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Reports of events from the Sai Baba Ashrams


Prashanthi Bullettin - September 1st, 2005

September 1st, 2005

Living with the Lord is an experience filled with significant uncertainties and surprises. Chitrambulu - Vichitrambulu, as Swami says. This morning, all the students assembled in the Institute Auditorium for the Moral Class session which is a weekly feature wherein talks are delivered by eminent speakers - both internal and external on lofty and noble themes.

This morning, it was the turn of Dr. C.L.N. Moorthy, a Professor in Sanskrit. He has been teaching Sanskrit to the undergraduate students since the inception of the Institute. This morning, he was scheduled to speak on a very pertinent topic - Varna System - a boon or a bane. There is no concept more distorted today than the Varna System. The purpose with which the scriptures laid out these guidelines, the purpose with which the Lord ordained it, is completely ignored or forgotten and scholars have given it a stamp of casteism and divisiveness.

We had the initial Bhajans and Aarti as is the practice. Just as the Vice Chancellor was about to welcome Dr. Moorthy to deliver his talk, we heard the siren of Swami's escort car. We thought that Swami must be going to visit the Hospital or somewhere else and continued with the proceedings. But to our greatest surprise and delight, Swami's car entered the College Campus and drove right next to the Auditorium door. Immediately, the students rushed and placed the ramp for Swami's chair to enter the Auditorium.

All of us rose to welcome Bhagawan. Swami took His normal place in between the first rows at the center of the Auditorium. After a brief interaction with the Vice Chancellor, Bhagawan asked the speaker to commence his talk. Dr. Moorthy was infinitely Blessed! Least did he expect that Swami Himself would physically come and attend his talk.

The next 45 minutes witnessed an erudite talk on the Varna system. Dr. Moorthy had compiled from various scriptures and ancient texts different writings on the Varna system. He explained how this system evolved and what it was truly meant for. He also elaborated on how, gradually, there was a distortion in its content and intent. Finally he concluded describing how the ten Avatars are themselves symbolic of the evolution of the Varna system, culminating in the Sai Avatar which transcends all these differences and advocates the eternal Truth of Oneness.

The talk concluded at 9.40 a.m. and Swami called Dr. Moorthy and spoke to him. Subsequently, there was a song by the students after which Swami moved out, got into the car and left for the Mandir. It was truly a great day for all of us. This was something unimaginable. In the past decade, we do not remember anything like this happening. That is our Swami. Ever new, ever fresh!!

In the evening, Bhagawan came out at 2.45 p.m. This evening, the First Year Post Graduate students were ready with a drama on the Leelas of Lord Krishna. All 60 plus students were involved and were getting ready with their costumes in the Bhajan Hall. Swami came straight into the Bhajan Hall much to their amusement. He spoke to some of the characters who were still half way through their makeup. He called one student who had a white beard on, but the hair was still black. The wig had not been worn! Swami laughed and asked who he was. The student replied that he was playing the role of Roma Rishi. Swami asked him "Where is your roma (hair)?" Swami asked him to wear the wig and pin it properly so that it may not slip down!

After speaking to a few more characters, Swami went into the Interview Room. He came out at 3.25 p.m. All the drama boys were ready. At 3.30 p.m. Swami commanded them to come out and take their places. The center block of Sai Kulwant Hall was left empty for the play. A red satin cloth covered backdrop served as the setting. A stage was raised just in front of the backdrop for enacting some of the scenes.

The programme commenced at 3.40 p.m. It started with two Krishnas - one big and one small offering a card to Bhagawan. Swami Blessed the Card and the roses offered by them. The first scene depicts a Pujari offering worship to Lord Krishna. It is the occasion of anniversary of the inauguration of a Krishna mandir and they recall various Leelas of Krishna, especially the lifting of the Govardana Giri. A very vigorous dance celebrating the occasion is performed by the village people.

