patient as a human being, not merely as one who has come seeking for treatment.
* Medical practice must become a holy Sadhana where both the giver and the receiver are Blessed.
* The aim of Sai Health Mission is Arogyam - Diseaselessness (Absence of disease or prevention of disease).
* Create awareness of the process of being healthy.
* Need of the hour - Humanization of health care - Treat with Love
* The doctor only treats; it is God who Heals
* When God can Himself Heal, why hospitals - they are for our Purushartha - our evolution.

Dr. Safaya briefly elaborated on the success stories of the Secondary and Tertiary Health Care being provided in the General and Super Specialty Hospital located at Parthi and Bangalore.

Dr. Goldstein was followed by the keynote speaker Dr. Alan H. Gradman, Chief, Division of Cardiovascular Diseases at the Western Pennsylvania Hospital at Pittsburgh, USA, as well as Professor of Medicine at Temple University School of Medicine. He narrated some of his experiences and his impressions on seeing healthcare as practiced at Bhagawan's hospitals.

At 9.55 p.m., Bhagawan stood up to deliver His Divine Discourse. At the beginning, Swami asked Prof. Anil Kumar to mention that though all others have spoken in English, Swami will be speaking in Telugu. This Avataar has chosen to address large gatherings in Telugu.

Highlights of Bhagawan's Discourse:
* The One who is present everywhere all over the Universe, the One who confers devotion on all and the One who resides in Parthi, He is the refuge for one and all.
* Man exists only by Divine Grace, not merely by food, clothes and money.
* It is the bounden duty of every man to think of God. Merely going through texts and acquiring great degrees is not adequate. This is just bookish knowledge. How did mankind survive before the publication of books?
* Without Educare what is the use of education? Educare means being aware of the consciousness latent in all. However, man is not aware of this consciousness in him.
* Mere education is just negative. What can you achieve by this artificial education?
* Man goes all around the world to acquire this education. On the other hand, Educare can be acquired wherever you are. Without thought, how can you express in word?
* Only one who knows his true identity can be called educated. We ask everyone, who are you? But who am I?
* When asked where do you come from, you say India. How can you limit yourself to India? It is your body that has come in India, but your consciousness pervades everywhere.
* For the question, who are you; I am I is the right answer.
* This is my body, this is my mind...Mind is like a mad monkey, body is like a water bubble. You are not the body, you are not the mind. Mankind has become monkey mind today.
* To know the reality, we must transcend the mind. Educare is all about knowing the Self. 'i' is Aham. Get rid of the Aham (ego) and develop equal mindedness. Without the Self, body has no value.
* Today as we are more conscious of the body, there is more and more worry in the world. Such life is artificial.
* 'I' is present in everyone. The fundamental 'I' has neither beginning nor end. It is only the vesture (body) that is put on by the 'I' which has a beginning and an end.
* When a beggar prays - Bhavati Bikshan Dehi...by Dehi, he means the indweller. Knowing this is true education.
* Publications of books are only for a living. Can one become educated merely by knowing how to read and write? Can one become educated merely by earning degrees? Can one become educated merely by earning wealth?
* What is the reason for restlessness in the world today? It is because of lack of peace. Why is there lack of peace? It is because of the lack of the knowledge of the fundamental 'I'.
* Secular knowledge is very essential in this world. But consciousness is very important. This is present everywhere. Isaavaasyam Idam Sarvam - Iswara Sarva Bhootaanaam.
* There are so many sweets, but the sugar is same in all.
* When you say, so and so is my son. You are only referring to the body. All this is physical relationship. Do not encourage this. Feeling at the physical level is negative.
* When I ask boys, where is God. They will say everywhere. But when I ask, where is your brother, they will point to a physical form. All that is identified with the physical body is zero. But you all are heroes. Body is like a passing cloud. We identify with it and get carried away.
* This body is gifted for the fulfillment of a task assigned to you. But even educated people get too attached to their body. This leads to misery and sorrow. Give up body attachment and promote attachment to the Self. Attachment to the body will bind you to birth and death.
* What is the use of a 100 years of life spent in duality? Rise above duality and be worthy of humanity. Enjoy the Bliss in unity.
* Having all worldly attachment and seeking Divinity is foolishness. Give up all that and hold on to Divinity.

Bhagawan concluded His Discourse at 10.10 a.m. with the Bhajan Prema Mudita Mana Se Kaho, which He sang sitting down on His chair.

Text of Bhagawan's Discourse is given at the Book Trust Website.

Prasadam was distributed and Bhajans were going on in the background. Swami took Aarti at 11.20 a.m. and retired by 11.30 a.m. Something that very rarely happens in Prasanthi Nilayam - Swami being out so late in the morning!

The other sessions were held in the Institute Auditorium from 2.00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m. After this, all the delegates returned to the Mandir. Swami came out at 4.30 p.m. and sat outside for a long time amidst Vedam Chanting. He spoke to a few doctors and created a ring for one. Bhajans began at 5.35 p.m. and at 5.55 p.m. Swami went in for a while and took Aarti at 6.05 p.m.

Source: http://radiosai.org/pages/PB.htm


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