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Reports of events from the Sai Baba Ashrams


Prashanthi Bullettin - August 1st - 3rd, 2005

August 3rd, 2005

Once again Bhagawan came to the Sai Kulwant Hall before 8 o'clock, and went for two rounds of the village in His car. He returned to the Ashram around 9.10 am. The evening session was similar to yesterday's. By 3 o'clock Swami came to the Hall where the UK devotees were ready with a Quawwali programme, took a round and then went outside, returning after nearly an hour. Then He went inside the interview room, and asked for the programme to begin after a few minutes. The programme started with the UK group chanting Vedam and then there was the chanting of some verses from the Koran also. This was followed by Mr. Popat chanting the al Fatiha prayer - the famous Sura from the Koran - in Urdu, and then the Quawwwali songs began. Bhagawan came onstage after the songs commenced. The devotees showed commendable spirit in rendering the difficult lyrics and music of the Quawwalis. After half an hour of Quawwalis, Bhagawan asked for bhajans, which were again sung by the UK group. At 5.10 pm, Bhagawan asked for the Arati and returned to His abode.

August 2nd, 2005

This morning, Bhagawan came early to Sai Kulwant Hall - at 7.30 am. But He did not remain there - after a round of the Hall, He left for a round of the Ashram in the car. And after a complete round of Prashanthi Nilayam, instead of returning to the Sai Kulwant Hall, Bhagawan went to the College! There, the students were just starting the prayer assembly in the foyer before their classes. Bhagawan arrived in the Institute Auditorium, so the venue of the prayer session was shifted to the Auditorium. A visiting professor, Mr. Ram Aneja, was slated to give a talk in the foyer. Swami told him to go ahead and give his talk! So, he had the good fortune of speaking in Bhagawan's immediate Divine Presence. Bhagawan sat right next to him and spoke to him for quite some time. And after the talk, Swami materialized a ring for him too! At 9.15 am, Bhagawan returned from the Institute Auditorium to the Ashram.

In the evening, the UK group led by Mr. Ajit Poppat was sitting in the centre of the Hall, ready for a musical presentation. Bhagawan came into the Hall at 3.10 pm in the car, and directly went outside for a round. He returned only after an hour, and went into the interview room. In a few minutes, He came onstage, and listening for the Vedam for a while, called up Mr. Popat and asked him to speak. Mr. Popat narrated some experiences of the devotees who had come with him. After his talk, he asked Bhagawan if the music programme could begin, and Bhagawan gave His assent. The programme started with a few minutes of Vedam chanting by the UK group, which they did very well. The music which followed went on for more than 45 minutes, after which Swami asked for the Arati and returned to the Poornachandra.

August 1st, 2005

This evening, Bhagawan sat for some time onstage in the car, and then asked for a programme by a group of US devotees. They did not have the instruments ready - some of them ran to their rooms to get the instruments. Swami was waiting in the car all the while. Finally, the instruments and the children who were supposed to sing arrived. They were asked to sit on the ladies' side of the Hall, since the students were already seated in front of the stage area. The songs began at 4.05 pm. The group sang choir songs in English, and ended after nearly 45 minutes with "Hum ko Tum se pyar kitna".

After the US programme, Swami asked the students to sing group songs. They started with "There is something special in Your Love..." and went on to sing the familiar group songs like "O Maa..." and so on. Prasadam was also being distributed - chocolate wafers! Swami gestured something and the US group's conductor went up to Him. Swami materialized a chain for her, and she attempted to give the wafer to Swami! Bhagawan persuaded her to keep the wafer with herself... Next, another musician from the US group got a chance to come near Swami. Swami spoke to him and gave him a ring. After some more songs, Swami asked for Arati and retired for the day.

Source: http://radiosai.org/pages/PB.htm


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