The drama shifts to the next scene where Nanda and the other village heads are preparing for Indrotsavam. This is a festival where Lord Indra is worshipped with all grandeur, praying to him to bestow bountiful rain. The young Krishna knew that this worship was offered more out of fear than out of love. Therefore, He intervenes and appeals to His father Nanda and the other village heads to worship the Govardana Giri instead, for it was the mountain that gave them grazing lands, streams and rivulets.

Agreeing to Krishna's plea, all of them start worshipping the Givardana Giri. Suddenly, there is loud thunder and lightning followed by heavy rains. Then the little Krishna runs and lifts the mountain. The effect was beautiful. From front you see Krishna lifting the mountain and all the Gopalas taking shelter under the same. The song, Govardana Giridhari Murari.... fills the air.

The next scene is a dialogue between a grandfather, father and son. The son has a doubt. Lord Krishna came to the rescue of the villagers because the whole village prayed to Him. What if just one individual would have prayed to Him? Would He still come to the individual's rescue? The grandfather explains that it is not the question of quantity but quality. God sees only the intensity of the prayer. One intense sacred prayer from the heart is enough to attract His Grace. The grandson then enquires as to how one could win His Grace.

The father explains that the prerequisite for this is to choose God above all. He gives the example of Arjuna choosing Lord Krishna instead of asking for his mighty army. The next scene depicts this episode. Lord Krishna, sleeping on His bed, Duryodhana coming first and sitting next to Krishna's head while Arjuna coming in next and sitting close to Krishna's feet. When Krishna gets up, He sees Arjuna first and grants him the first boon. Arjuna without hesitation chooses Krishna. Feeing elated, Duryodhana grabs the mighty army and the rest is history.

The dialogue between the grandson and grandfather continues and he explains how once we choose the Lord, He goes to any extent to save and protect us. It becomes His duty to protect His devotees. This was depicted through the episode of sage Roma Rishi. The well known story of how the Pandavas in hunger and out of ignorance pluck the Amrita fruit which was the result of years of penance of sage Roma Rishi. This was not an ordinary fruit but that which conferred immortality.

Roma Rishi is enraged and looks out for the thief to curse him. Lord Krishna lovingly intervenes and guides the Pandavas to do as told by Him. Lord Krishna goes to Roma Rishi and as He speaks to Him, He signals to the Pandavas to come in. As soon as the Pandavas come in, Lord Krishna falls at their feet much to their amazement. Seeing this, sage Roma Rishi follows suit. If Lord Krishna Himself has fallen at their feet, they must be somebody very great.Later, Krishna tells Roma Rishi about the actual happenings. By then Roma Rishi is calm and he in fact hands over the fruit to the Pandavas.

The next scene is of Lord Krishna delivering the Gita to Arjuna. This is depicted on the stage in front of the backdrop and gives a very good ending to the drama. This scene is then followed by the final conversation in which Sai Krishna is extolled as the very same Lord Krishna come in the Kali age.

The presentation concludes with a Dandiya dance to the tune of the very popular Mahabharata song - Mohana Ke Mukha Par Bansuri....At the end of the song all the dancers form a pyramid with little Krishna standing on the top playing the flute. The sets boys form another pyramid in the background, while all the other participants come forward into the V-shaped final formation.

Little Krishna is then carried on the shoulders of two Gopalas and brought forward to our Sai Krishna. All participants gather in a semicircle with folded hands awaiting Swami's response. Little Krishna gets down from the shoulders of the Gopalas and moves forward to Swami with a pot full of chocolates.

Bhagawan was very pleased. He smiled and put His Hand into the pot. Taking a handful of chocolates, Swami started throwing them towards the boys. All the actors rushed forward to receive Prasadam from Sai Krishna's Hand. Bhagawan observed all the participants and after a while, He asked them to stand as a group. He said that He Himself would come down. The all merciful Lord signaled the student next to Him to take His Chair along the Ladies side to the central block.

Bhagawan came down all the way and Blessed the boys with wonderful photographs. He then went into the interview room. Prasadam distribution and Bhajans followed. At 5.20 p.m. Swami retired to Poornachandra Hall. Though Krishnashtami was over last week, all of us once again lost ourselves in the Leelas and miracles of our dear Krishna.

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